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Let's Play and random parody videos provided by a weird sounding voice.

Uploads whenever I have time to do stuff!

Background is courtesy AwrySquare!

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MS-DOS Crypt - Crosscountry Canada
Welcome to a cautionary tale that will instruct you to always find a manual before playing a text adventure game with a limited parser. Maybe...
2018-03-17 7:00:03 AM ● 190 views ● 13:50 92.31% liked
MS-DOS Crypt - The Oregon Trail
Time to play a good old classic and play the mother of educational adventure games! Can we travel to Oregon safely? What kind of diseases will...
2018-03-16 9:10:11 AM ● 248 views ● 33:12 100.00% liked
Town of Salem Stream 4 - Hi Coven, Bye Coven
On President's Day weekend, the Coven expansion was free to play so we thought we'd try it out. Highlights include: yours truly cheating and...
2018-03-14 7:45:04 AM ● 346 views ● 1:46:52 100.00% liked
Mega Man 10 - Hard Mode Playthrough
Here's a stream I did a while back! I was done playing Mega Man 10 on Normal difficulty a week ago, so I thought I'd try Hard mode for size....
2018-03-13 9:40:02 AM ● 716 views ● 1:59:10 91.67% liked
Let's Play
Duke Caribbean - What happens when every song of the game plays at once
I think the Megaton Edition of Duke Nukem 3D may have a problem or two. Guests: UZWorm, TorpidTypist - Watch live at
2018-03-08 11:50:03 AM ● 941 views ● 8:55 97.67% liked
Let's Play
MS-DOS Crypt - Pharaoh's Tomb
George Broussad, ermm... I mean George Broussard brings us a quirky, simple, yet fun platforming game. Watch out for these collision detections,...
2018-03-08 10:11:55 AM ● 522 views ● 28:45 100.00% liked
Duke Nukem Forever 2013 - Stream Playthrough
What would have happened if Duke Nukem Forever was just like that 2001 trailer that kicked a bunch of butt? A bunch of fans decided to figure...
2018-03-02 8:35:30 AM ● 1,066 views ● 2:27:50 100.00% liked
Let's Play
MS-DOS Crypt - Pinball Mania
Pinball Fantasies Deluxe for DOS comes with the added "bonus" of Pinball Mania, a so-called sequel to Digital Illusions' Pinball Dreams....
2018-02-27 7:00:01 AM ● 471 views ● 41:29 91.67% liked
MS-DOS Crypt - Pinball Fantasies
Welcome to a game that's mostly known on the Amiga. One of the most well-known pinball simulations out here, it also had a MS-DOS port which...
2018-02-26 8:23:06 AM ● 555 views ● 40:22 93.33% liked
MS-DOS Crypt - World Class Leader Board Golf
One of the earliest golf titles on PC, World Class Leader Board has been available on many other platforms prior to it's PC appearance. It's...
2018-02-25 9:12:59 AM ● 506 views ● 24:53 100.00% liked