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About CrypticFox

Welcome to CrypticFox Gaming!

I make gaming videos featuring family-friendly games and commentary. My favorites are more open-ended and creative games, but I also enjoy playing survival games and just about any other game that isn't overly graphic!

Some of the games we've played recently include:
- Oxygen Not Included
- Fortnite
- Don't Starve
- Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
- and more!

I stream gameplay live on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 10pm Eastern (with some other random days for fun).

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First Look at Hamlet! - Don't Starve Hamlet Gameplay - Closed Beta
The closed beta for the Don't Starve Hamlet DLC is live! We're going into the game blind to experience what the new DLC has to offer. We've crash...
2018-10-15 10:48:25 PM ● 5,932 views ● 2:57:55 98.60% liked
First Impressions
Survival in the Amazon Rainforest - Green Hell Gameplay - Part 1
We're testing our survival skills in the Amazon Rainforest in Green Hell! This surivival game came out a couple of months ago, but had a recent...
2018-10-15 3:06:19 PM ● 986 views ● 29:37 100.00% liked
Green Hell
Green Hell (2018)
Landing on Mootopia! - 60 Parsecs Gameplay - Day 1 to 33
We're headed to Mootopia in 60 Parsecs! Last time we used a 3-person crew, but this time we're taking just one other person for us. We manage...
2018-10-14 7:05:00 PM ● 1,531 views ● 36:09 100.00% liked
Late Night Stream - Fortnite Battle Royale Xbox One X Gameplay - Season 6
I wasn't going to stream tonight, but had the itch to play some Fortnite Battle Royale. We're dropping in as the Skull Trooper to work on some...
2018-10-14 12:52:51 AM ● 2,863 views ● 2:26:58 94.57% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Hallowed Nights Approaches! - Don't Starve Together Gameplay - Twitch Drops
It's October again, and the seasonal event for Don't Starve Together are coming up, starting with Hallowed Nights on October 25th! We're starting...
2018-10-12 11:32:44 PM ● 1,820 views ● 2:26:14 98.48% liked
Sad Times at Duplicant High - Oxygen Not included Gameplay - Space Industry Upgrade
Our new colony continues in the Oxygen Not Included Space Industry upgrade! At the end of the last stream we unfortunately had our first duplicant...
2018-10-11 10:48:15 PM ● 3,780 views ● 1:58:34 97.41% liked
Stealthy Ninja Action! - Mark of the Ninja Remastered Gameplay
We're sneaking into the stealthy world of Mark of the Ninja Remastered! As we take up our katana and don our shozoku, we'll need to use all of...
2018-10-10 10:59:37 PM ● 783 views ● 2:15:12 93.33% liked
New Colony! - Oxygen Not Included Gameplay - Space Industry Upgrade
Our colony in the Oxygen Not Included Space Industry Upgrade wasn't running too well in the beta branch, so we're starting a new colony to play...
2018-10-09 10:46:09 PM ● 4,780 views ● 1:58:46 100.00% liked
Feeling the Heat at School - Hot Lava Beta Gameplay
We're headed back to school to continue the platforming fun in Hot Lava! With four courses left to go, we're bound to get a hot foot or two as...
2018-10-08 10:52:01 PM ● 1,390 views ● 2:04:00 95.74% liked
Straw Stuffed for Halloween - Fortnite Battle Royale Xbox One X Gameplay - Season 6
Week 2 challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 are live, and so is the Hay Man! We're dropping in solo to work on some challenges and...
2018-10-07 1:07:21 AM ● 7,846 views ● 4:08:37 96.35% liked
Fortnite (2017)