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Do you like tasty Mexican food? How about video games? Then fear not, for we have the YouTube channel for you!

Welcome to our bastion of adventure, oddity, and all things retro! Watch as James and his friends travel the world and review a wide assortment of weird, awesome, and awful video games.

James himself is a retro game collector and from Houston, TX. He recently made the move to Victoria, BC, and along with keeping up videos on his passion for modern and retro gaming, aims to show off all the things that Vancouver Island has to offer!

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Why Sonic Unleashed is NOT a Bad Game
Sonic Unleashed was originally released in 2008 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 2, and is known in Japan as Sonic...
2019-04-14 1:01:14 PM ● 140 views ● 28:14 96.15% liked
Choose Your Own Adventure: YouTuber Edition
Let's try something different! It's Choose Your Own Adventure: YouTuber Edition! Guide James, a burnt out YouTuber, on an adventure of rediscovery...
2019-04-01 3:45:08 PM ● 1,203 views ● 2:28 90.70% liked
BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! Capital City Comic Con, Panels, And More!
Capital City Comic Con, Panels, And More! Have some updates including upcoming panels, conventions I'm going to, and projects in the works such...
2019-03-21 5:00:00 PM ● 156 views ● 3:08 100.00% liked
Freedom Planet's Development: From Sonic Fan Game to Cult Classic | The Art of...Success?
Freedom Planet is a video game created by GalaxyTrail that was funded on Kickstarter in 2013 and originally released in 2014. Despite those behind...
2019-03-19 7:00:00 PM ● 1,279 views ● 34:05 99.04% liked
Should You Buy a PSP in 2019?
The Sony Playstation Portable is turning 15 this year, but is the PSP still worth buying in 2019? First release in 2004, this system would go...
2019-02-26 2:33:04 PM ● 5,417 views ● 25:49 88.74% liked
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Mighty No. 9: The Full Development Story | The Art of Failure
Mighty No. 9 is a video game that was crowdfunded via Kickstarter in 2013 and was released in 2016, and is considered one of the biggest disappointments...
2019-02-19 5:00:02 PM ● 4,111 views ● 52:19 94.12% liked
GameSir Marsback: The WORST Controller Ever Made
Should You Buy the Gamesir Marsback Smartphone Mini-Arcade? The Marsback is a controller intended for IOS and Android devices that aims to bring...
2019-02-05 4:01:17 PM ● 1,229 views ● 18:34 89.74% liked
Should You Buy a Sega Saturn in 2019?
Should You Buy a Sega Saturn in 2019? The Sega Saturn was originally released in Japan in 1994 and in the rest of the world in 1995 and was a...
2019-01-22 4:52:19 PM ● 6,636 views ● 12:57 91.06% liked
Is Sonic The Hedgehog 1 A Good Game?
Is Sonic The Hedgehog 1 A Good Game? Sonic 1 was first released in 1991 and I first played it around 2001, but if we remove nostalgia, is this...
2019-01-15 5:15:02 PM ● 807 views ● 17:24 93.75% liked
Sonic Boom's Disastrous Development | The Art of Failure
Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is often considered one of the worst games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. However, many don't seem to realize that...
2019-01-08 5:00:00 PM ● 4,993 views ● 25:02 96.26% liked