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Welcome to RookerVision!

We are brothers who are passionate about gaming, old and new. On our channel we are working on bringing together a huge variety of gaming content. We have also brought along our new friend SarsePeep for the ride! Our shows include Side by Side, Game Over Bro!, Bits of History, and Sarse Plays. We also will be working on longplays, top lists, and how-to videos.


Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - Side by Side (Jurassic Ninja)
RookerVision Short - "A Blown Blast Processor"
Rampage - Game Over Bro! Episode 27
History of Strider - Bits of History Volume 2 (SEGA Kidd)
History of Streets of Rage - Bits of History Volume 3 (SEGA Kidd)
Top 30 Sega Genesis Games (SEGA Kidd)
Destroy All Humans (SarsePeep)
Tony Hawk Underground (SarsePeep)
The Simpsons Hit and Run (SarsePeep)
Resident Evil 1 to 7 (SarsePeep)

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What is this ODD Controller for the Playstation ??? | JurassicNinja Digest
5 years ago I found this odd controller at Goodwill and it went straight to a box because I was in the middle of a move. Well I just came across...
2018-12-11 6:03:48 AM ● 270 views ● 3:42 100.00% liked
Let's Play
Jagged Alliance: Rage! THE REVIEW | PC Steam PS4 Xbox One
I got my hands on a copy of Jagged Alliance: Rage! for Steam, and I decided to make a full review of that game. Sit back and enjoy this epic...
2018-12-05 11:50:13 PM ● 1,281 views ● 4:29 87.76% liked
Rage (2011)
GTA San Andreas Side by Side Update | JurassicNinja Digest
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Side by Side Update. I just want you all to know what's going on, and how long it will be. Check it out. Check out...
2018-12-04 12:44:29 AM ● 1,189 views ● 3:20 96.80% liked
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
*New Episode* Ep.27 Let's Play NIPPON MARATHON | PC | GAME OVER BRO
EPISODE 27: "Lobsters and Watermelons" #NipponMarathon Stretch your muscles and embark upon the ultimate marathon of Japan in a raucous...
2018-11-28 10:47:45 PM ● 92 views ● 9:53 100.00% liked
My Data Discs Collection Just wanted to share my Data Discs collection with you guys!
2018-11-22 2:14:55 PM ● 158 views ● 5:22 95.24% liked
RookerVision Thrifts Episode 1  |  With JurassicNinja
I love to #Thrift shop so much that I decided to capture my crazy adventures and all my scores and lack of scores. I hope you enjoy RookerVision...
2018-11-16 12:59:12 AM ● 252 views ● 8:08 100.00% liked
My Hard drive Broke. Lost it ALL.. MAMMA NOOOOOO
I was setting up a recording station to capture gameplay for San Andreas in my Kitchen while my Daughter ate breakfast, and then the worst thing...
2018-11-15 12:10:58 AM ● 152 views ● 1:06 100.00% liked
Side by Side GTA San Andreas Update | PS2 PS3 PS4 Xbox Xbox360 XboxOne Steam Windows Mobile
Hey there Loyal fans and new comers. JurassicNinja here to say I'm still here and am hard at work on the next Side by Side video, 'Grand Theft...
2018-11-13 6:14:28 AM ● 1,209 views ● 1:31 97.71% liked
GUN Live Stream for PC
Tip me Here if you so please :) Keep the Dream alive. Let's get down and dirty and...
2018-11-11 4:41:46 AM ● 155 views ● 1:10:53 100.00% liked
Side by Side Requests?
Jurassic Ninja here, and I'm back in action and it feels goooood. I'm here to talk about some Side by Side action. Hope you enjoy my Vlog. If...
2018-11-10 12:01:52 AM ● 460 views ● 2:22 98.36% liked