Latest Channel Activity From Malta

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Malta based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
7 hours agoMalta DonSaidTV206Drags & Duels #4 ~ Chivalry 2 Gameplay Montage4:20
8 hours agoMalta Beeblebum5,330Permadeath Quickest Death - Damach Smash PD challenge - No Man's Sky2:13
9 hours agoMalta GG Panda4,560Fortnite Custom games EU Servers And Battle Royale #Live3:49:08
13 hours agoMalta Linksi2,540Let's talk... Troy Mythos!6:29
1 day agoMalta FreakoSama -22Ff7 Remake Integrate Yuffie DLC2:18:12
2 days agoMalta Mnem7,410EU Challenge Rift #214 Guide - Diablo 39:48
2 days agoMalta PythonSelkan46,700This Unfinished MGS4 Mission Would've Been Brilliant! - (ANALYSIS + Map Showcase)21:38
3 days agoMalta DaxterMaster7,700Jak X Revival Online Multiplayer Event 24/07/20211:05:27
4 days agoMalta Nero Mystyra9,560Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age - Platinum Playthrough part 32 (Tatsunaga The Fire Dragon)2:21:16
4 days agoMalta World Pro Racing898The Malta National GT3 Championship, Fuelled by Enemed - Round 2 - Mills Metropark2:03:56
5 days agoMalta BSoD Gaming181,000Yuzu Emulator | The Biggest Update in Years - Project Hades16:54
5 days agoMalta CookieBird341,820Crash Bandicoot 2 (N. Sane Trilogy) - No Box Breaking Challenge - Level 25: Spaced Out7:55
6 days agoMalta MasterGamer2853471Tomb Raider Reloaded - Introduction Sequence #Shorts #KeeleyHawes #TR25 #TRR0:37
2021-07-20Malta [Music] KillerRaccoon AMV1,210Ghost of Tsushima - Gameplay - Part 118:01
2021-07-18Malta HerbalToons605,000THOR gets a Job!? (Animation Parody)2:57
2021-07-16Malta AndrewF1Gaming897F1 2021 - Braking Point: ENDING (Chapters 13-16)1:19:11
2021-07-06Malta Best Gaming Sound Effects2,890Main Ability Dragon Ball Legends Sound Effects HD0:15
2021-06-25Malta GuideRanger1,240FTP 4 Stars Only No Food Buff 4550 points Challenge 1 Legend of the Vagabond Sword5:05
2021-05-01Malta BaconsTV2,160Worst starting location ever! Scum Survival Gameplay with Increased Puppet Spawns.45:59
2021-04-22Malta DanMiniGuN919BATTLEFIELD 1/V - SWAMPED in HACKUSATIONS - MonTaGe.3:28
2021-04-17Malta Something1,040Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA) 150CC [EXTRA Mode]~ All SNES Cups37:56
2021-02-28Malta JoeVinnie TV24The Pear Shaped Moment 🍐😁3:04
2021-02-02Malta Luke Tanti464High refresh rate flicker/horizontal lines with GTX1080ti @ 165Hz and 60Hz Dual monitor setup0:04
2021-01-26Malta twpsyn14,700'rona lockdown gaming3:40
2021-01-08Malta Cruster Master157WAR| War Thunder Cinematic7:04
2020-12-21Malta buq316EAST LOS VAGOS2:26
2020-11-02Malta Cripsu76,900World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Complete Soundtrack1:35:23
2020-10-28Malta theLibreGamer49Shadows: Awakening - Wine Staging 5.20 / eSync / DXVK44:50
2020-10-24Malta Emmy75Inking Mistake MAP parts 7-90:16
2020-09-27Malta Jack Elite Gamer690Rocket League 🔴Live🔴 - Rama LLama Update - Unlocking The Battle Bus3:42:11
2020-09-06Malta Thiscopower1,200Destiny 2 / One Phase GAHLRAN Kill / Crown of Sorrows / Tarabah & Gear Farming / PS44:52
2020-06-12Malta Sting1686904Rodrigo streaming Escape from Tarkov from JAIL! !2:12:44
2020-04-25Malta Luk3 Fulgur1,100CoD Warzone 🎭Marathon💥 Join🐉PC💻Max✨2nd Stream🎋5:15:42
2020-02-25Malta Ezelsior69Legends of Runeterra Vault Opening Week 52:43
2020-01-17Malta cybermega8,920The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - Chapter 1 - Free Day - Exploring Leeves (5/?)25:30
2019-09-07Malta Perseus1,330DOMINATING IN EVERY GAME - Highlights #15:27
2018-06-30Malta Prohundred Gaming2,580Crash Bandicoot™ N. Sane Trilogy - GTX 1060Ti - PC Gameplay5:37
2018-04-08Malta Retro Gaming World135Quake 3 Arena VS Bots Gameplay Video @ Retro Gaming World11:31