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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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1.United States Nintendo7,286,424
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6.United States FateAwaits1,373,592
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1.United States Video Games Source468
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6.Germany HeartHero148
7. Leonyasch147
8. Quentin Echols142
9.United States Cellextyn X138
10. HappyAnimaidCafeManager135

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2 days ago RPG KingdomkidDarkness Beneath the Earth-Let's Play Fire Emblem Three Houses Part 6743:050
2 days agoGermany ChallengeTimeLet's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses [Schwer / Klassisch] (Part 78): Das Monster zeigt sich!42:144583.33%
3 days agoUnited States 11th Hour GamingLet's Play: Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Black Eagles) Part 34- Finale: Battle to End the War1:48:203100.00%
3 days agoUnited Kingdom RiggyRob + Pimmsy PlayManuela & Hanneman Join The Team! Let's Play Fire Emblem Three Houses (Black Eagles) - Part 5926:316
3 days agoUnited Kingdom TheTwitGamerFire Emblem: Three Houses | Dimitri's Fate | Part 78 (Switch, Let's Play, Blind)39:19348100.00%
3 days agoGermany ForceCommanderFire Emblem: Three Houses - 35 - Offenbarung der Göttin [GER Let's Play]1:29:375100.00%
3 days agoUnited States NitescoLow Battery - Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blind Let's Play) - Chapter 5 Part 11:11:4154100.00%
3 days agoGermany AmrasFIRE EMBLEM: THREE HOUSES ⚔️ 042: Schnelles Kämpfchen | Let's Play22:1227496.43%
3 days agoUnited States ChronosBorn Bargainer - Blind Let's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses Episode #4442:57226100.00%
3 days agoNorway MangsPart 53: Let's Play Fire Emblem, Three Houses, Blue Lions, New Game+ - "Hubert Does An Oopsie"23:299,81298.48%
3 days agoGermany EmerieosLet's Play #76 Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blind) - Switch - Traum oder Realität50:040
3 days agoFrance YvannelFire Emblem: Three Houses [Let's Play] #45 FR - Ch.10: Fusion Totale -1:09:3516293.33%
3 days ago HappyAnimaidCafeManagerFire Emblem Three Houses: Let's Play: Ep 13720:472
4 days agoUnited States Xenoflux RaidenFire Emblem: Three Houses ➤ 29 - Let's Play - FALL WITH HONOR - Gameplay Walkthough -46:111,28998.23%
4 days agoFrance Ninissa GamingLet's Dance FE Edition - Let's Play Fire Emblem Three Houses Part 3340:35126100.00%
4 days agoUnited States DracoBreachLet's Play [BLIND] - Fire Emblem Three Houses - Episode 4132:035
4 days agoUnited States ravensleet45let's play Fire Emblem 3 houses Blind (Hard Mode classic) part 11 Bandit Hunting26:082100.00%
4 days agoUnited States LinkaroLet's Play: Fire Emblem Three Houses Part D43 - Eternal Guardian44:270100.00%
4 days agoUnited States NozzivixNozz Plays Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Switch) [Part 16] DEATH KNIGHT DEFEATED!30:0563100.00%
4 days agoSwitzerland MikelFIRE EMBLEM: THREE HOUSES [#054] - Adler, Löwen und Hirsche - Teil 3 | Let's Play Fire Emblem19:517100.00%
4 days agoUnited States The Musical GamerLet's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses #60: All Hail Emperor Edelgarde!28:23559100.00%
4 days ago LostScarfEp37 - Wait, How Old Are We? - ScarfPLAYS Fire Emblem Three Houses59:132100.00%
4 days agoCanada BumpyMcSquigumsLet's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Part 29 -Actual Bonding?!32:0448100.00%
6 days agoUnited States Lu Bu Feng XianFire Emblem Three Houses - Golden Deer 2nd Let's Play Part 11- I AM FERDINAND VON BARBAR8:33:411,473100.00%

Latest Reviews For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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2019-10-03United States Cohesive Friendship UnitFire Emblem Three Houses Review: FE 3 Houses Nintendo Switch Review!29:0549100.00%
2019-09-27United States The HawkeFire Emblem Three Houses | H-525 Review22:3455100.00%
2019-09-22United States MamodxxThe Drums of War - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Soundtrack [REVIEW]37:434,09693.11%
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2019-09-18 The Catholic Nintendo NerdFire Emblem: Three Houses Catholic and Story Video Review22:2320
2019-09-18 Hell Fire RPGsFire Emblem: Three Houses - Review [Switch Game of the Year?]8:5159095.45%
2019-09-16Canada Tarks GauntletFire Emblem 3 Houses - Review - Tarks Gauntlet23:312,58797.07%
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2019-09-04United States CommanderGameGuyFire Emblem Three Houses Review - CommanderGameGuy12:4618
2019-09-02United States Asai Nero TranFire Emblem: Three Houses (NSW) | REVIEW | AsaiNeroTran - NO SPOILERS!15:0465100.00%
2019-08-31Germany gutelaunetypFire Emblem: Three Houses - Nicht perfekt, aber Liebe !!25:223,33297.97%
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2019-08-19United States BLACKB0NDFire Emblem: Three Houses - Golden Deer Review - Good But Not Great11:031,05467.16%
2019-08-18 MMOSWORLDFire Emblem: Three Houses Impressions | Your First Steps FE3H | Best 2019 Switch Game?58:0232100.00%
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