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I'm old!
I'm not the famous one who was on that tv show!
I got a website:
Watch my videos and your turnips will grow extra large!

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IPAT: Ultimate Sentai Dadandarn/Monster Maulers
The Happy Droppers are at it again! They’ve unleashed a host of boss monsters upon the world. It’s time for Ultimate Sentai Dadandarn to...
2018-08-01 6:17:36 PM ● 211 views ● 34:56 100.00% liked
A Moment of Great Humor in Dark Souls: Remastered
So I killed a popular streamer with my filthy, filthy magicks.
2018-06-13 2:06:08 PM ● 46 views ● 1:21 66.67% liked
Dark Souls
Dark Souls (2011)
Ghost of a Tale and Dark Souls: Greatness from Small Things
Hey folks! It's a video about my new favorite Redwall-inspired stealth game "Ghost of a Tale", and my favorite... game "Dark Souls"!...
2018-03-24 8:56:02 PM ● 33 views ● 12:26 100.00% liked
Dark Souls
Dark Souls (2011)
Let's Play IEI - Incapacitate, Elevate, Illuminate
So I made in a shooter in which you don't destroy any enemies - you illuminate them! Un and Zander accompany me while I present a full run of...
2018-02-23 2:58:26 PM ● 56 views ● 23:20 100.00% liked
Steamgear Mash - 2 Cute 4 Words
One of the earliest Sega Saturn titles, Steamgear Mash presents one of the cutest platforms in old-timey early 90s CGI. Some control issues keep...
2018-02-02 3:03:52 PM ● 79 views ● 17:22 100.00% liked
Solar Eclipse - The Riff
It came from the nineties - an FMV game so medicore, we had to riff it. Kelsey, Soreth, Electric Keet, and zx3 band together to pull us through...
2017-12-20 3:03:19 PM ● 76 views ● 26:39 100.00% liked
Sword of Vermilion Dubba Minute - Omake - Spells
Here's a showcase of all the non-healing spells in Sword of Vermilion! Enjoy!
2017-11-03 10:20:24 AM ● 89 views ● 2:01 100.00% liked
Sword of Vermilion Sexta Minute - Ep. 19 - Ending
Ryo finally defeats his Lan Di. This is the most closure you'll ever get out of an AM2 RPG. You can preview my next project here:
2017-10-30 12:04:18 PM ● 65 views ● 6:01 100.00% liked
Sword of Vermilion Truppa Minute - Ep. 18 - Best of Both Worlds
Ryo faces his boss rush before the before showdown with the Big Bad? Does he cheat, or is he a little goody-two-shoes? Watch and find out!
2017-10-27 2:59:59 PM ● 69 views ● 3:01 100.00% liked
Sword of Vermilion Dubba Minute - Ep. 17 - Do We Cheat?
The game has pushed Ryo as far as he can go with its latest dick move - does Ryo push back? DO WE CHEAT? Please vote in the comments below! Please...
2017-10-23 1:42:44 PM ● 103 views ● 2:01 100.00% liked