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Latest Let's Plays For Siren

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-08-07Germany VasiturFAST GESCHAFFT (naja)! | Let's Play: Forbidden Siren! [DE] | Part 91:59:5819496.88%
2019-07-28Canada OheaoLet's Play Siren #15 - Sibling Rivalry58:300
2019-06-12United States cmodplaysGETTING CHASED BY THE SIREN HEAD MONSTER?! - Siren Head5:17165100.00%
2019-06-01Canada Famed KilljoySiren Head - "Emergency Broadcast"【Indie Horror Game】7:56277100.00%
2019-05-30Brazil Literalmente{Game}Emulação - Siren in-game no Play! (PS2)6:535690.00%
2019-05-19Denmark TheMaJestic14Borderlands GOTY Enhanced 'The Siren' Playthrough Ep15 'THE END' part3/322:464100.00%
2019-05-02 RoshanTV Full GamesArteezy plays Naga Siren!!! Dota 2 Full Game 7.2143:4990100.00%
2019-05-02 RoshanTV HighlightsArteezy plays Naga Siren!!! Dota 2 7.219:35108
2019-05-01United States Dota2 HighSchoolArteezy [Naga Siren] Max Attack Speed Full HP Items Build Top 1 MMR Plays 7.21 Dota 213:2310,12588.06%
2019-04-29United States Voiceguy Narrates stuffSiren Head full playthrough both endings ending no commentary5:027,65399.28%
2019-03-26United States elizibarSailor's Moons / Angelic Siren / Tridon - Earth Atlantis (Let's Play Earth Atlantis Gameplay)6:586100.00%
2019-03-20United States Sir TapTapLet's Play Siren Head | Mini PS1 Style Horror Story!5:5025387.50%
2019-03-08Russian Federation PlemYTGuild Wars 2 (Insight) - Kelp Rock (Siren's Landing)0:431
2019-03-07Germany CorruptedSIREN HEAD4:2045,88798.64%
2019-02-24Canada JaR DevThe Siren - Darkest Souls #2916:5672100.00%
2018-11-30United States Flamez PlaysShort, Sweet, and Spooky | Siren Head5:31346100.00%
2018-11-21Canada BurningDogFaceLet's Play Thief 015 - The Siren's Rest22:0352100.00%
2018-11-12Serbia Vampirschi GamingSiren Head - Playthrough (short indie horror)3:37441100.00%
2018-10-31Canada Neco The SergalSiren Head & The Tale of the Chicken Legged Woman | 2 Horror Games in 114:094,64093.96%
2018-10-15France banadone 13Lets Play FR Forbidden Siren Partie 20: Le sacrifice de Reiko Takato35:1042100.00%
2018-10-14 Kairi091Let's Play Final Fantasy V ep004 - Siren's Song19:0831100.00%
2018-10-07United States ShyhaluLet's Play Nightmare From The Deep 2: The Siren's Call! (Blind) P12 - Credits2:343
2018-09-02United Kingdom AlpaxLPAn Alluring Siren - Let's Play Darkest Dungeon: The Colour Of Madness - 3731:0099100.00%
2018-08-28Brazil KAMUI PLAYSKamui plays Live - Forbidden Siren Episode 21:18:3325100.00%
2018-08-22United Kingdom FlareBlitzedBRAINWASHING SIREN (All Endings) | Dead Siren (Horror Visual Novel) - Full | Flare Let's Play1:18:38675100.00%

Latest Reviews For Siren

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-07-09Canada Carmen KingDEADLY SIREN MOD REVIEW! | The Sims 410:0397,46698.89%
2019-06-03United States Rio GamingRed Siren: Space Defense REVIEW for Nintendo Switch1:08718100.00%
2018-11-09United States FliptroniksRed Siren App Review - Fliptroniks.com5:0671390.00%
2018-06-26Canada Bloodbath and BeyondSiREN (2016) - Horror Movie Review9:4010,25298.35%
2018-05-19United Kingdom MuleKick_MediaOliver Queen Outed! Black Siren Redemption! | Arrow 6x23 Review "Life Sentence"16:5330692.86%
2018-02-25Finland ElliandraMERMAIDS MOD - SCALES, MERMAID TAILS & SIREN'S SONG | Sims 4 Mod Review16:42974,59295.56%
2017-08-02United Kingdom Oculus Quest OwnersThe VR Shop - Siren Song - Oculus Rift Gameplay4:46308100.00%
2017-03-06Belgium Ultima Weapon EX[Anime Review] Ginga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna: Kanashimi no Siren21:4321100.00%
2017-01-17Australia Bannik13SIREN Movie Review And Thoughts11:001,98493.33%
2016-09-02 The Dice TowerMage Wars Arena: Paladin vs Siren Review - with Tom Vasel16:4211,11897.32%
2016-08-31United Kingdom Shambles11Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call Xbox One review5:2428085.71%
2016-06-18United Kingdom A's GAMING momentsForbidden Siren (PS4) Review - A's GAMING moments4:5212,14494.80%
2016-06-04Italy IL MONDO VIRTUALE OFFICIAL CHANNELUNBOXING REVIEW Gallevarbe Death's Siren - Sideshow Collectibles - Il Mondo Virtuale19:30712100.00%
2016-03-01Canada Hailey in BooklandThe Siren by Kiera Cass | Spoiler Free Review6:5113,27191.71%
2016-02-02Brazil Tritão P.H.Resenha :. Livro A SEREIA- Kiera Cass .: The Siren - Book Review8:207,86598.37%
2015-02-10United States nickatnyte2Razer Siren USB Recording / Streaming Microphone Unboxing & Review!2:1917,32298.17%
2014-12-20United States Katy DubuX-Play review of Siren for PS2 Adam Sessler & Morgan Webb Tech Tv3:461,040100.00%
2013-11-26France TheGrandTestGamerxpress #164 PS4 voix et Siren ! Steam : prototype et reviews, Lecteur Xbox One4:094,64998.91%
2013-11-13United States A-DSplay101YuGiOh 101: Card Review: Siren Orca the Spirit Bird4:05215100.00%
2013-02-19Netherlands Dr. RetroForbidden Siren Press Kit Unboxing & Review (Playstation 2)3:362,10590.48%
2013-02-14 Александр Добровобзор Siren ps3 review playstation 3 gameplay blood curse episodies14:5719750.00%
2012-12-08United Kingdom SavageZweiPandaMedaka Box Abnormal Episode 9 Review Siren Vs Yukahashi!!7:4894550.00%
2012-04-16 Soccer Reviews For YouNike Tiempo Legend IV White/Siren Red/Metallic Platinum - UNBOXING3:1610,233100.00%
2011-09-14 UltimateChanceRetro Review - Siren7:014,54769.57%
2010-10-30 xplaybackinthedayxplay review of siren3:5117,20596.23%