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A companion channel to Outside Xbox! PS4, Nintendo, PC, virtual reality and more with your exquisite Outside Xtra hosts Ellen and Luke, plus guest appearances by Outside Xboxers Andy, Jane and Mike.

Running in tandem with Outside Xbox, Outside Xtra covers the wider world of gaming and related culture, including games that don’t have Master Chief in. Look for regular appearances by OG Outside Xbox folks Andy, Jane and Mike, and generally more of the videos you love, about more of the platforms you enjoy, from a team now two people larger overall.

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7 Times Music in Games Blew Our Minds
Occasionally music in a game can knock you flat, whether with its sheer badassery, or ability to make you burst immediately into tears. Here...
2019-02-12 10:03:50 AM ● 90,224 views ● 28:21 99.07% liked
Show of the Weekend: Kingdom Hearts 3 and Luke's Gymnastic Division 2 Cover Co-Op Challenge
The Division 2 is an online cover-based shooter, but how adept is Luke at tactically moving from cover-to-cover? Ellen finds out in a co-operative...
2019-02-09 2:34:52 AM ● 57,180 views ● 34:15 99.24% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
SMASH BROS DLC LIVESTREAM: Piranha Plant Multiplayer in Smash Bros Ultimate LIVE @ Server
Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay: Outside Xtra and Outside Xbox wreck up the joint with Piranha Plant, the first new DLC character in Smash Bros...
2019-02-08 9:13:26 AM ● 36,203 views ● 1:33:06 99.53% liked
7 Countdowns So Stressful We Still Haven't Unclenched
Countdown timers have a way of stressing out even the most calm and collected of gamers. Here are the times that timers made it oh so much more...
2019-02-05 10:09:37 AM ● 196,153 views ● 15:45 99.32% liked
Division 2 Co-Op Gameplay: Let's Play The Division 2 Beta - LUKE & MIKE TACTICAL RESCUE MISSION
In this Division 2 gameplay, Mike and Luke play the Division 2 beta in co-op, on a tactical rescue mission. With lots of kneepads. - Become a...
2019-02-04 10:26:25 AM ● 31,470 views ● 34:39 98.68% liked
The Division 2
Let's Play
Show of the Weekend: Pikuniku, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Ellen's Complicated Kingdom Hearts Quiz
It's Show of the Weekend! Andy joins Luke on the sofa this week as Luke chats Pikuniku, and for the release of Kingdom Hearts III, Ellen has...
2019-02-02 2:23:27 AM ● 60,507 views ● 35:00 99.48% liked
Kingdom Hearts III
Life is Strange 2 Episode 2: 7 Shocking Moments We're Still Mad About (SPOILERS)
*Spoiler warning* Life is Strange 2 Episode 2 'Rules' is another dose of drama and heartbreak as Sean and Daniel struggle to deal with life on...
2019-02-01 9:34:11 AM ● 31,644 views ● 41:09 98.83% liked
Life Is Strange 2
7 New Games Out in February 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch
February 2019 is upon us! And there's a whole host of games to be released, from the long-awaited-and-delayed, to the ones that have snuck up...
2019-01-31 12:58:27 PM ● 81,125 views ● 13:08 98.83% liked
7 Weirdest Jobs Mario Ever Had
From artillery expert to pastry chef, Mario has turned his gloved hand to many professions over the years. Here are the seven weirdest, by far....
2019-01-29 10:26:33 AM ● 153,448 views ● 13:24 99.09% liked
Show of the Weekend: Far Cry New Dawn and Luke's Dystopian Pikuniku Quiz!
It's Show of the Weekend! This week **FAR CRY 5 SPOILERS ARE AHEAD**, as Mike joins Luke on the sofa to chat Far Cry New Dawn, and a mysterious...
2019-01-26 2:28:00 AM ● 61,042 views ● 28:16 99.58% liked
Far Cry New Dawn