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"I love Nintendo and this is why."

This channel will show off my love for Nintendo with reviews, editorials and perspectives!

This is a new YouTube channel for me. I had the Geek Guru for a bit over a year. However in that time I found myself wanting and doing more Nintendo themed content. So I decided to do more of what I love. So welcome to the Nintendo Guru Channel!! Please subscribe and let me know what you would like to see from me in the future!!

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[Nintendo Talk]   Detective Pika solves The Nintendo Direct case?!?
Nintendo Talk News Top Stories: Detective Pikachu coming to 3DS in March along with new Amiibo. Switch was the #1 console sold in Japan during...
2018-01-12 6:02:12 PM ● 83 views ● 8:20 88.89% liked
[Nintendo Talk]   Nintendo Direct Mini...IT HAPPENED!!
Nintendo Talk News Top Stories: The Nintendo Direct we have all been waiting for has happened!!! [[please leave a comment below and tell us!!]]...
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[Nintendo Talk]   Nintendo Direct Hype Train!!!
Nintendo Talk News Top Stories: Nintendo is suing Colopl for 40 million dollars. Dragon Quest Builders is available for PreOrder Jools Watsham...
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Nintendo Guru Channel Trailer
2018-01-08 8:23:23 PM ● 119 views ● 2:16 100.00% liked
[Nintendo Talk]   Fake Nintendo News all around us!!
Nintendo Talk News Top Stories: Firmware update 5.0 is likely fake and not a legit leak. There is a fake Nintendo of America account spreading...
2018-01-08 5:38:58 PM ● 223 views ● 9:45 100.00% liked
[Nintendo Guru] Live Reaction Switch firmware 5.0 leak!!!
During Nintendo Talk Live tonight with guest Mark Carabin the rumors hit about the leaked 5.0 firmware!! This was our live reaction to it!! Subscribe...
2018-01-05 9:43:18 PM ● 864 views ● 8:51 100.00% liked
[Nintendo Guru]   Switch the fastest selling console ever!!
Nintendo Switch becomes the fastest selling console ever in the United States and eclipses the Wii. Music Credit: OC Remix #1539 New Super Mario...
2018-01-04 2:29:14 PM ● 109 views ● 6:04 100.00% liked
[Nintendo Talk] Joycons? Game Announcements? Marcus Sellars? WHAT??
Nintendo Talk News Top Stories: Splatoon 2 joy cons coming to the NA? Super Meat Boy place holders up showing release date and pricing! Atooi...
2018-01-03 6:13:23 PM ● 149 views ● 10:34 100.00% liked
[Nintendo Guru]     Reviews:   Blossom Tales the Sleeping King!!
Today we review the indie darling Blossom Tales from Castle Pixel & FDG Entertainment. This game is inspired and takes cues from The Legend...
2018-01-02 4:00:01 PM ● 112 views ● 14:21 94.44% liked
[Nintendo Talk]   Nintendo Direct happening January 11th?!?
Does Nintendo need to fix the Switch eShop in 2018?!? What needs to be done with it?!? Music Credit: OC Remix #1539 New Super Mario Bros. Mushroom...
2018-01-01 4:51:24 PM ● 427 views ● 7:06 97.78% liked