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I play amazing new games, show and tell the best and hidden stuff, sometimes I teach tricks that are hard to figure out. I try all awesome games I can get my hands on, many of them are free, game-jam-made or indie titles. I love to test Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare games!

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RAVENFIELD SPEEDER BIKE (Star Wars Ground Vehicle)
Jumpspeeder based on 74-Z speeder bike with one blaster cannon (and one honk). Replaces any moving land unit. Thanks to Vel and Slippynote for...
2018-03-18 8:51:07 AM ● 390 views ● 3:17 97.22% liked
Ravenfield in Russian. Russian gun, Russian tank, Russian helicopter, Russian tongue. ► WATCH MORE RAVENFIELD (playlist): http://bit.ly/RAVENFIELD...
2018-03-17 6:30:01 AM ● 169 views ● 11:01 100.00% liked
The Walls Are Cake - Let's Play MORPH
Morph me some columns into pastries. Delicious! Tween and animate the architecture abstract. Free download from https://konash.itch.io/morph...
2018-03-16 1:00:02 PM ● 205 views ● 4:25 93.33% liked
Let's Play
Walking Heavy Steam Key Giveaway (Invent Station Names)
Win at random https://gleam.io/SkZJJ/wh (by subscribing to https://youtube.com/user/SoSoTechTube ) and/or comment with a station name. Make sure...
2018-03-15 1:00:01 PM ● 362 views ● 3:56 100.00% liked
David Lynch Teaches Typing Because
That typing tutor you like is coming is coming back in style! Help raise your words per minute with the only software that's wild at heart and...
2018-03-14 1:00:05 PM ● 239 views ● 6:01 95.83% liked
Intruder: Battle Town (NEW Battlegrounds Map)
BattleTown by Viotech/biotech in Intruder, the stealthy lowpoly metal-gear-wannabe simulator indie FPS. Intruder is an immersive, team-based...
2018-03-13 1:00:03 PM ● 1,097 views ● 23:05 98.11% liked
Intruder: The Fall
Intruder: The Fall on Canyon. Quality content since 1892 a.d. Correction: 11/10 More Intruder: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3Lq7rnBEf_L91XxMH-_UP-UgwtzBzGH3...
2018-03-12 1:00:00 PM ● 487 views ● 0:46 92.31% liked
Ravenfield VEHICLE CREATION TUTORIAL (Make Hovercraft Mod from Scratch)
Make vehicles (planes, tanks, jeeps, turrets, hovercraft, space ships, mechs) for Ravenfield by modding them in Unity with Blender for 3d modelling...
2018-03-10 1:59:22 PM ● 1,198 views ● 1:14:14 96.30% liked
Star Trek Bridge Commander Enable Widescreen + Windowed Resolution Settings 1280x720 1920x1080
Star Trek: Bridge Commander screen resolution configuration settings and workaround hack on Windows 10. This will crash if you don't consider...
2018-03-09 5:30:00 PM ● 241 views ● 6:36 100.00% liked
NEW [SWP] HOTH Map by Vel - Ravenfield Star Wars Update
Latest update of the big snow world HOTH map by Vel https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1318138587 for the RAVENFIELD STAR...
2018-03-08 5:30:00 PM ● 2,789 views ● 9:42 97.44% liked