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"I love Nintendo and this is why."

This channel will show off my love for Nintendo with reviews, editorials and perspectives!

This is a new YouTube channel for me. I had the Geek Guru for a bit over a year. However in that time I found myself wanting and doing more Nintendo themed content. So I decided to do more of what I love. So welcome to the Nintendo Guru Channel!! Please subscribe and let me know what you would like to see from me in the future!!

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[Nintendo Guru] UNBOXING FROM CHINA!!!
I got a package from China and I am so excited to open it up!! It is an Ojo Projector from the Yes Ojo team. Thank you to the Ojo team, if you...
2018-03-27 5:05:10 PM ● 236 views ● 9:07 97.14% liked
[Nintendo Talk] Chicken Wiggle, Nintendo Direct Hype!!
A different look, flowing Nintendo Talk...
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[Nintendo Guru] BIG NEWS!!  UPDATE TIME!
It's been some time it was time to update something major!
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[The Gaming Gurus]  Episode 12:  Where do we go from here?!?
The Gaming Gurus: A Console Wars Podcast 12 DISCORD- - GEEK outs!!! THANKS to our Patreon Supporters - Platinum Executive...
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[Behind the Scenes with Jools Watsham] Episode 3: Quarterback Club!
Behind the Scenes with Jools Watsham - episode THREE This new series will take a behind the look/directors commentary feel as we look back at...
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[Nintendo Guru]   Q & A Giveaway!!!
Q & A Giveaway video. I took questions from the community and answered them. :D [[please leave a comment below and tell us!!]] Subscribe...
2018-02-08 7:30:00 PM ● 106 views ● 10:05 100.00% liked
[Nintendo Talk]   Namco working on Metroid Prime 4?
Nintendo Talk News **GIVEAWAY** WIN STEAM WORLD DIG FOR THE NINTENDO SWITCH!! To enter simply leave a question in chat or in the comments on...
2018-02-07 5:51:40 PM ● 154 views ● 7:04 100.00% liked
[Nintendo Talk]   Dig 2 gets Physical!! Crash to Switch?!?
Nintendo Talk News Top Stories: Steam World Dig 2 is getting a Physical edition!! Eurogamer is reporting Activision is bringing Crash to Switch!!...
2018-02-06 2:28:41 PM ● 99 views ● 9:20 100.00% liked
Hey YouTube, Logan Paul, Pewdiepie...Thanks!!
Thank you Youtube, Logan Paul, and Pewdiepie...I today was told I was being dropped from my network because of the new rules given to us by Youtube....
2018-02-05 5:03:43 PM ● 473 views ● 7:36 84.62% liked
[The Gaming Gurus]   Episode 11: The Heated Debate
The Gaming Gurus: A Console Wars Podcast 11 DISCORD- - GEEK outs!!! Bobby - With Nintendo saying it wants to extend the Switch...
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