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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Antarctica based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
21 hours agoAntarctica 7GamerMinutes/Music21,800Only Me [Animal Forest]7:12
1 day agoAntarctica BoomBoom Pickle255Crash bandicoot lets play episode 61:01:51
3 days agoAntarctica Plus163【RTA】 東方天空璋 Lunatic 17分52秒 霊夢/夏18:01
4 days agoAntarctica TuxBird1,800,000How NOT to pick up girls in Rainbow Six Siege13:37
5 days agoAntarctica frost s15,600zoom0:03
5 days agoAntarctica VelvetKitsune2,320The Third Age8:56
2020-07-26Antarctica Andy Ace158Andy´s Mukbang #113:11
2020-07-25Antarctica SoN1c200187Me trying to complete a puzzle in Black Mesa for 10 minutes straight9:40
2020-07-17Antarctica TouhouCraft3,460Touhou Gensokyo Minecraft Project ☯ | 東方 マインクラフト 幻想郷 - Bedrock Edition ⚙️1:30
2020-07-09Antarctica Cynon1,000Round 5: France | 2019 TM Master Cup Series50:44
2020-07-09Antarctica Turvi-Mania71Trying To Beat Death Egg Zone as Knuckles [Round 2] - Sonic The Hedgehog 210:47
2020-07-08Antarctica acidneeds4,160SNTSRMX011 - OAKE - Sentiment Of Callousness Remixed EP - B2 - Anhedon (Phase Fatale Remix)6:41
2020-07-05Antarctica Narret15Future of My Channel1:30
2020-07-04Antarctica Kuasocto280K, bye0:08
2020-07-01Antarctica Camemellia5,080Meteor footage flew over Tokyo, 2 July 2020(Meme vid)0:14
2020-06-25Antarctica 89340tarkov bruh0:17
2020-06-23Antarctica Zorak11,000skull (RD)0:59
2020-05-01Antarctica L2Nuku1,100BnS - broken silversteel chapter 6 cutscene2:57
2020-04-24Antarctica Spooples8910[Jstris] 1:47 40 Lines New PB1:52
2020-04-21Antarctica strastni lesar46dancing triangle4:11
2020-04-19Antarctica nzfamily / Archie1,070Old Mc Monkey Had a Farm - SpaceMonkey2:50
2020-04-15Antarctica Cow51voicesongd3:41
2020-03-20Antarctica gOodbYe oVaRioS1,050ITZY MEGAMIX (TING TING TING x DALLA DALLA x ICY x ITz' SUMMER)3:24
2020-02-02Antarctica PrinceDan228Soldiers Ludzie Honoru Teksty Wojsk Wielkiej Brytanii3:59
2020-01-25Antarctica Volsky1,470Председатель Брин: Патрулю Сектора 17 (в Нова Проспект)5:42
2019-12-27Antarctica VrilGames8,650Baldur's Gate | Enhanced Edition | Priest of Talos #7 Nashkel & Xvart Village35:18
2019-05-28Antarctica Sensei Pong632Crystal Crisis (Switch) 1st Impressions Review Podcast | 005 Bullet Hell-o Shmupcast Extra Credits1:13:58
2019-05-04Antarctica Ottitoh3,600"Clutch Montage” - Minecraft Hypixel Skywars (30 Clutches)3:30
2018-12-17Antarctica Bird Anonymous4,5807 Rap/Hip Hop Songs Ragtime Style in under a minute0:51
2018-11-25Antarctica TONYonPC711LE CACHALOT VOLANT DE NORDLYS - Battlefield V [Easter Egg]1:55
2018-04-10Antarctica lancer78A normal car review1:32
2016-12-25Antarctica Spyclone5,070Star Wars Battlefront Tension Loop extended13:23