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Filling that mexican & flatulence void in your life ;D

Hey there! My name is Max and I play vidja gaymz. Although most stuff I upload is gaming related, you'll find a bit of variety here as I like to mix it up. My goal is to entertain you, often times by making myself look a fool. Enjoy! ;D

CPU: i7 3770k
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Classified
Keyboard: Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2013 Edition
Mouse: Logitech G500s
Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50
Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2035
Audio Interface: Line 6 UX2 Pod
Webcam: Logitech C920 HD Pro
Gaming Laptop: MSI GE70

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The Bombs! I Can't Escape Them! (Mario Kart Deluxe Funny Moments)
Some good ole Mario Kart Deluxe (aka friendship ruiner/blood pressure increaser)! Enjoy! ;D CHANNELS: Chilled - http//
2019-01-18 11:00:03 AM ● 14,558 views ● 14:20 99.21% liked
2018 Funny Stream Moments!
With 2018 coming into a close...let us reflect on all the silly shenanigans I've gotten up to on stream this past year. A with 2019 just kicking...
2019-01-10 6:06:53 PM ● 38,235 views ● 13:47 99.24% liked
Welcome To Brown Town! (Monopoly Funny Highlights)
I played some Monopoly with my friends on my birthday because the greatest birthday gift one can have is fighting with ones friends over fake...
2019-01-07 6:30:02 PM ● 38,758 views ● 16:26 97.21% liked
X-Mas & Birthday Extravaganza! (Pummel Party)
So it was my Birthday on Christmas (much like it is every year)...and I decided to have some beverages and play party games with my friends to...
2018-12-31 3:22:37 PM ● 30,797 views ● 11:57 98.12% liked
Team Cultured Vs. Team White People (Worms WMD)
I'll Update this eventually. It's more worms. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!!! WATCH IT DAMMIT!
2018-12-24 5:30:02 PM ● 35,170 views ● 30:56 95.52% liked
Mario Kart Battle Mode In Fortnite! 'Balloon Busters' (Fortnite Creative Mode)
Hopped into Fortnite Creative Mode for the first time ever and tried to come up with something fun! Ended up making a mode inspired by Mario...
2018-12-23 5:03:04 PM ● 25,242 views ● 10:48 93.95% liked
Fortnite (2017)
Carpet Bombs For All! (Worms WMD)
I get into some Worms WMD with some buds. Enjoy! ;D This is episode 25, watch 24 here! - CHANNELS: Chilled -
2018-12-21 5:30:01 PM ● 30,648 views ● 37:21 98.51% liked
The Song Bird Cowboys (Red Dead Redemption 2 Highlights/Funny Moments)
With the release of RDR2 multiplayer I'm STOKED to jump in and wander around with friends in the crazy beauftiful sandbox! Enjoy! ;D Catch my...
2018-12-20 4:30:00 PM ● 19,545 views ● 12:01 98.93% liked
I'm Just...SO Bad At This Game... (Skate 3)
The Bros ARE BACK! We felt like waxing nostalgic and jumped into some Skate 3 since it was backwards compatible for Xbox One for some hall of...
2018-12-19 11:51:41 AM ● 31,617 views ● 13:08 98.28% liked
Beer Pong VS Girlfriend! (GassyMexican VS Curvyllama)
So I thought I'd do something a little special and different and see how you guys like it. Both myself and Amanda really long playing Beer Pong...
2018-12-10 6:57:45 PM ● 70,617 views ● 14:19 95.90% liked