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It’s Been Updated! - My Time At Portia
It’s been a while since I’ve played this one, and there have been lots of updates! Just wanted to see where the game was at now.
2018-10-18 12:49:06 PM ● 13,361 views ● 26:10 98.64% liked
My Time at Portia
Where To Find EVERY Stardrop! - Stardew Valley
Where to find EVERY Stardrop! This is something I have never legitimately accomplished in game.. Because as you will see it's very hard to actually...
2018-10-14 12:30:01 PM ● 65,537 views ● 19:55 99.14% liked
The BOTTOM Of Skull Cavern! - Stardew Valley
It's BILLIONS of floors below the surface, and we get to see it in this video! I've done a million before, but this is over 2000x deeper than...
2018-10-12 2:48:01 PM ● 106,688 views ● 10:35 97.47% liked
Stardew Valley Mobile Announcement!
Stardew Valley is coming to mobile devices Oct 24th! It's first coming to the iOS App Store(Iphone and Ipad). Android is still be worked on but...
2018-10-10 1:52:43 PM ● 30,805 views ● 3:08 99.48% liked
One Full Year Of Only Garbage! - Stardew Valley
One full year of collecting garbage! Then another year at max luck to see the difference.. People had been asking me for a long time to do this,...
2018-10-08 3:25:18 PM ● 22,048 views ● 10:19 99.47% liked
Searching For Penny's Father! - Stardew Valley
Today we're searchign for Penny's father! Who was the brave soul that had a child with Pam? Will we eve know for sure? In a game with much depth...
2018-10-07 2:56:44 PM ● 54,665 views ● 12:35 98.59% liked
How To Abuse Your Animals! - Stardew Valley
Did you know that your animals can actually DIE? If they are left locked outside of their barn or coop they have a chance of being eaten by wild...
2018-10-06 4:01:20 PM ● 78,364 views ● 11:38 94.04% liked
Stardew Valley
Filling Pam's House With Slimes! - Stardew Valley
It just seemed like a good idea at the time! Today I'm filling Pam's house with slimes! I get so many in there that the game slows to a barely...
2018-10-05 2:41:56 PM ● 27,695 views ● 11:54 99.00% liked
All The Trains! Including Rare Present Train! - Stardew Valley
Today we take a look at all the different trains that can appear in Stardew Valley. I look at 5 per season and this includes the rare Winter...
2018-10-03 4:10:17 PM ● 69,544 views ● 11:01 98.75% liked
Harvesting A Farm Every Year For 10 Years! - Stardew Valley
I harvest EVERYTHING on the farm once a year for 10 years to see the value. Just another stupid curiosity of mine! This one could actually lead...
2018-10-02 2:00:27 PM ● 30,646 views ● 12:37 99.16% liked