•An Emotional Mess•

•An Emotional Mess•

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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About •An Emotional Mess•

A little about me: I use they/them, I'm panromantic, TikTok: @stressed_anxious_mess (I post a lot more on there)

About my videos:

I mainly post about Drv3, but I’ll sometimes throw some THH & DR2:GD
I am a multi-shipper so pls do not attack any of the ships in my videos! Don’t worry it’s not the typical “UwU soft boi Kokichi” & shit-

!!!There’s lots of swearing & sometimes blood in my videos so a warning for those!!!

And no I do NOT make "aDuLt cOnTeNt" or "13+ OnLy" that's just no-

^^Please respect, that I do YT as a hobby, so I will take suggestions, but if I don't want to make something, I won't make it.^^

Have an amazing day, You are loved 💕

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