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Mr KH 168


Mr KH 168 is a Singaporean content creator on YouTube with around 415 thousand subscribers, publishing at least 5.44 thousand videos which altogether total approximately 145.3 million views.

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បើអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នាចង់មើល Video ដ៏ទៃទៀតសូមចុចប៊ូតុង សាប់ ហើយបើអ្នកទាំងអស់គ្នាចូលចិត្តនិងគាំទ្រសូមចុចប៊ូតុង Like & Comment ។ Thank you guys for watching my video if you love or like my video please leave a thumb up and for more coming Video and if you really like it please kindly share this video so your friend can also see it.

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Mr KH 168 Focused On Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The majority of the video content for Mr KH 168 revolves around Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, making up around 87.03% of the channel's total videos and 90.56% of the total views.

100 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Mr KH 168

On June 4, 2019, Mr KH 168 reaches 100 videos on YouTube with the release of the Rules of Survival video "UP Morad 1vs5 21kill FullGameplay//ROS KH 168//Ep129", which has 1,862 views and 95 likes.

1000 Videos on YouTube Milestone for Mr KH 168

On May 16, 2020, Mr KH 168 reaches 1000 videos on YouTube with the release of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang video "ប្រកួតមិត្តភាព515 ក្រុមATEV Vs ក្រុមPRG | Mobile Legends Khmer | Mr KH 168", which has 115,347 views and 2,861 likes.