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5.Japan Square Enix Asia2,000,442
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7.Germany Frau Schnurrhaar130
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10. WatosVonAlandal121

Latest Let's Plays For Forspoken

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
17 hours agoGermany Frau SchnurrhaarFORSPOKEN🩰#132 - Landsitz der Tanta (PS5 - Let's Play - Gameplay - Deutsch)26:2226
1 day ago RoseIsCursedLet's Play Forspoken Part 30: Buraq Guild, Seeker Trophy, & Upgrading Spellcrafts7:171
1 day agoGermany LavarynaLet's Play Forspoken [DE] #033 - Horrorausflug nach New York48:0123
1 day agoUnited Kingdom Lightsp33d1987Continuing Forspoken on PlayStation 5 Story and Side Missions Part 21:26:3812
2 days agoGermany Overplayed LP44. #Lets_Play #Forspoken{4K} - Die Zeit danach... Teil 437:083
2 days agoGermany ShilonaForspoken DLC In Tanta We Trust #03 - Let's Play - Möge die Macht der Wurzel meine sein32:511
2 days agoNew Zealand BrennogamingForspoken PS5 Playthrough Pt.118 Full Game26:477
2 days agoIndia Game With AmyFORSPOKEN: IN TANTA WE TRUST DLC Playthrough Gameplay - Part 4 / HARBINGER / PS537:554
3 days agoSwitzerland Fabrice Fun&GamingForspoken #3 - Quêtes secondaires, balade et découverte de la Région de Praenost (Playthrough FR)4:41:194
3 days agoGermany DieSchlaftablettenLPForspoken * 09 * ZUFLUCHT: KARGE EBENEN... * OldManLP * 1440p *20:485
3 days agoFrance RehDolTannta Prav, la schizo ! - FORSPOKEN [PLAYTHROUGH FR] #1554:500
4 days ago TruewiddyTruPlays #Forspoken #InTantaWeTrust #12:37:423
4 days agoUnited States SquallNoctisThe Corruption Ain't THAT Bad Squall Plays Forspoken Part 730:068
4 days agoUnited Kingdom tsvillatsvilla plays: Forspoken - Chapter 11 (This storyline reveal is SHOCKING!)2:29:198
4 days agoGermany Elevator DoomLet's Play Forspoken Folge 1335:260
4 days agoGermany EinfachNurCrazyForspoken #64 Das war´s mit Forspoken!23:524
6 days agoBrazil Lucky SalamanderForspoken - Ainda Tem Mais!!! DLC In Tanta We Trust [ PC - Gameplay 4K ]2:18:3620,096
2023-05-29 MnGameplayShortsForspoken Demo 2023 PS-5 walkthrough part-1 #ps5 #4khdr #120fps #mngameplayshorts #mrthor27:1819
2023-05-29United States OneyPlaysA Mother Flipping Dragon in FORSPOKEN20:30213,491
2023-05-29France MrQuotyForspoken: In Tanta We Trust (DLC) | Découverte Gameplay FR28:16329
2023-05-27Germany DejefKonfrontation mit General Aldacor - ENDE 🎮 Fospoken: In Tanta We Trust #0555:1913
2023-05-27United States Easy Allies PlaysDamiani Plays the New Forspoken DLC - In Tanta We Trust2:41:21882
2023-05-27United States Marcusbgaming PlaysAnimals are crazy in Forspoken! #shorts0:28287
2023-05-27India AK STYLE GAMERNorth Castle Town Camp Forspoken In Tanta We Trust PS5 Gameplay 4K HDR | Forspoken DLC Gameplay 4K1:1316

Latest Reviews For Forspoken

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days ago John LairdPS5, Forspoken. Review. Is it really that bad?57:539
3 days agoUnited States RedF0XDeltaShould Games Cost $70?9:33121
3 days agoCanada Señor Limpio GamingFORSPOKEN: This is still the REAL ENDING for me! Just makes more sense given Frey's attitude.1:48180
4 days agoSpain Mr Abdeel GamerFORSPOKEN Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 No Commentary22:456
4 days agoIndia GamingBoltForspoken: In Tanta We Trust Review - The Final Verdict8:1010,952
5 days agoUnited States Play It Forward YTForspoken: In Tanta We Trust | Full Stream | Code Provided by Square Enix for review on butwhytho.n2:43:1617
2023-05-29United States Billy the SkwidForspoken: In Tanta we Trust | Hope for the Future?12:5998
2023-05-29India Waseem Play GamesFull adventure action ps5 games #shorts #vital ps5 #ytshorts0:2662
2023-05-27 Thrifty PS Gamer ReviewsForspoken is trash? 25 hour review12:46161
2023-05-26Turkey Veteran GameForspoken: In Tanta We Trust - Game Review3:4933
2023-05-25 Veteran GamerForspoken Review #Shorts0:5624
2023-05-25United States Noisy PixelForspoken: In Tanta We Trust Review - Don't Bother Trusting Tanta6:335,433
2023-05-24United Kingdom GrimlockePrimeIn Tanta We Trust DLC - Forspoken Dino Review #BOLDLYCREATE8:39162
2023-05-23United States frogboyx1GamingForspoken In Tanta We Trust DLC Review, I Badly Need A Second Game. That Was Intense.5:16833
2023-05-23United States DDobs12My Brutally Honest and Unbiased Review of Forspoken11:3987
2023-05-15Indonesia Loop IDDunia Fantasi Penuh Sihir - Review Game Forspoken0:57305
2023-05-13India Rune JerryStar Wars Jedi Survivor Game Review !! | Malayalam | RJ Reviews #shorts1:002,631
2023-05-06Viet Nam Nghĩa mê chơiForspoken - NHÀ PHÁT HÀNH SẼ LÀM GÌ TIẾP THEO??? #shorts0:446
2023-05-05United States DEDMan GamingFinale of an Avid Gamer | Forspoken13:5648
2023-05-05France SephriusFORSPOKEN - UNE AVENTURE RATÉ ? - [REVIEW]35:04364
2023-05-04United States GGAre y'all ready for Forspoken DLC like me…definitely can't wait 🔥🤟🏾0:44246
2023-05-02 C HopdogQuick Review for Forspoken0:5966
2023-05-01United States DraganBloodfirst impressions and first look review forspoken the good and bad episode 3/3 also a dragon23:476
2023-04-30United States PhoenixTvHow Forspoken Went Up in Flames...5:1139
2023-04-28Austria Booster Nation✨Forspoken✨| 047 – Mein Persönliches Review zum Let‘s Play - Forspoken| Let’s Play Deutsch1:03:2411