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United States
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Hey guys I'm Xenoflux Raiden, you can call me Raiden or Xeno.....WHATEVER YOU WANT.
I'm mainly a lets play channel that leans more toward story based games. JRPG's, Visual Novels, survival horror. You name it!
I try to post an every 1-2 days.

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Finished Series:

Fire Emblem Awakening Let's Play

Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia Let's Play

Fire Emblem Three houses Let's Play

XCOM 2 Legend Blind Let's Play

Valkyria Chronicles Let's Play

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Let's Play

Danganronpa V3 Let's Play

Ai The Somnium Files Let's Play

Zone of the enders HD Collection Let's Play

Tales of Berseria Let's Play

Gravity Rush 2 Let's Play

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Let's Play

Edgeworth Investigations Let's Play

Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance Let's Play

Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice Let's Play

Witcher 1 Let's Play

Witcher 2 Let's Play

FURI Let's Play

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