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Breaking Stardew Valley With Forageables
Forageables. Lots of them. For every season. All over the map. About 35,000 of them are harvested in each season and we take a look at the value...
2019-01-13 3:14:33 PM ● 86,521 views ● 10:34 98.75% liked
Stardew Valley Battle Royale
People have been talking about it, so here it is. Stardew Valley Battle Royale! Instead of the quiet farming life we're trying to murder every...
2019-01-12 5:07:45 PM ● 138,671 views ● 10:50 98.54% liked
When Your Farm Needs Cows Delivered By Air - Farming Simulator 19
You can't make bridges in Farming Simulator 19, so if you have elevated farms, the only way to cross roads is to jump! I decided I wanted cows...
2019-01-11 4:17:33 PM ● 44,815 views ● 10:50 99.26% liked
Robin Got A Divorce - Stardew Valley
Robin got a divorce, so I married her. I've been waiting forever for the possibility to do this.. It was worth the wait. I also try and turn...
2019-01-10 2:44:25 PM ● 62,514 views ● 13:30 98.92% liked
I Finally Did It - Stardew Valley
A field full of meteorites is something people have been asking me to do since the beginning of time. To do this would take thousands and thousands...
2019-01-09 3:58:55 PM ● 151,636 views ● 10:17 98.29% liked
The Impossible Farm? - Farming Simulator 19
Creating the steepest farm ever! Trying to farm such a slope is a complete nightmare, but I just had to try it! The journey to create the ultimate...
2019-01-08 12:30:00 PM ● 46,137 views ● 12:19 98.40% liked
Farming Level God - Stardew Valley
Skills level 10,000 including luck. Playing through a few days on a new farm with these insane skills makes for an interesting result.. Basically...
2019-01-07 12:30:00 PM ● 51,858 views ● 11:17 98.91% liked
Guess Where My Farm Is - Farming Simulator 19
Farming Simulator 19 has a landscape feature that allows you to farm right beside the sun. Sometimes things fall off. This is what happens when...
2019-01-06 1:50:45 PM ● 48,923 views ● 15:29 99.21% liked
What Does Luck Level 1000 Look Like? - Stardew Valley
Today I increase my luck to level 1000+ to see what effect if has on everything. Results vary. I always try to play the game with the most luck...
2019-01-05 2:15:48 PM ● 111,044 views ● 11:18 98.90% liked
When You Start A New Farm With Level 100 Skills - Stardew Valley
I wanted to see what exactly would happen when skills were pushed beyond level 10. We take a look at every skill at level 100 and what effect...
2019-01-04 12:30:00 PM ● 61,256 views ● 10:42 98.85% liked