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United Kingdom
United Kingdom

perish VS is a British YouTube channel which has 603 subscribers, with his content totaling roughly 224.81 thousand views views across 568 videos.

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About perish VS

Hey Welcome To My Youtube Channel

This channel is here for you, as much is it is here for me. Its ok to be alone sometimes, and then sometimes its nice to enjoy and share our experiences whether its the good, the bad or the ugly.

I'm streaming on Twitch Full-Time currently, Guild Wars 2 is my main game, but i do occasionally play other things

I will upload some clips from my streams on here as SHORTS, other than that don't expect too much content here.

If you want to come and play with me, feel free to join my small community on discord

I have regular updated music playlists and the usual sections to share what we enjoy and are interested in. I also have a Guild Wars 2 Build Section which i hope to update further.

Catch you on my next stream or in the comments section here.

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