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Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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1.United Kingdom Caspar20,111,772
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3.Norway Mangs8,697,750
4. W2S6,568,489
5.United States Collector Togami5,851,401
6.United States Sei World5,726,538
7.France CYRILmp45,441,504
8.Russian Federation Видео от SoLiD'a5,409,034
9.Canada Faerghast4,580,581
10.United States Joe Zieja4,557,148

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1.France Fire Emblem Games834
2.United States AuraChannelerChris651
3.United States Video Games Source465
4.Germany HeartHero353
5.United States Analog Vernacular313
6.United States ShirakoZXTV312
7.United States Yic17 Studio298
8.Germany Sephie298
9.Norway Mangs286
10.United Kingdom AlpaxLP277

Latest Let's Plays For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States DarkKirby14Fire Emblem: Three Houses #11: Chapter 4: The Goddess's Rite Of Rebirth Part 143:202
1 day agoUnited Kingdom AlpaxLPLevel 30 - Let's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 69 [Silver Snow - Maddening - Classic]1:26:4065
2 days ago WhiskeyCactusLet's Play Fire Emblem Three Houses (Blue Lions, NG+), Part 212:50:574
2 days agoUnited States NitescoMiklan’s Ruin - Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blind Let's Play) - Blue Lions #546:1153
5 days agoUnited States Joe ZiejaBACK FOR A BRUISING | Voice of Claude plays Fire Emblem: Three Houses -13- BLACK EAGLES1:42:404,989
6 days agoUnited States The Geeky Saiyan CoupleFire Emblem Three Houses #2! Crimson Flower [Mock Battle Between The Three Houses]40:07251
2021-01-12United States SpraynPray1000Fire Emblem Three Houses (Black Eagles) Playthrough Part 102:15:0214
2021-01-07Dominican Republic Arckun2Fire Emblem: Three Houses ► Desprimientas De Elegard | Parte 10927:3816
2021-01-06United States 11th Hour GamingLet's Play: Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blue Lions) Part 6- Rumors of a Reaper44:5710
2021-01-05 RoamerFELIX ASKS FOR HELP - Fire Emblem Three Houses Blue Lions - Part 18 (Blind)53:49191
2021-01-04Australia Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, MemesDEATH KNIGHT | Let's Play Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC BLIND Playthrough -12-| FE3H Cindered Shadows2:04:51352
2020-12-31 DameolPersonal Assault - Let's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses Blind! Epsiode 21946:3428
2020-12-29France Khei_Khan 🎮Let's Play - Fire Emblem : Three Houses | DLC Ombres embrasées - Episode 4 ( NC )1:03:1521
2020-12-14Canada Kever M.Fire Emblem Three Houses Live Stream Blind Playthrough Part 65 Finale Golden Deer Finale :'(3:10:52388
2020-12-08 Metang375Fire Emblem: Three Houses Playthrough 4 (Golden Deer): Auxiliary Test25:3512
2020-12-08Canada MeleeBrodo i HAVE to? - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Blind Let's Play - Episode 41:58:1024
2020-12-04 Echo SixOUR FATED NEMESIS | Let's Play Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Blind) | NG+ Ep. 36 [VERDANT WIND]1:14:17444
2020-12-02United Kingdom 5247隨隨便便就拿到教師資格 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses 聖火降魔錄 風花雪月 [01] [ 中文 ] Playthrough2:37:1130
2020-12-02Japan Minamoto Arisa Ch. 源ありさLets Play with Arisa!【Fire Emblem: Three Houses】uuuu... slash slash, buy flowers, slash! pt.22:25:26275
2020-11-25United States TCLelouch【Fire Emblem: Three Houses】THE BIRTH OF ALPHA GEO-DEDUE [PART 1]6:35:28246
2020-11-21United Kingdom Grant's Voice On GamesTo War |Let's Play #5| Fire Emblem Three Houses ~ (Golden Deer) Part 401:02:3019
2020-11-15Germany World of MaikaFire Emblem - Three Houses | #20| Engültiger Sieg über Randolph | Blaue Löwen | german | Stream1:43:5715
2020-11-13 AtanoFire Emblem Three Houses - Ironman (BL/03-05/PMU)4:15:5274
2020-11-07Spain FrancDemarbreFelix Serving some cold FACTS - Fire Emblem Three Houses - [Blue Lions - Hard Mode] #6123:4219
2020-11-07Switzerland Mikel[ENDE] FIRE EMBLEM: THREE HOUSES - Staffel 2 [#R66] - Ein ganz normales Leben ... ? | Let's Play FE49:0115

Latest Reviews For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-11-18Netherlands Video Game InsideDGVF Review 173 | Fire Emblem: Three Houses1:07:39127
2020-11-06United States Phillip ChumleyFire Emblem Three Houses Review for Nintendo Switch16:0215
2020-10-25 Wade CuevasFire Emblem: Three Houses review2:042
2020-09-17United Kingdom MrW01FYFire Emblem: Three Houses - A Quick Review (Spoilers)17:4288
2020-09-01Australia The Beta NetworkFire Emblem: 3 Houses Review - SHOULD YOU PLAY?9:18231
2020-08-20 phoenixkane1986Fire Emblem Three Houses Review: part 212:5729
2020-08-04 Dougie DuzzDougie Duzz.....a review of Pokemon Sword game for Nintendo switch1:5342
2020-07-22United States The Zavinski StoriesFire Emblem: Three Houses | EZ64 Review7:369
2020-06-19 Dr. JayFire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Review59:57270
2020-06-05Australia BlueBarossaFire Emblem: Three Houses REVIEW | Built on Replay Value14:591,668
2020-05-25United States Funny Bros IndustriesFire Emblem Three Houses: Bojo Hojo Review- Part 71 - Funny Bros Industries16:335
2020-05-25United States Tall FoxWhat I've Been Playing | May Round Up | Tall Fox Reviews17:30305
2020-04-08United States Nude Clan Gaming#222 - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review1:45:174
2020-04-06United Kingdom SingingDart7854Fire Emblem Three Houses | Professional game review0:21467
2020-03-30Japan VenoixFire Emblem: Three Houses Switch Review17:3688
2020-02-28United States GamingStoogesGamingStooges Review: Fire Emblem: Three Houses48:4316
2020-02-26United States RPGFanFire Emblem: Three Houses Cindered Shadows - Video Review5:59850
2020-02-25United States IGNFire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass DLC Review3:28104,145
2020-02-24Australia Lady KrimZenFirst Impression Reviews - Fire Emblem: Three Houses1:21:33139
2020-02-23United States The Catholic Gaming NerdFire Emblem: Three Houses-Cindered Shadows DLC Video Review16:187
2020-02-21United States Meg SullivanRapid RPG Review: Fire Emblem 3 Houses - Ashen Wolves DLC0:50179
2020-02-19United States Noisy PixelFire Emblem Three Houses: Cindered Shadows Review - Noisy Pixel4:14642
2020-02-18 Nintendo World Report TVFire Emblem Three Houses: Cindered Shadows Review - Officer's Academy: The New Class5:091,983
2020-02-17United States CinnacalJust Another Bad Fire Emblem Game - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review15:011,038
2020-01-09Australia Ninja Kuma - Let's Plays, Reactions, MemesFire Emblem Three Houses Review Reaction | Fire Emblem Three Houses Analysis Reaction27:552,499