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King Darren is a YouTube content creator with 171 subscribers, with his content totaling at least 103.38 thousand views views across around 2.65 thousand videos.

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Greetings! Looooong before I became King, I was called Darren Chew from the sunny island of Singapore. I grew up gaming and own every single gadget in existence from the Commodore 64 and Collecovision handhelds to today's PS4, Xbone, Wii-U, the entire Nintendo DS family (including the latest MH4U 3DS XL). Later in life, the gods of gaming coronated me as 'King Darren', a moniker earned by yours truly from being a TRUE video game legend!
I'm also an avid video game collector. I ONLY buy Collectors editions (unless the specific game doesn't have it) and I buy em as soon as they are released online and offline! Just ask each video game store bout the 'guy in the cap' and they'll know. am Singapore’s largest video game collector. I only unbox my CEs once I’m ready to play and PLAT em. Unlike other social media streamers, I’m not a crowd pleased. :)

Besides FB n' Twitter, I have massive fanbases on PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo 3DS (friend list is full!), and even the Wii-U! :)

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