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Easter egg videos, lets plays, fun game clips, and more. :3 Mari and Stacy are seriously going to rock your world.

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Devil May Cry 5: Start Digging to HECK Part 5
You ever just drive to heck really fast no big deal? Devil May Cry 5, sexy sick. Watch live at
2019-03-11 11:55:07 AM ● 2,726 views ● 25:23 96.34% liked
Devil May Cry 5: Girls Pulling Devil Triggers Part 4
Kylo Ren emo AU do not steal. Devil May Cry 5, more anime than ever. Watch live at
2019-03-10 4:53:43 PM ● 4,145 views ● 25:16 96.67% liked
Devil May Cry 5: Juicy Fruit Monster Part 3
Help a candy monster is after us in Devil May Cry 5! Watch live at
2019-03-09 1:32:49 PM ● 4,638 views ● 22:11 94.44% liked
Devil May Cry 5: Girls Pulling Devil Triggers Part 2
In which Nico is the cutest best girl in Devil May Cry 5. Watch live at
2019-03-08 2:24:28 PM ● 6,987 views ● 53:02 94.90% liked
Devil May Cry 5: Girls Pulling Devil Triggers part 1
Devil May Cry 5 is filled with emo edge lords and It's great! Watch live at
2019-03-08 2:52:57 AM ● 14,779 views ● 44:42 89.05% liked
disney vacation vlog part 2: Epcot
In which Mari goes to Epcot and explores the realms of imagination and the world! Geek Remix Patreon: Donate...
2019-03-07 3:49:42 PM ● 1,222 views ● 32:58 95.56% liked
Disney World Vacation Vlog Part 1: Animal Kingdom!
Mari goes to the Animal Kingdom and also has a fan meetup with some really nice people AND ALSO A DUCK SHOWED UP! Geek Remix Patreon:
2019-03-06 1:27:46 PM ● 2,635 views ● 1:37:52 99.47% liked
Far Cry New Dawn Saving The Doctor Part 11 (2 Girls 1 Let's Play)
In which we save the dad by stealing a non flyable airplane and then a cute doctor asks us to jump into a hole! Geek Remix Patreon:
2019-03-03 6:43:32 AM ● 1,674 views ● 44:16 98.84% liked
Far Cry New Dawn: Saving baby Blade Part 10 (2 Girls 1 Let's Play)
We must save the only baby we have ever cared about because they named the baby blade. And that is cute. Far Cry New Dawn. Geek Remix Patreon:...
2019-02-28 8:50:43 AM ● 1,483 views ● 21:07 100.00% liked
Far Cry New Dawn
Let's Play
Far Cry New Dawn: Mustache Woman Part 9 (2 Girls 1 Let's Play)
Geek Remix Patreon: Donate to Geek Remix on PayPal: Mari's Twitter:
2019-02-27 2:15:00 PM ● 1,331 views ● 24:12 100.00% liked