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Latest Let's Plays For Control

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1 day agoGermany VanillyDer Schwarzstein Steinbruch - CONTROL #13 || Vanilly Lets Play/Gameplay • Deutsch/German38:161
1 day ago Caedmus 90Alan Wake - Bhaag 20 ~ Alan ka Ateet | Hindi25:071
2 days agoPakistan VGames92The Oldest House - CONTROL Game - Let's Play Part 2||vgames9232:503
3 days agoUnited States LymezyTHIS GAME IS TOO WEIRD?!! Control Part 11:03:004
3 days agoIndia GN Game TrailersDiesel Legacy - NextFest Trailer | DOWNLOAD THE FREE DEMO NOW1:173
4 days agoMalaysia Muhd Haf1zzControl : Live Playthrough Part 725:050
4 days agoUnited States MrJacqKingControl Playthrough Part - 8 - Finnish Tango1:16:2222
4 days agoUnited States Loud Flavor VODsLoud Flavor Plays Control - END3:37:2712
4 days ago LyonClipsUNEXPECTED ENDING | GYLT | Part 740:1629
5 days agoUnited States Dr. IncompetentCONTROL Let's Play in 2024 | Episode 48 | Alan Wake Content1:17:0271
6 days agoUnited States puri_puriPuri Plays LIVE: Control: Ultimate Edition [Part 2] (PC,2019,Action Adventure)2:50:3334
6 days agoUnited States EctogamesTVControl | Full Playthrough | 141:43:065
6 days agoUnited States The Sun QueenA Matter of Time! | Control Playthrough Part 9 |54:34472
2024-06-06France Asap LuControl #8 - On a sauvé l'ancienne maison !!31:252
2024-06-04 Save GamesMIRO - Test/QA Gameplay EP02 (read description)2:08:3411
2024-06-03 Gamesteam10The First Decendant 20 Minutes of Official Gameplay DEMO | Insane Game! (2K/60FPS)20:112,532
2024-05-30United States Reckless ComedyMobile and A.I. are TAKING OVER Gaming | PlayStation Girl4:5531,217
2024-05-28United States Dan SheppardDan Sheppard Plays Control Ultimate Edition - PS5 - Ray Tracing Gameplay - Part 1 - No Commentary23:2119
2024-05-26Germany PoisonRoseLet's Play Control: The Foundation / #008 / Be the director this bureau deserves (ENDING)51:0213
2024-05-25United Kingdom ImbaDave GamingHades - Episode 26 - Single Player Campaign Game Full Playthrough Longplay Blind (GUN ESCAPE)20:1767
2024-05-20United States The D-Pad"Dad's Pissed" - RUN 4 - Hades - YOU DO IT1:39:47208
2024-05-19United Kingdom DwolfyoneDwolfyone Plays SE Xbox: Fun with Signal (Relays)26:57394
2024-05-19Brazil Põe Pra 2 Co-op GamingMob Control (2024) - Gameplay de Primeiras Impressões54:5870
2024-05-19Turkey Eastkan Game TVOTXO - "No Time" & Welcome to the Mansion & "Sonic" & "Slappers Only" Trophies (PART 1 for Platinum)1:00:571,777
2024-05-15United States MysticNEW PS2 Games Are Finally Coming to PS5 With Save States, Rewind, Video Filters, Up-Rendering.9:4588,186

Latest Reviews For Control

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-06-06United States Dr. IncompetentControl | My Review and Should You Buy in 202416:3091
2024-06-02India YourMehulCONTROL Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 - INTRO (FULL GAME) #livestream #live #gaming #ps5share1:44:2614
2024-05-30United States Shawn K The KingGinger The Tooth Fairy Review / First Impression (Playstation 5)17:38110
2024-05-30United Kingdom GRIMREAPERSAGECrown Wars The Black Prince 3 Min Review3:0011
2024-05-27United States Scotty Got GamesA PROJECTOR IS THE REASON FOR THIS CHAOS?? | Control - Part 61:11:443
2024-05-25Ukraine GameOverRetroОбзор Control – Красота требует жертв PS4 FAT21:31152
2024-05-20Germany BronkoGameGuidesWas it Good? - Control | Xbox Series X Gameplay30:2632
2024-05-17Estonia FlavaplayЯ ДИРЕКТОР ФИНАЛ #9 ➡ CONTROL #control #flavaplay43:5725
2024-05-14United Kingdom XPN NetworkZiggy - Review - Xbox3:3039
2024-04-30Brazil eaeniko(VOD) Control #01 | gameplay - eaeniko #controlgame1:12:429
2024-04-20United States RoachMy Aim Is Worse Than Dashie's...0:111,440
2024-04-17United States HopeykinsEN🔴 What do you think the Yelp reviews for the Oceanview Motel are like?3:06:287
2024-04-13United States DRINKERI Played Control In 2024...8:50205
2024-04-12India Gaming Sanju 2.OControl Ultimate Edition (PS5) Live streaming Hindi gameplay Part-21:40:0626
2024-04-07 XxDragonballZx4XControl Ultimate Edition Finale4:28:456
2024-03-28Germany Screwjob Uncut💎 MILLENNIA - REVIEW | Es will kein Civilization sein und das ist es auch nicht7:57154
2024-03-25Ireland Heaaaps O GamesSoundPEATS Air4 Pro Wireless Earbuds & Steam Deck - Review & Setup @SOUNDPEATS8:5970
2024-03-22United Kingdom Couch Coop Control In 2024 Review13:16490
2024-03-22United States MumblesVideosNYXI Wizard Wireless Joy-pad For Nintendo Switch MumblesVidoes Product Review4:5787
2024-03-17United States Never GuideControl Ultimate Edition - REVIEW! #shorts0:59480
2024-03-15United Kingdom Games FreezerFiFine H9 Gaming Headset Unboxing and Review PS5 XBOX PC SWITCH9:5911
2024-03-14 More Darth ShaunyI GOT MY OWN STUNT TEAM IN CONTROL3:3113
2024-03-14Canada GAM3NTRYNissan 370Z Nismo - The Crew Motorfest PS5 Gameplay13:3288
2024-03-13United States CrazyGamingMonkeyCONTROL Ultimate Edition - Part 1 Playthrough (Xbox Series X Gameplay)35:1857
2024-03-13 Skycaptin5Control Xbox Series X Gameplay [Xbox Game Pass] [Ultimate Edition]3:15:053,193

Most Viewed Control Video on YouTube

The most viewed Control video on YouTube is SLIDE INTO THE VOID | Control Song feat. Cami-Cat with 5,775,555 views, published by United Kingdom The Stupendium on February 28, 2020.

Most Liked Control Video on YouTube

The most liked Control video on YouTube is Increíble regalo de XBOX a un niño por descubrir gran vulnerabilidad en su XBOX ONE #xbox #xboxone with 315,618 likes, published by Mexico ZEROSTRATUS on February 28, 2020.