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United States
United States

Erickson Gaming is an American YouTube content creator with around 131 thousand subscribers, publishing 347 videos which altogether total more than 34.54 million views.

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About Erickson Gaming

Welcome guys and gals, make yourselves at home! We are Andres and James Erickson, two brothers from Orlando FL bringing you all things gaming! We host tournaments and contests, discuss current gaming subjects and news, create comedic content, live stream various games, and much more!

Gaming has taken over YouTube in some big ways over the past decade. We may be one in a million gaming channels, but what makes us unique is our honesty, willingness to try new things and make mistakes, a fresh passion for what we do, and overall, our friendships with you folks!

It's also important to us that we connect with our viewers, and we value your feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts or ideas about our content through the comments, Instagram, or Twitter!

Hope you guys enjoy, and we look forward to gaming with you all.

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