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Hello! I am youtuber Boogie2988. You might know me as Boogie, or as one of my characters... Most notably the raging gamer Francis. I make vlogs, comedy sketches, video game related news and articles, rage videos, parodies, game play videos, and other gaming videos as well!

So if you're a gamer looking for gaming videos, gaming news, or gameplay you're in the right place. If you like watching a fat funny guy named francis destroy gaming consoles and going on rants and rages then this is the right place for that too!

I also make serious videos and vlogs about life topics that give advice on a variety of things to help you live a slightly better life and learn from my mistakes about weight loss, or succeeding on youtube, and more!

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Interview: Kid Behind A Camera EXPOSED
Here it is. The TRUTH about KidBehindACamera. This video was directed by Jeff Saxton. Give him a follow:
2018-11-09 4:57:52 PM ● 132,261 views ● 53:07 92.09% liked
Blizzard Is Making MORE Mobile Games! RDR2 Has a BIG bug!
Go to to get $5 off your first purchase! This video is PROUDLY sponsored by the folks over at! By checking...
2018-11-08 4:28:02 PM ● 95,148 views ● 8:14 95.00% liked
ALL MY FAVORITE LOOT CRATES! Lootcrate DX, Lootcrate, and Marvel Gear and Goods
Get lootcrate for yourself or someone you love at and use coupon code boogie2988 to save 10%. IT makes a...
2018-11-07 6:16:46 PM ● 61,273 views ● 7:36 95.87% liked
Rambling: Upcoming Podcast and Interviews!
Did you vote? If so, who for? In this video we talk about why I voted. I talk about my upcoming podcast. I talk about the KIdBehindACamera 'premiere'...
2018-11-06 5:02:38 PM ● 66,863 views ● 13:26 93.47% liked
Why Are Gamers MAD at Diablo Immortal and Other Mobile games?
This year we've seen TONS of gamers FURIOUS about mobile games. Command and conquer. Fortnite. PubG. And now Diablo Immortal. What is it about...
2018-11-05 3:08:30 PM ● 120,446 views ● 11:55 97.29% liked
Why Blizzard got BOO'd For Announcing DIablo Immortal at Blizzcon
In this video we take a look at DIablo Immortal, the new diablo mobile game, which was announced at blizzcon 2018. Fans have downvoted the trailers,...
2018-11-03 3:32:08 PM ● 325,304 views ● 13:14 97.69% liked
Francis Apologizes.  I'm So Sorry.  My side of things.
Francis finally does what he needs to do and apologize for all of the things he's done. To boogie, to david, to his sister, and more importantly...
2018-11-02 5:28:24 PM ● 105,259 views ● 7:16 95.55% liked
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2018-11-01 4:28:10 PM ● 6,780 views ● 10:08 97.07% liked
As is tradition me and my friends and family celebrated halloween! Please choose the best costume and we'll award someone a prize based on who...
2018-10-31 3:28:46 PM ● 93,716 views ● 14:31 97.32% liked
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2018-10-30 4:31:04 PM ● 68,350 views ● 14:44 95.64% liked