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4. GameXplain3,024,650
5.United States Cryaotic2,929,021
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1.Austria Helsionium636
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3.United States Xenocat 823543427
4. RubinNischara329
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6.United States AuraChannelerChris252
7. Santosx07230
8.United States veteran0121217
9. Clyde Mandelin212
10.United Kingdom LightlicePlays189

Latest Let's Plays For Xenoblade Chronicles

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoFinland TimodusXenoblade: Definitive Edition Playthrough part 20 (Japanese Voices)2:26:1420
3 days agoUnited Kingdom TheTwitGamerXenoblade Chronicles | Heart To Heart Grand Tour | Part 34 (Switch, Let's Play, Definitive Edition)34:01115
5 days agoUnited Kingdom LightlicePlaysXenoblade Definitive Edition Let's Play #29: Crafting a Better Life20:0713
5 days agoCanada AcousticHarmoniaWhy Shulk Can See The Future -🌀Xenoblade Chronicles DE - 1, 2, Torna Part 3555:1617
5 days agoBahamas KennyMaximumBLIND PLAYTHROUGH - The Monado Says You'll Love This Live Stream! - Xenoblade: Definitive Edition6:0426
2020-06-26United States Ghabulous GhotiThe Snowal Taos | Part 5 | Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected (Blind)24:1271
2020-06-25United States P&E PlayEp40 - Xenoblade DE Raw Footage, 100% Playthrough, Hudless, No Subtitles1:18:413
2020-06-24Russian Federation EMU PlayXenoblade Chronicles, dolphin mmj, gameplay on realme 6, Helio G90T, 1.5x resolution.11:0247
2020-06-23 Windows vs LinuxLutris Dolphin Linux | Xenoblade Chronicles on PC | GTX 1650 | Ubuntu 20.04 | 30 fps | Perfect1:08:4830
2020-06-23Spain VidaoPantallaPor qué no voy a seguir jugando Xenoblade Chronicles | Shergiock Opina6:1124
2020-06-18United Kingdom masamune347Xenoblade Chronicles DE playthrough part 25 U monster frenzy part 532:127
2020-06-18Mexico Red DNAXenoblade Chronicles #139 Amor a las Flores y Mekanoflores24:1157
2020-06-18United States MandyleePlaysMandyleePlays Xenoblade Definitive Edition Future Connected1:42:01119
2020-06-17United States Start to Finish GamesStart to Finish - Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles, Episode 1451:277
2020-06-17 MasterLL「 Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected 」 Final Playthrough Day 03 ~ "Melia & her Ganstapons"6:40:4075
2020-06-15United States ErinAlchemyThe Gift of Life | Xenoblade Chronicles | Part 31:03:5417
2020-06-13United States VicvillonXenoblade Chronicles | LIVE First Playthrough5:30:121,107
2020-06-12Brazil KAMUI PLAYSKamui Plays - XENOBLADE CHRONICLES - EPISODE 6 - Wii (Wiiu)31:0012
2020-06-09United Kingdom FuzzfingerGamingLet's Play Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - First 30 Minutes! - Part 138:51793
2020-06-01France ryogaonlineLET'S PLAY Xenoblade Chronicles Switch #3 L'héroïsme de Fiora47:5837
2020-06-01Germany HookedHooked FM #272 - Silent Hill, PlayStation 5, Anno, Xenoblade Chronicles, Dragonball Super & mehr!2:00:093,630
2020-06-01United States PlayerEssenceXenoblade Chronicles Sales Off to a HOT Start, Revolutionary SEGA Announcement SOON? & PS5 Event!10:594,602
2020-05-31France NipponGamesXenoblade Xhronicles Definitive Edition Let's Play Découverte FR#3 Les Ruine de Magmell32:32115
2020-05-28 Let's Play By RequestChuck's Gaming Digest - Reflections of Xenoblade Chronicles12:0036
2020-05-26United States MarlonGamingNationXBSX Pre-Order | Platinum Games Boss Unimpressed With PS5 & XBSX | Xenoblade Switch Resolution2:20:253,447

Latest Reviews For Xenoblade Chronicles

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
3 days agoGermany TiLMENDOMiNATiONXENOBLADE CHRONICLES (REVIEW) + meine liebe zur Serie | Plus XENO-Games | Unboxing und mehr25:58215
6 days agoUnited States AustinSVWhich Version of Xenoblade Should You Play? - Xenoblade Ports & Remaster Reviewed14:303,094
2020-06-13United States Matthew Davis MediaXenoblade Chronicles - Game Review8:42157
2020-06-09United States Shifted PyroFunny Xenoblade DE User Reviews.....2:1725,451
2020-05-31United States 8-Bit EricXenoblade Chronicles Definivite Edition for Nintendo Switch11:261,180
2020-05-30United States AndresRestartIs Xenoblade Chronicles Still A Masterpiece? | Reviews Reaction & Preview Of Definitive Edition12:29645
2020-05-29Canada Really Freakin' CleverXenoblade VS. Review Scores: A YouTuber (Kinda) Defends IGN10:574,584
2020-05-28Chile Las reviews de CamiloLa música de Xenoblade Chronicles: ¿Mejor que el Definitive edition?32:573,691
2020-05-27United States Nintendo PrimePS5 Conference June 3rd, Xenoblade DE Reviews/Resolutiongate, & AMA | NP Live!1:49:46634
2020-05-26United States Nintendo EnthusiastFULL Xenoblade Chronicles DE Preview - Graphics, New Features, Future Connected, & more!20:28630
2019-12-17Netherlands Gamekings VaultXenoblade Chronicles 3D Review10:4613
2019-02-25Viet Nam Wind Chipi#4 Đi cứu Torna - Xenoblade Chronicle 21:49:17241
2018-11-27 FreQuenczyXenoblade Chronicles Review (Wii)8:352,789
2017-12-31 NintenjordanEPIC Nintendo Switch Review Roundup 2017!! (Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade + 13 More Games!)35:09490
2017-12-16Canada Tarks GauntletXenoblade Chronicles: The Masterpiece - Review, Spoilers - Tarks Gauntlet37:2913,000
2017-11-13 The SwitchCastSwitchCast #042: Morphite, Slime-San and the Xenoblade Direct1:22:5073
2017-08-25 EnigmaHoodEnigmaHood Reviews Xenoblade Chronicles9:13176
2017-08-25 EnigmaGamingEnigmaHood Reviews Xenoblade Chronicles9:1310
2017-01-08United States Good Morning GamerXenoblade Chronicles - Quick Review - Good Morning Gamer3:001,416
2016-09-25Italy Videogamesconsole.itXenoblade Chronicle X - WiiU - Maxy Long Gameplay {21} ♦ End game ♦ FINE GIOCO58:358
2016-01-26United States The Itch NetworkXenoblade Chronicles Review6:14163
2016-01-19United Kingdom MozilloGamesXenoblade Chronicls X - Game Review18:4382
2016-01-09 RemoteRPGsXenoblade Chronicles Review (Wii/New 3DS)11:25977
2016-01-01Thailand The Moofรีวิว : Xenoblade Chronicle X : Review9:5033,840
2015-12-29 KirbyVolt2015 Year in Review ~ Xenoblade26:4236