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Do you enjoy games where you get to build stuff that goes Pew Pew? If so you are in the right place. I love covering building games, war games, Roguelite games, and indie games. If that sounds like you get on in here.

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In this episode of Mr. G Plays Crossout we did something a bit different. We had a competition on the Discord called, "If it's Stupid and...
2018-03-22 7:54:13 AM ● 1,128 views ● 9:36 73.68% liked
Sea of Thieves -- How to Sink Your Ship and other tips from a Veteran Pirate
In this episode of Mr. G Plays Sea of Thieves we join up with a random crew, make a best friend on SoT with Captain Matty do some quests, learn...
2018-03-22 3:26:53 AM ● 84 views ● 18:30 83.33% liked
Sea of Thieves
Crossout -- Tiniest Build Ever
In this episode of Mr. G Plays Crossout we attempt to make the tiniest (semi-functional) built ever made. May I present you the TinyPewPew Tiniest...
2018-03-21 6:57:48 AM ● 381 views ● 6:58 93.33% liked
Crossout (2017)
Sea of Thieves -- How To Complete your First Voyage
In this short guide we quickly walk you through how to get your fist voyage in Sea of Thieves. How to use your maps, complete your voyage and...
2018-03-21 3:40:21 AM ● 311 views ● 5:52 100.00% liked
Sea of Thieves
Crossout -- Faction Armor Parts 101 Durability to KG Ratios and more math fun
In this Crossout guide we are simply going to look at all the different faction armor parts and discuss durability to kg ratios and which parts...
2018-03-20 6:59:21 AM ● 733 views ● 10:26 97.78% liked
Crossout (2017)
Kingdom Come Deliverance    How to Buy and or Upgrade Your Horse
Best Horses in game can be found here: Al-Buraq from the stable in Neuhof - this horse has 39 Speed, 252 Capacity, 15 Courage and 410 Stamina....
2018-03-19 12:07:05 PM ● 68 views ● 2:25 100.00% liked
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Crossout -- Quadbow Spike Hover Build
In this episode we attempt to strap four Spike Crossbows to a hover chassis for the sake of science. But does it work? Quadbow Spike Hover Build:...
2018-03-19 7:01:17 AM ● 779 views ● 12:41 87.88% liked
Crossout (2017)
Kingdom Come Deliverance -- Menhart's Grave (All That Glisters)
This is a very short guide on yet another lootable grave. In particular Menhart's grave from the All that Glisters main quest. You can find his...
2018-03-19 6:05:07 AM ● 88 views ● 0:48 100.00% liked
Synthetik is a Roguelite shooter in the style of Nuclear Throne, but more like if Judge Dredd and Robocop had a twin stick shooter baby. Pros:...
2018-03-18 10:45:05 AM ● 349 views ● 13:14 100.00% liked
First Impressions
Today we tried our hands at a Boar Cab Goblin build. Did it work? Was it Gobliny enough? Subscribe:
2018-03-18 7:05:56 AM ● 1,412 views ● 7:58 92.98% liked
Crossout (2017)