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Latest Let's Plays For Hades

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1 day agoCanada Twelve BananasAchilles helps Zagreus learn about altering pacts0:41208
2 days agoCanada These 2 WitchesLet's Play Hades- Part 33: Nice To Meet You1:10:0211
2 days ago Grimrist BaselardHades Playthrough #26 Legendary Fish & Tall Tales Told59:072
3 days ago dubleeRolling Through Hades At The Speed Of Sound! | Let's Play Hades Part 1844:282
3 days agoUnited Kingdom Mad Matt LugosChain Lightning | Hades | Part 53 [Blind Playthrough]1:17:1277
3 days agoUnited States Daniel SheppardAll You Need Is A Tiny Shield- Let's Play - Hades - PS5 - Epic Dungeon Crawler - Episode 830:176
5 days agoUnited States GabeXbossTisiphone Bossfight | Hades #hades #playthrough #Twitch #shorts0:45947
6 days agoUnited Kingdom Enchanted Turtle PlaysHades Part 49 | Restoring The Elder Sigil For Nyx!1:01:162
6 days ago Astrial χHades - Exagryph Playthrough, Post-Game, Final Boss (Hades)2:560
2023-05-20United States Casual Dad GamesFull Story Playthrough Part XV - THE END?1:05:409
4 days agoUnited States Saiko_MaxFATHER DOESN'T LIKE IT WHEN I ASK QUESTIONS | HADES | PT.034:31:0020
2023-05-20 Tina MondayCharged Fists & Charged Beams - Hades Run 26 - Fists of Malphon 0 Heat CLEARED1:01:4811
2023-05-19United States Shagar Gaming CentralLet's Play Hades Part 12:38:304
2023-05-19United States Funky GLet's Play Hades (BLIND) Part 23: FINALE1:16:2336
2023-05-18United States CavalcadenceCavalcadence plays Hades 11 - Extreme Measures 4 (Heat 10) win, Eternal Spear, Aspect 1 (Zagreus)43:487
2023-05-11Hungary MinireaperAh yes, another rogue-lite where we start in the afterlife. Let's play Hades! #94:19:571
2023-05-09United Kingdom BigBoiMoodyyHades HELL MODE Blind Playthrough Part 1 [Alpha]3:30:515
2023-05-07 alienexePlaysalienexe Plays Hades Part 624:520
2023-05-04 Lucas NevesHades PlayStation 536:161
2023-05-03 regular jefferyHades gameplay - ps523:4324
2023-05-01 RyanKnightPlaysStarting Our Journey To Escape The Underworld With The Help Of The Gods Of Olympus Hades: Part 11:00:3432
2023-04-30 Midnight Riselet's escape from the underworld together!~ | Hades Let's Play2:18:0922
2023-04-30 Broken Sleep GamingBSG [Hades] | Malphon - Speed Run (16:02.95)33:1126
2023-04-30Netherlands Rakeru | Alpaca VTuberMEETING MAMA! 🎀🦙 Alpaca VTuber Plays Hades | Part 6🎀🦙1:22:128
2023-04-28 Sasuga ReinaHades - Part 6 - I will make it to Elysium again1:04:071

Latest Reviews For Hades

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days agoUnited States Omnivert GamerHades | 1-Minute Review1:086
2023-05-11United States RebeccaEmceeHades Review: Is It Still Worth Playing in 2023?6:3426
2023-05-09 Shattered RiftLet's Try Midautumn - Indie Game Reviews2:0536
2023-05-03India CivilizedDemigodHADES | Nintendo Switch Gameplay11:2523
2023-05-02United Kingdom Yaba GamesHades - How good is it?4:3447
2023-04-26United States Boldly Unbuffed#Microreview of Hades, an #indie #action #roguelite and #dungeoncrawler1:00168
2023-04-20United Kingdom BransfieldHades Review: Hellacious5:28573
2023-04-13United Kingdom Orpheus And The Argonauts[CC] The good, the bad, and the epic - this Hades review is a must-watch!10:0111
2023-03-28 Dweghades: Qualifying for IEM Rio 2023 (Demo Review)10:38477
2023-03-19United States HaelianWow, 95% Positive Reviews on this Brand New Dungeon Crawling Roguelike | Mortal Sin30:398,145
2023-02-27United States PunishedZackHADES | Quickies2:26169
2023-02-24United States Mortismal GamingHades - Review After 100%24:3472,634
2023-02-20Philippines Valmayor BruhHades Game Review | Is It Worth Playing in 2023?13:37326
2023-02-08 Zombie CheshireGoth Gaming: Kozy Kigu Night! Snack Reviews and Hades!2:07:190
2023-02-08Ireland Gaming SandboxThis Roguelike Is PERECT For Hades Fans - Lone Ruin0:2160
2023-02-05 Ink_vendettahades 10th escape ending review1:311
2023-01-31Spain LGDTimmy😏CUANDO DOMINAS🔥#hades 🔥#runhades #shorts #directos #lgdtimmy #hadesreview #hadesconsejos #hades21:00741
2023-01-29 The Casual GamerSo tell me about Hades | A subjective review21:59159
2023-01-28United Kingdom GrimlockePrimeInnovative Roguelite - Shoulder of Giants #DinoReview8:5444
2023-01-25Mexico PCGamer RadioHades - Quick Fire Review1:0040
2023-01-22United States TwoPennyGamesHades Is Still AWESOME! - Two Penny Gameclub REVIEW59:326
2023-01-20United States The Guide GuildHADES - REVIEW | Is it WORTH IT?! Let's find out! #shorts0:5514
2023-01-18Portugal SpookyFairyThis Chinese HADES-like Roguelite getting Raved User Reviews..14:3497
2023-01-16United States ChibisuHades: Analysis & Review32:4044
2023-01-13United Kingdom HtwoI Read Hades Negative Reviews (So You Don't Have To)9:0154,353