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Firstly, let me tell you about myself. I'm Atomic Gaming. Professional Gamer/ Time Traveler/ Beta Tester/ Cosplayer/ Convention Goer/ Celebrity Interviewer/ Whovian/ Finder of Easter Eggs & References/ Pin Point Accurate Sniper in most FPS Games/ Novelist/ Amazing at COD Zombies/ Jokes mostly one liners and occasional good jokes, comebacks, & insults/ Impressionist/ Wearer of Ironic Shirts/ Quoter of Quotes/ Clone of Seth Rogen (laugh included)/ Digital Artist/ Puzzle Game Enthusiast/ Strategist/ Deep Thinker/ Nerd Extraordinaire.

We are a group effort, and my channel is the main. We're just trying to have fun. I do a bunch of stuff including, Midnight Releases, Conventions, Celebrity Interviews, Giveaways, Playthroughs & Walkthroughs, Gameplay, Betas, MMOs, & MMORPGS. We appreciate you dropping by and letting us entertain you, and we hope you enjoy your time here! So sit back, relax, and let us entertain you. Remember to check out my friends!

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