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Hello! I am youtuber Boogie2988. You might know me as Boogie, or as one of my characters... Most notably the raging gamer Francis. I make vlogs, comedy sketches, video game related news and articles, rage videos, parodies, game play videos, and other gaming videos as well!

So if you're a gamer looking for gaming videos, gaming news, or gameplay you're in the right place. If you like watching a fat funny guy named francis destroy gaming consoles and going on rants and rages then this is the right place for that too!

I also make serious videos and vlogs about life topics that give advice on a variety of things to help you live a slightly better life and learn from my mistakes about weight loss, or succeeding on youtube, and more!

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Was Gastric Bypass A MISTAKE? Answering my critics
LOTS and LOTS of critics making videos, talking about why gastric bypass was a mistake. Most of them don't understand my situation or why we...
2017-09-19 3:58:19 AM ● 42,409 views ● 10:57 99.01% liked
Gaming News: Pewdiepie Vs Firewatch; Do Gaming Journalists have to be GOOD at CUPHEAD?
Get a 30 Day, ad-free trial of the VRV combo pack! CLICK HERE: Thank you to vrv and crunchyroll for sponsoring this...
2017-09-15 9:14:26 AM ● 222,338 views ● 8:59 94.28% liked
Weight Update: 6 weeks Post Surgery! 93 pounds!
Since my gastric bypass surgery I've now lost about 50 pounds, and almost 95 pounds since we started the pre op diet. we're currently 6 weeks...
2017-09-13 4:36:08 AM ● 677,038 views ● 9:55 98.49% liked
A King Fan's Thoughts on "IT" 2017 movie remake
First movie I have seen since the surgery and I just had to post a review and talk about it. I finally saw the 2017 version of the movie "it"...
2017-09-11 4:01:42 AM ● 520,844 views ● 14:58 97.97% liked
Gaming News: Youtube gaming DEAD? Destiny Pay To WIN? Shadow of Mordor Microtransactions!
Check out for 55% + free shipping: (Free basic lenses, premium and marked down frames excluded)...
2017-09-07 9:07:05 AM ● 371,065 views ● 14:14 97.09% liked
Destiny (2014)
Weight Update: Spent a night in the Emergency Room
EVERYTHING IS OK, so don't panic. Spent a night in the emergency room last week just before leaving for vacation but found out what was wrong...
2017-09-04 4:04:50 AM ● 749,717 views ● 13:30 97.55% liked
Most Expensive Lootcrate + Basic crate august 2017 - Kingdom!
Want lootcrate for yourself or someone you love? use this link: and coupon code: boogie2988. You'll save...
2017-08-29 8:26:45 AM ● 310,542 views ● 8:17 97.49% liked
The SURPRISING results of Weight Loss Surgery - Good and Bad
in this video I talk about my recovery of weight loss surgery both the physical and mental impact it has had on me. we talk about how it changed...
2017-08-24 4:35:33 AM ● 909,246 views ● 12:16 97.52% liked
The Future of This Youtube Channel - Is Francis DEAD?
lots of questions about my upload schedule, the future of this channel, what I plan to do with it moving forward and whether or not my francis...
2017-08-22 4:21:28 AM ● 680,737 views ● 9:00 97.84% liked
Two Weeks Post op - Pureed food stage!
This week we're 2 weeks into post op. This means things are getting a little easier to deal with, while new problems are cropping up. we're also...
2017-08-17 3:57:57 AM ● 891,542 views ● 9:59 98.15% liked