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Thanks for watching Gaming Mike's Channel. Streaming Mon, Wed, Fri @ 11PM EST. Times are more random on other days. For schedule updates see my Discord server (link below).

I mainly enjoy RPG and Exploration games. You won't see a lot of First-person shooters on my channel. I'm always open to game recommendations for things you'd like to see on the channel. Your support (Likes, Subscribes, Tips and Sponsorships) will help me get more games sooner.

๐Ÿ”† Your support is always appreciated but never required and goes toward improving future streams with better/more games and equipment.
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Leaving Euclid | No Man's Sky Survival Mode 27 | Atlas Rises 1.3 [ps4]
In this stream we'll pick a new galaxy to travel to and journey to the center of the Galaxy. Goodbye, Euclid. ๐Ÿ”† Your support is always appreciated...
2018-07-16 7:18:27 PM ● 71 views ● 24:21 88.89% liked
Last time we raised our standing with all the guilds to do missions for Apollo. In this stream we'll keep plugging along the Awakening storyline...
2018-07-14 8:56:54 AM ● 166 views ● 2:14:11 97.06% liked
Starting Fresh in the Exiled Lands [Gaming Mike's CONAN EXILES PS4 Server]
Starting fresh in Conan Exiles after freeing my last character. Tonight we're joining AC Gamer as he gets his character going as well. ๐Ÿ”† Your...
2018-07-12 8:20:49 AM ● 258 views ● 2:43:00 100.00% liked
Stream Highlight: AC Gamer vs Gaming Mike | Absolver
Here's a quick clip from Jolt, our weekly game news gamecast. AC Gamer and I played Absolver for that episode and let's just say the temptation...
2018-07-10 10:00:03 AM ● 13 views ● 1:27 100.00% liked
Absolver (2017)
Raising Standings | No Man's Sky Survival Mode 25 | Atlas Rises 1.3 [ps4]
We still need to raise our standing with the Merchant's guild as we resume our Survival Mode playthrough in No Man's Sky tonight. Thanks for...
2018-07-10 6:42:56 AM ● 227 views ● 2:59:41 97.37% liked
Stream Highlight: Now We Are Free (End of Game SPOILERS) [Gaming Mike's Conan Exiles PS4 Server]
This is a spoiler heavy clip from the end of the storyline in Conan Exiles. Don't watch if you don't want this AMAZING and STUPENDOUS ending...
2018-07-07 12:00:06 PM ● 45 views ● 4:54 100.00% liked
Be Ready for URGENT TRAVEL | No Man's Sky Creative Mode | Atlas Rises 1.3 [ps4]
The titan is waking or Atlas is rising or something like that. Anyway I'm ready to head to some coordinates in game when they're released to...
2018-07-06 11:01:08 PM ● 218 views ● 2:30:40 100.00% liked
Stranded By Atlas | No Man's Sky Survival Mode 24 | Atlas Rises 1.3 [ps4]
In this stream we'll pick up where Atlas left us stranded and make our way back to the ship, which also needs to be repaired. Thanks Atlas! ๐Ÿ”†...
2018-07-06 4:21:15 PM ● 219 views ● 3:46:01 100.00% liked
Gaining Independence from the Exiled Lands [Gaming Mike's CONAN EXILES PS4 Server]
We're nearing the point in our Exiles Journey where I think we can start looking toward getting this bracelet removed and gaining independence...
2018-07-04 6:25:31 PM ● 406 views ● 6:13:47 100.00% liked
First Play Tuesday - PS+ July 2018 & !GIVEAWAY (Absolver, Heavy Rain) [ps4]
We're giving away $50 in gift cards tonight! Thanks to the Crew Sponsors who made this possible. Type !giveaway in chat for details. I'll be...
2018-07-04 7:10:43 AM ● 148 views ● 2:25:11 100.00% liked
Absolver (2017)