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Built A Prison Where Both Guards And Prisoners Die A Lot In Prison Architect
I built a prison where both guards and prisoners die a lot, which means they don't have a good experience. They're under fed, over worked and...
2019-03-19 4:27:50 PM ● 74,982 views ● 13:29 98.28% liked
The Dirty Abigail Mod - Stardew Valley
Abigail has a new hobby in front of her webcam. This mod adds some new dialogue where she talks about her new lifestyle. It varies at different...
2019-03-16 4:33:11 PM ● 186,311 views ● 10:32 96.73% liked
They Gave Me Workers With No Arms Or Legs So I Did This In Factory Town
Everything started out fine.. Then fell apart shortly thereafter. They gave me workers with no arms or legs and I just couldn't help myself....
2019-03-15 2:34:04 PM ● 90,262 views ● 12:57 98.35% liked
Opened A Bar Where Drinks Are Free and Bathrooms Are Expensive - Tavern Tycoon
This is the result of opening a bar and selling drinks for as little as one gold and charging a ton for the bathroom. People fight, puke and...
2019-03-14 1:41:34 PM ● 246,969 views ● 11:08 94.88% liked
Feeding The Entire Town Of Stardew Valley
Today we're feeding the entire town of Stardew Valley. Ever since I made the video with the foragable underwear mod, people have been asking...
2019-03-12 2:51:08 PM ● 105,092 views ● 6:12 98.76% liked
A Completely Typical Day In Stardew Valley Where Nothing Strange Happened
Just a completely typical day in Stardew Valley where I manage to marry almost every NPC in the game and bring them over to wander about my house....
2019-02-25 5:23:44 PM ● 142,692 views ● 10:02 99.35% liked
When You Put The Town's Underwear On Display, One Strange Mod - Stardew Valley
This is what happens when you put the town's underwear on display at the Stardew Valley Fair. This is thanks to a strange mod where you can occasionally...
2019-02-23 3:37:56 PM ● 217,358 views ● 10:17 98.50% liked
Breaking Into The Houses Of Stardew Valley With The Lockpick Mod
Ever wondered what all those NPC's get up to before they open their doors to you in the morning? Well I decided to take a look for myself. I...
2019-02-20 3:24:36 PM ● 119,757 views ● 10:01 98.69% liked
Mayor Lewis collects taxes from all the local businesses, but where does that money actually go? It would be no surprise to find that funds get...
2019-02-17 4:35:42 PM ● 139,300 views ● 8:18 97.97% liked
This mod adds a massive expansion to Stardew Valley, including 38 new NPC's. I did not manage to meet all of them or even explore the entire...
2019-02-16 5:30:02 PM ● 231,665 views ● 10:11 97.35% liked