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1.United States Rooster Teeth277,517,933
2.United States PewDiePie67,703,922
3.United States Markiplier67,160,468
4.United States FGTeeV49,080,093
5.France SQUEEZIE40,062,009
6.United States boogie298835,961,220
7.United States Ray William Johnson25,005,511
8.Sweden LEMMiNO21,666,587
9.United States Maximilian Dood18,529,103
10. FaZe Jev18,024,076

Channels With The Most Videos

1. RageSelect401
2. Rage Quitter 87188
3.United Kingdom Tyrannicon187
4. RageGamingVideos181
5.United States Amaury Garcia-Cumming175
6.Australia Sash EX141
7.United States Rooster Teeth141
8.Japan Belle134
9. Riseofasoljatv130
10. Molotovъ TV127

Latest Let's Plays For Rage

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoCanada PoloLA RAGE MONTE SUR BRAIN OUT !21:51106,853
5 days agoUnited States TheeOriginalGameheads Neal&JayFIGHT'N RAGE II F. NORRIS [FIST OF FURY] LIVESTREAM! (PS4 PRO)1:24:2658
5 days agoGermany TiloriousARK: Genesis #13 - Die TEK REXE sind DRAN & ICH RASTE AUS 🤬 RAGE! | LP Ark Deutsch24:1827,973
6 days agoUnited States I AM WILDCATUNO Flip but the only thing I'm flipping is my desk in a fit of rage...12:21374,127
6 days agoUnited Kingdom davpreecBarbarian + Axe of Rage Demo - Playthrough (Openbor)4:47642
2020-03-28United States TheInnocentSinfulSamurai Shodown: Warriors Rage (PlayStation) Story Mode as Seishiro Kuno36:09318
2020-03-27United States Level 857Let’s Play Co-op: Fight’N Rage | 3 Players | Complete Playthrough1:03:1431
2020-03-26Ireland BigBossIncarnateRed Faction PS4 Port | Hard Playthrough Part 2 | (Warning Serious Rage Inside)8:44:23366
2020-03-23United States PrimalDragon1740Let's Play DOOM Eternal Episode 10 Words of Rage (With Commentary)30:587
2020-03-22 Deadly DeityLet's Play Stolen Rage First Impressions And Thoughts Gameplay Steam PC Released March 202022:3229
2020-03-20Spain FrancDemarbreBEST MOMENTS AND RAGE - Let's Play Final Fantasy I (Anniversary Edition)18:0313
2020-03-20Germany TheNinjaSpookyFINALE! OVERHAUL'S FUSION & UNENDLICHER RAGE! 🔥 #14 • LET'S PLAY | My Hero Academia: One's Justice 244:072,542
2020-03-19United States Daniel ParkerScary Rage Quit!|Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted #214:395
2020-03-14France MrQuotyNioh 2 (Je rage comme un cochon) | Découverte Gameplay FR25:01841
2020-03-13United States Chaosinthesky13Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore Playthrough with Chaos part 112: Mamori's Rage19:1666
2020-03-13United States ETA MediaGroupGenroku: Legends [005O - New Source of Rage] ETA Plays!14:505
2020-03-09 Riggy1991Doom playthrough part 4: Berserker rage!10:011
2020-03-08United States Steve the Average GamerRage of the Black Tortoise (Empire Mission 6) - Let's Play Command & Conquer Red Alert 334:356
2020-03-06United Kingdom ClassixGamerLet's Play The Mummy Part 08. Sands Of RAGE41:351
2020-03-05United States breeze2gv😤😈Let's Play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm - Part 3 - This Game Makes Me Rage Quit31:3219
2020-02-29United States BugfraggedVICE ADMIRAL'S RAGE - Let's Play 「 Orangeblood 」- 538:2011
2020-02-25United Kingdom CheesestringXXRing rage arcade playthrough15:42147
2020-02-22United States Superbanana GamingGod eater 2 rage burst playthrough part 69 on a mission with the rest of the defense unit30:067
2020-02-21Germany Chrizz PlayPine 🧑🏽🌲 RAGE QUIT?!?!?!? #017 [Lets Play Deutsch]22:58106
2020-02-19United Kingdom IfritLet's Play Magic the Gathering: Arena - 690 - Maniacal Rage15:1617

Latest Reviews For Rage

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-03-28Germany GametesterGametester Lets Play Stolen Rage [Review|GER] (mit -=Red=-)24:359
2020-03-26Canada Chris GildartPvC Mini Review | Jagged Alliance: Rage!6:5864
2020-03-09United States GreshEDGE UNLEASHED HIS RAGE! | WWE RAW 3.9.20 Results & Full Show Review | Gresh Unleashed Podcast #511:04:4833
2020-03-02United States CorbeanoBB&C Podcast #56: Rage (2014) Movie Review & Pitching Dumb Animal Movies!1:14:4362
2020-02-28United States OtalkuLoot Anime November 2019 - Rage Theme - Unboxing0:44257
2020-02-25Canada Electric Playground Network - EPNWolverine: Adamantium Rage (Genesis) - Electric Playground Review6:032,314
2020-02-20United States LEON HOUSE: Mobile & PC Games, Music, Vlogs & MoreSTEEL RAGE Mech Cars PvP War Twisted Battle 2020 Mobile Game Review Lets Play Gameplay Youtube Video9:2950
2020-02-15United States EmceemurRAGE AMONG THE STARS, New PC/Steam Gameplay & Review - Emceemur5:11160
2020-02-14United States TTBurger88TTBurger Game Review Episode 117 Part 3 Of 6 Rage Racer11:5565
2020-02-05United States Twitch NewsMyth * WASD VS WASE * On The Keyboard / Doc Storms Off Stream Rage / xQc Reenacts John Wick Review4:3643
2020-01-24United States ValkynGGEven More RAGE | The End Is Nigh - Ep 127:373
2020-01-24United Kingdom Higher Plain GamesFight N Rage Review | 2D Brawler | Local Multiplayer | Like Streets of Rage8:2034
2020-01-05United States Gaming Palooza EmpireT&C Surf Designs: Wood & Water Rage for NES (Review)6:47188
2020-01-04 MyrmondenMy Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 12 Review. Sensei Rage6:24137
2020-01-02United States The Reel GenoThe Grudge (2019) Review - Talkin' Movies - Rage...Cursed...Fury...Yep...That's What I'm Feeling...9:0592
2019-12-31Norway BhopCS:GO | AIMWARE V5 REVIEW - AIMBOT/VISUALS/RAGE BOT #AimwareV511:0728,681
2019-12-14United States CornshaqFIGHT'N RAGE - PS4 REVIEW3:343,861
2019-12-10United States Chris _O_TacoMovie Rentals Review Scooby Doo! The Backstage Rage (FAN FILM) PG-13.29:1222
2019-12-01United Kingdom Mark's ReviewsFight'N Rage Review - PS46:074,238
2019-11-18United States SegaCDUniverseRage 2 (Review & Impressions) (Xbox One/PS4/PC)8:29167
2019-10-17Belgium N-GamzFight'N Rage Nintendo Switch: Test Video Review Gameplay FR HD (N-Gamz)21:551,062
2019-10-16United States Carnage CountsThe Rage: Carrie 2 (1999) Carnage Count6:5617,343
2019-10-15 Gamers XtremeFight'N Rage Review (Switch/X1/PS4) - "One of the Best Brawlers this Generation?!" | Gamers Xtreme5:511,198
2019-10-09United Kingdom SwitchWatchValfaris nintendo Switch Review - Rage Inducing Beauty! (From the Makers of Slain)12:297,104
2019-10-09United States Alzero83The Coma: Recut - Hype Rage Review Compilation15:4314