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1. Supergiant Games51,206,132
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5.United States IGN11,753,186
6.United States Jawless Paul10,321,664
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1.United States Jawless Paul883
2.United States Haelian728
3.Germany Daddy DeGrand685
4.Taiwan, Republic of China Hades黑蒂濕602
5. PostModernLemon319
6.United States CohhCarnage294
7. chaosmirage92268
8.United States Classy Katie238
9.United Kingdom Dave Berry216
10.United States OSWguild208

Latest Let's Plays For Hades

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
14 hours agoUnited States Bill & Chill GamingMother I Hardly | Bill Plays HADES FINALE [6] *LIVE* 6/13/240:000
2 days agoCanada WelonzA Primordial Trial for You | Let's Play Hades II Part 91:21:571,303
3 days agoHungary JátékMűhely VOD[HUN/ENG] | Hades #1 | PC2:15:480
3 days agoUnited States JT GunnerNow We're Flying Through This! - Hades (PC) - #1016:427
3 days agoFrance Cerf Épicé#04 - Hades - Bon, on peut pas être bon à chaque fois ! Mais ce qui tue rend plus fort !1:36:553
4 days agoUnited States HankHillbwhaaaHades: Part 19 Escaping with Magnetic Cutters59:3911
5 days agoUnited States GamerDLMHades - Part 5 - To Charon's Credit7:44:137
6 days agoSweden Nikorasu69Hades II - Let's Play Part 4: Fields of Mourning42:295
6 days agoUnited States Indie Game ChrisIt's NOT Just a Phase! - Let's Play Hades - Part 147:27119
2024-06-05United Kingdom Foreman Plays StuffThere Is No Escape | Hades Part 9 - Foreman Plays Stuff1:26:45764
2024-06-04 Edgr0717Hades II Early Access Playthrough Part 121:00:599
2024-06-04United States Xzystance Streeaka19. Lets Play - Hades11:04:401
2024-06-03United Kingdom ImbaDave GamingHades - Episode 27 - Single Player Campaign Game Full Playthrough Longplay Blind1:02:110
2024-06-03United States KennlazaWE (kinda) MADE IT!! | Hades Part 42:10:500
2024-06-03 Shirahiko 2ndShirahiko plays Hades II2:23:1139
2024-06-03United States princess bunbunBun plays Hades! Asphodel First Clear!51:303
2024-06-02United States EnteR ChazmaNHades II (2024) : EnteR ChazmaN's Let's Play, EP. 1 "Back To Tartarus!"1:21:004
2024-06-02United States AbeClancyFisticuffs - #74 - Abe Clancy Plays: Hades1:02:07138
2024-06-02Russian Federation Bear DenСтрим Hades #hades #hadesletsplay #hades2:25:0815
2024-05-31India Mark Kayel🔴[ LIVE ] Hades | Part 11 | Blind Playthrough32:291
2024-05-31 Has33BTwin Fists of Malphon - Aspect of Demeter | Hades #hadesgameplay #supergiantgames #roguelike1:3810
2024-05-30United States Willow AshesMaking it to the Surface | Hades Playthrough4:32:1544
2024-05-29Canada Calxiyn VODSBACK TO ASPHODEL?! PLAYING HADES II FOR THE FIRST TIME! #2 (Streamed 9/5/24)3:21:379
2024-05-29United States Syphro PlaysUp To The Surface [Hades 2 Ep 11 | Sister Blades Gameplay | Syphro Plays]39:1445
2024-05-27United States The D-Pad"A Total Bastards" - RUN 6 - Hades - YOU DO IT1:49:23179

Latest Reviews For Hades

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 days agoBrazil SideHADES II #3 - Batalha contra Hécate | Gameplay em Português PT-BR46:26184
6 days agoUnited States SaucebreakerHades Review | Would I like this Rogue-Like?5:3018
2024-06-01United Kingdom Can't Double JumpLate Game Reviews - Hades3:194
2024-05-29 PostModernLemonCelebrating My 16 Heat Hades Win By Reading Bad Reviews - Hades59:5947
2024-05-26Germany der_pixelpandaHADES 2 - Ein höllisch gutes Roguelike mit Suchtpotential?! | REVIEW & KRITIK8:28280
2024-05-26United States Three Minute GamingIs it still Godlike in 2024? | Hades Review3:27707
2024-05-23Australia FreebiewitzHades Super Short Review0:111,396
2024-05-21Brazil Picoloto IndicaMinha nota | HADES vale o seu TEMPO em 2024? | Análise / Review1:00127
2024-05-18United Kingdom FYKHOshe actually turned me to a sheep I love this game | hades 20:2541
2024-05-18United States Shibby KingHades Review17:1234
2024-05-17 gokusondbzQuick Reviews: Hades For Nintendo Switch0:15467
2024-05-17Nigeria 99inerWhy Hades is the ONE Roguelike I LOVE8:554
2024-05-11Russian Federation NallaweЭТО ТОЧНО НОВАЯ ИГРА??? | Обзор Hades 212:291,696
2024-05-11Viet Nam Nam EchPoltergeist Watcher - Quá nhiều Ma đang ám ngôi nhà này1:48:401,595
2024-05-10Thailand The MoofHades II (Early Access) : รีวิว - Review : ประสบการณ์ 10 ชั่วโมง13:0739,855
2024-05-10United States PrettyLilFreakHADES INFO YOU NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy Hades II12:34864
2024-05-10United States LaMuerteBlancaHades: FULL Story Review10:14866
2024-05-09Canada Maple Syrup Gaming and TechLet's Play HADES II on Seam Deck Early Access Performance Review2:12:49409
2024-05-08Serbia Baldard GamingHades REVIEW 2024 - The BEST Greek Mythology Rogue-Like Action Rpg?8:0484
2024-05-08United States Mortismal GamingCheck Out: Hades 27:2530,420
2024-05-08United States SpawnHades 2: A Journey Into the Underworld2:22:4251
2024-05-07 MoniesWorthThe First 1 Hour Of HADES II58:1630
2024-05-07United States pinkweeniePinkweenie Reacts to Hades II - Early Access Showcase4:109
2024-05-07 FIRST 15Hades II - Early Access Showcase 4K PC5:360
2024-05-07Germany GamersGlobalHades 2 ist einfach Göttlich! (4K, PC, REVIEW, EARLY ACCESS, GERMAN)8:383,384

Most Viewed Hades Video on YouTube

The most viewed Hades video on YouTube is Hades II - Reveal Trailer with 6,247,104 views, published by Supergiant Games on December 9, 2022.

Most Liked Hades Video on YouTube

The most liked Hades video on YouTube is #POV: Hades tries to crash Zeus’ party on Mt Olympus, but fails…#tiktok #acting #hades #noahjaywood with 441,024 likes, published by United States Noah Jay Wood on December 9, 2022.