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The "Comedians" Of Tik Tok
We take a look at the "comedians" of Tik Tok. Outside of funny ironic tik tok memes, the comedy within tiktok has been ruined by people...
2019-01-24 2:01:14 PM ● 145,698 views ● 11:41 99.06% liked
The 'Famous' Girls Of Tik Tok
We take a look at the famous girls of TikTok and find out how they got popular. ►Tweet Me (I reply): https://twitter.com/darthfader27 ►Instagram:...
2019-01-10 2:01:25 PM ● 114,296 views ● 10:53 99.15% liked
Belle Delphine Needs To Be Stopped...
Today I show you why Belle Delphine needs to be stopped. We take a look at why her content has been blowing up on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Youtube....
2018-12-23 2:01:13 PM ● 243,059 views ● 10:40 96.50% liked
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Kids Trying To Impress Their Crush... *pls stop*
These kids will do anything to try to impress their crush. Today I show you what these kids are doing right... and what they're doing wrong....
2018-12-08 2:00:27 PM ● 162,852 views ● 10:56 98.75% liked
This Youtuber 'Chef' Thinks He Can Cook...
This Youtuber chef shows us why he needs to go to Kitchen Nightmares and get a few lessons from Gordon Ramsay. ►Tweet Me (I reply): https://twitter.com/darthfader27...
2018-11-22 2:01:08 PM ● 624,450 views ● 10:26 88.84% liked
The Disturbing Side Of BRIGHT SIDE
Today we take a look at BRIGHT SIDE, a channel as bad as Troom Troom, and check out their life hacks and riddles and see the weird videos they...
2018-11-11 2:02:48 PM ● 178,306 views ● 10:14 98.85% liked
tiktok memes that made me re-evaluate my life
Tik Tok ironic memes are showing up everywhere on my feed, so I decide to try watching them expecting Tik Tok cringe and nothing else. Some of...
2018-10-29 3:01:15 PM ● 208,967 views ● 10:25 97.70% liked
Girls Turning Into Boys On Tik Tok (SHE'S A TRAP!?) #BoyChallenge
Girls turning into boys on Tik Tok, introduced as the Boy Challenge, seems to be the newest trend on the new Musical.ly. After watching siblings...
2018-10-23 2:01:04 PM ● 190,659 views ● 10:13 97.22% liked
Creepy Parents Catfishing Their Daughter (SHE'S 12 YEARS OLD?!)
These parents made a fake profile to catfish and catch out their daughter on TLC UK. ►Become A Rice Collector: https://patreon.com/darthfader...
2018-10-09 2:01:29 PM ● 186,883 views ● 11:38 97.13% liked
RiceGum's Channel Is Actually Dying (HE'S IRRELEVANT?!)
RiceGum's channel is dying and I discuss the reasons why he has been losing subs for a while now. Hopefully my sister RiceGum can find back his...
2018-09-29 5:10:00 PM ● 528,816 views ● 10:12 91.71% liked