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About GrunfWorks

GrunfWorks is the place where Kerbal Space Program rockets and space-planes are created using bubble-gum and duct tape.

We also do previews of upcoming games, as well as doing let's plays of the following game genres:
- space and exploration games (KSP)
- age of sail games (i.e. Naval Action, Blackwake, Sea of Thieves)
- tycoon games (i.e. Transport Fever, Surviving Mars),
- survival games (i.e. Subnautica, Stationeers),
- tactical games (i.e. XCOM)

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Looking for trouble - Green Heel Gameplay - 06
We liked our encounter with the Skull tribe natives too much so we went out looking for them for some fun and exercise. Wanna see GrunfWorks...
2018-09-18 8:12:37 AM ● 30 views ● 23:32 66.67% liked
Skull Tribe Natives Encounter- Green Heel Gameplay - 05
Getting a little too close to the painted bunch of natives while searching for more molineria leaves, and getting into a "Discussion",...
2018-09-15 8:14:33 AM ● 37 views ● 27:28 100.00% liked
Getting Desperate - Green Heel Gameplay - 04
Getting desperate for getting new bandages in today's amazon survival Green Hell
2018-09-11 9:38:24 AM ● 38 views ● 33:51 100.00% liked
Confessions of a mock star - Two Point Hospital Gameplay - 02
Building our second hospital in two point hospital and going straightly for the loony bin. Got a bunch of mock stars waiting to tell their stories....
2018-09-06 8:00:03 AM ● 33 views ● 37:25 100.00% liked
Starting over in this green hell survival gameplay video. Today we are building a shelter in green hell. Also we are learning a few crafting...
2018-09-04 7:30:01 AM ● 118 views ● 31:47 100.00% liked
Green Hell
Green Hell (2018)
Feeling Light-Headed - Two Point Hospital Gameplay - 01
Today we start a new hospital in Two Point Hospital, a spiritual successor to a legendary game Theme Hospital. We have gotten our first patients,...
2018-08-30 3:27:53 AM ● 104 views ● 33:56 100.00% liked
Welcome to Amazonian Rainforest - Green Hell - Let's Play - 01
Welcome to Green Hell, a tough as nails survival game set in the beautiful Amazonian Rainforest developed by Creepy Jar. Check out how we fare...
2018-08-28 7:54:47 AM ● 147 views ● 40:14 92.86% liked
Green Hell
Green Hell (2018)
Let's Play
Tale of a Storm and Treasure | Sea of Thieves - Solo - 04 - Let's play
In today's Sea of Thieves solo adventure we are going for an adventure, to find and get some treasure, but on the way we encounter a big storm.......
2018-05-17 9:00:01 AM ● 30 views ● 49:40 100.00% liked
Sea of Thieves
Let's Play
Kerbal Engineering - How to build Minmus Orbital Station - KSP Tutorial
This is a Kerbal Engineering episode, where I take on building different craft in Kerbal Space Program - Making history. This time we are building...
2018-05-15 9:00:02 AM ● 766 views ● 18:41 96.43% liked
Kerbal Space Program
Duna Lander Probe Arrival - KSP News - ep 21 - Let's Play (Career Mode)
Today's KSP Career mode news, we take highlights from duna probe lander and its trip to Duna. Kerbal Space Center celebrates and we cover the...
2018-05-11 9:00:04 AM ● 321 views ● 22:52 100.00% liked
Kerbal Space Program
Let's Play