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About Tok Tok Family

We are the Tok Tok Family,

We started out making videos with fun games and pretend play.

Today we make a lot of videos about Lego Super Mario and Mario games on the Nintendo consoles. We build and play Lego levels with all the Lego expansion sets. We do challenges and epic battles with Lego Super Mario. We sometimes make stop-motion videos with Lego sets, it takes a lot of work but the result is so fun.
We create comparisons between Lego Mario and the Nintendo games, we recreate Lego sets in Mario Maker and build levels in Mario Maker to compare the Lego characters. All the gameplay is done by us, the Tok Tok Family.
We've also created some custom Lego characters to use in the videos.
Come and watch the Tok Tok family channel. We hope to surprise you with our videos. We worked hard on them, hopefully you like them.

We wish you a fun time on our channel.

Thank you!
Tok Tok Family

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