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Hello everyone. I am The Nearsighted Gamer. If you like video games and things related to such, and you like to watch a visually impaired albino play video games, then by all means subscribe! LOL. Seriously though I am just an average gamer like a lot of you. I am indeed visually impaired, but I still play video games. I love video games and I want to share that love with all of you. But video games are just the basis. To find out what else you can expect and see it it interests any of you, check out my "What To Expect" video.

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Street Fighter 4 AE Fun
Hello everyone. I am The Nearsighted Gamer. If you like video games and things related to such, and you like to watch a visually impaired albino...
2018-01-07 7:57:05 PM ● 12 views ● 32:53 100.00% liked
FROM THE VAULT: The Lost Podcast pt 1
A long time ago (about 2 and a half years) in a galaxy far away (well about 2 houses ago) I attempted a podcast with AirEnderman. I say attempted...
2017-12-21 5:50:00 PM ● 6 views ● 21:36 100.00% liked
Why Horizon: Zero Dawn Is My GOTY
All video and sounds heard in clips seen here are the property of Sony and Guerrilla Games. I do not own them. The music heard is the property...
2017-12-20 10:31:54 PM ● 3 views ● 12:50
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Hype!
Video and images seem in this video are the sole proprty of Capcom and not me. Capcom recently announced a huge Street Fighter collection and...
2017-12-14 8:19:15 PM ● 23 views ● 9:48 100.00% liked
Super Mario Odyssey Review
I know it's late but here's my review of one of the most anticipated games of the year. Does it deserve all the praise it's getting? We'll see....
2017-11-19 7:23:46 PM ● 6 views ● 24:59
Super Mario Odyssey
Trending Gamer Rant
Can you believe I got snubbed and wasn't nominated for Trending Gamer of the Year? Yeah, me either. Well I got a few things to say about it!!...
2017-11-17 11:09:06 PM ● 14 views ● 2:26 100.00% liked
My First Anime Convention!
I got the chance to go to my first anime convention/festival. I had a blast and can't wait to do it again.
2017-11-12 10:03:23 PM ● 7 views ● 6:06 100.00% liked
Hulu on Switch!!
It's not Netflix, but it'll do. Hulu is now on the Nintendo Switch!
2017-11-10 7:34:05 AM ● 34 views ● 3:34 0.00% liked
[OTWH] Soper Mario Odyssey Quick Impressions
I give my quick impressions of the game after spending a few hours with it. Here's what I think.
2017-10-31 8:29:33 AM ● 4 views ● 4:25 0.00% liked
The Creepy Beginning of Fatal Frame 2
I played a game that always appears on the list of scariest games all the time, Fatal Frame 2, I have played both part 1 and 3 and only beat...
2017-10-30 2:59:04 PM ● 4 views ● 57:13