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About Ricky's Budget Gaming


I'm Ricky, and I am a budget gamer, who also happens to love my Nintendo 64 and Zelda. So, I thought that I'd make a channel dedicated to lower end hardware for PC gaming, since most channels out there deal almost exclusively with GPUs and CPUs that cost hundreds of dollars or more. Let's carve out a little slice of YouTube for the budget gamer to see that others like us aren't alone.

The schedule is usually in flux, so check here for the latest updates.

Right now:
Monday - Fallout 4 Mods (Zelda's Journey)
Tuesday - Keith's FIFA 18 Story (Nintendo Switch)
Wednesday - Alan Wake
Thursday - Jamie's Adventures in DiRT 4
Friday - Flashback & Freeform Friday (not every week)

Videos where I look at performance of lower end or older hardware, or performance of my RX 460 on games have no set schedule, so subscribe to not miss any of them.

My PC:
AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
ASUS Prime B350-E Motherboard
8 gigabytes DDR4 2400MHz RAM
Sapphire Radeon RX 460 2gb

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Keith's FIFA 18 Story #11: Keith's Decision Revealed
Wherein Keith and Lincoln City take on Accrington Stanley in the Checkatrade Trophy, and I talk about what helped Keith make his transfer quandary....
2018-01-16 11:00:06 AM ● 1 views ● 12:27
Fallout 4 Mods #3: Robot Fight Club
Wherein Zelda continues to work for the raiders in some sort of robot wrestling match, and I tell you about her time with the Minutemen. Also,...
2018-01-15 8:13:27 PM ● 7 views ● 21:49
Fallout 4
Fallout 4 (2015)
Jamie's Adventures in DiRT 4 #27: The Rain in Spain
Wherein Jamie races in the Spain part of the Continental Group A Rally, and I talk about how My Fair Lady lied to us and also Jamie's birthday....
2018-01-11 11:00:01 AM ● 1 views ● 17:55
DiRT 4 (2017)
2018 Channel Trailer
Wherein I talk about this channel and also talk about what to expect week in and week out. Full PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X ASUS Prime B350-E...
2018-01-10 12:53:00 PM ● 3 views ● 1:35 100.00% liked
Alan Wake #2: Alan Sucks (and so does Carl)
Wherein Alan is a jerk and something bad happens and then a book tells us that a crazy man will chase us with an axe, and then that happens....
2018-01-10 11:00:00 AM ● 5 views ● 19:20 100.00% liked
Alan Wake (2010)
Keith's FIFA 8 Story #10: The Decision 2018
Wherein Keith and Lincoln City F.C. take on Mansfield Town and I talk about an interesting development that happened after the last match.
2018-01-09 11:00:00 AM ● 1 views ● 12:26
Fallout 4 Mods #2: Brotherly Love?
Wherein Zelda meets some nice new friends. Just kidding, they're bad people. But are things not what they seem? Probably. Also, I tell you a...
2018-01-08 11:58:00 AM ● 2 views ● 25:41
Fallout 4
Fallout 4 (2015)
Jamie's Adventures in DiRT 4 #26: How I Spent Christmas in DiRT 4
Wherein Jamie competes in the first event in the Continental Group A Rally in Wales, and I talk about what I did in DiRT 4 over Christmas. Mostly...
2018-01-04 11:00:02 AM ● 1 views ● 20:52
DiRT 4 (2017)
Alan Wake #1: Wake Me Up
Wherein I get started in Alan Wake, a game that I probably should've already played, but I haven't, so here we are. I'm not off to the best start,...
2018-01-03 11:00:01 AM ● 3 views ● 25:48 100.00% liked
Alan Wake (2010)
Keith's FIFA 18 Story #9: An Eventful December
Wherein Keith and Lincoln City take on Luton Town, and I talk about all the goings on in December in Lincoln. Quite a bit happened, and I'm pretty...
2018-01-02 11:00:02 AM ● 3 views ● 11:24 100.00% liked
FIFA 18 (2017)