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United States

The FGC Place is an American YouTube content creator with over 45.6 thousand subscribers. His content totals approximately 17.7 million views views across over 4.08 thousand videos.

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Daily videos of high level players (like Daigo, Tokido, Itazan, Kakeru, Angrybird, Snake Eyez, etc) playing Street Fighter 6 in amazing matches (compilations, ranked matches, room matches, etc)!

Welcome to the channel that's bringging to you, the best matches of your favorites fighting games! Dedicated to the FGC (Fighting Game Community), with focus on the highest quality video possible (1440p 60fps), edited combo videos, high level replays (all of the footage was recorded by me and compiled using the in-game replay system, that's openly available for all players to view and share public replays) and impressive gameplay showcases!

The footage was edited in Magix Vegas with overlays and video edits, etc. The purpose is for educational entertainment. All footage seen in this video is copyright free.The main purpose of the video are to provide educational high level content of fighting games, so the viewer can learn new combos and more!

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