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Channels: 352434-18.89%
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Videos: 8671,166-25.64%
Duration: 37:17:36:1749:21:07:22-24.35%

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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States EA Star Wars27,154,835
2.United States IGN24,645,186
3.United Kingdom KhrazeGaming20,601,735
4.United States AfroSenju XL12,339,449
5.United States theRadBrad11,630,924
6.United States GoodFellas Gaming10,963,242
7.United States SGB Streams9,924,813
8.United States Kino Gaming9,814,619
9.United Kingdom Mighty Noob9,058,026
10.United States BLOCKAY8,764,189

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1.India Gamerish942
2. Jacked Crow711
3.Australia thmbstyx685
4.United Kingdom BudBrainzz571
5. Cory Berger519
6.United States ZaFrostPet505
7.United States BETIZ433
8. WoW Quests433
9. Notlit-GT3408
10.New Zealand TheGamesEntertainer318

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2024-07-06United States karbeniiLet's Play | Episode 1 | STAR WARS JEDI SURVIVOR2:24:5512
2024-07-06France KHMaxACXVII857ème Platinum Trophy STAR WARS : Jedi Survivor sur PlayStation 50:41421
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2024-07-05 The Underworld PrinceStar Wars Jedi Survivor playthrough finalie3:50:360
2024-07-05United States The Gray Jedi🔴 LIVE - GRANDMASTER DIFFICUITY - Star Wars Jedi Survivor New Game Plus Part 4! - THE GRAY JEDI2:16:42118
2024-07-05 WallsiesDGPFirst Playthrough | Star Wars Jedi Survivor2:20:30128
2024-07-04United Arab Emirates Kunamy WorldStar Wars Jedi: Survivor | Ep 28 | Kunamy Master plays1:10:5532
2024-07-04United States Lighting ClutchEmbrace the dark side| Star wars Jedi Survivor EP.1138:5537
2024-07-04United States NiteLET'S PLAY - THE BEGINNING I Star Wars Jedi: Survivor I Gameplay Walkthrough I Part 138:160
2024-07-03United States MAG GamingStar Wars Jedi: Survivor - Epic PlayStation 5 Gameplay | MAG GAMING1:06:388
2024-07-03 Psick Psick Plays Star Wars:Jedi Survivor pt.012:21:21181
2024-07-03United Kingdom GINGERPHILIPSTAR WARS Jedi: Survivor - Merrin Reunites With Cal To Help Him Fight The Stormtroopers1:0812
2024-07-02United States ChaseBeyond💀Jedi Souls FINALE💀 Grandmaster First Playthrough (Main Quest) | Part 9 | Star Wars: Jedi Survivor2:30:0525

Latest Reviews For Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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2024-07-07Pakistan GameFixA Jedi Who Couldn't be Sensed | 2k 60 FPS Gameplay | Part 1 | Star Wars Survivor31:071
2024-07-04United States MizzyXGamer101Star Wars: Jedi Survivor (XSX) - Theater 2044:4516
2024-07-03Greece Mitsos Talks GamesΈνα Διαμάντι Πνιγμένο στη Λάσπη | Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Review17:02170
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2024-06-09Brazil Coroa GamerStar Wars Jedi Survivor - A Análise / Review7:4643
2024-06-06United States Oreo Brewer#294 The Art Of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor 202410:404
2024-06-05India Acer Nitro 5 GamingStar Wars Jedi - Survivor - Gameplay on RTX 3050 TI | Acer Nitro 5 | I7 11800H | 16GB RAM |25:2642
2024-06-02United Kingdom LoccoMEETING MY BEST FRIEND - Star Wars Jedi Survivor58:3262
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2024-05-24 JERUGCSTAR WARS JEDI SURVIRVOR #1 review primeros pasos41:1430
2024-05-24Germany cenesmStar Wars Jedi: Survivor - 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back | Review & Analysis13:49230
2024-05-21India DrDecimus GamingStar Wars Jedi Survivor: Part 2. Cal gets the Senator. HINDI COMMENATRY30:1524
2024-05-19 Gaming Sage Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (Rapid Review)2:59910
2024-05-18Russian Federation T-JEIStar Wars Jedi: Survivor ► Часть 13 ► По следам предателя ► Финал3:11:5453
2024-05-18United States Bander SN6th Best Game of 2023 - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor #starwars #jedisurvivor #starwarsjedisurvivor0:583,373
2024-05-18 GUYWITHBEER GAMINGSTAR WARS JEDI: SURVIVOR | GAME REVIEW #starwarsjedisurvivor #review #starwars0:50428
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Most Viewed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Video on YouTube

The most viewed Star Wars Jedi: Survivor video on YouTube is Droids are Hilarious in Jedi Survivor. #starwars #jedisurvivor #starwarsjedisurvivor with 8,479,820 views, published by United States Kino Gaming on April 3, 2023.

Most Liked Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Video on YouTube

The most liked Star Wars Jedi: Survivor video on YouTube is Orange Lightsaber Color Meaning #shorts with 559,132 likes, published by United States SGB Streams on June 6, 2022.

10,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

On April 26, 2023, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reaches 10,000 videos on YouTube with the release of #starwarsjedisurvivor منتشر شد #استیم #گیم #استاروار Star Wars Jedi Surviverنمرات by Turkey SteamTopia, which has 184 views and 12 likes.

100,000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

On May 11, 2023, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor reaches 100,000 videos on YouTube with the release of LA NUEVA ORDEN 66🪐   - STAR WARS JEDI SURVIVOR · #6 by Spain xJizzle, which has 58 views and 5 likes.