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I primarily focus on Space Engineers and other building related content and games. In real life, I am an architect, so this sort of game seems to translate well from my real life skills.

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EA Doesn't Deserve Star Wars
In this short opinion piece, I explain why I believe EA doesn't deserve to have exclusive rights to Star Wars or to even make Star Wars games...
2017-12-01 5:00:11 AM ● 42,303 views ● 7:37 94.88% liked
Star Citizen in 4K Ultra-wide - A 30 Minute Adventure
Join me on a short 30 minute adventure into the PTU release of Star Citizen 3.0 - But in 4K Ultra Wide!! Disclaimer: Star Citizen is in Alpha...
2017-11-27 7:38:21 AM ● 8,018 views ● 31:39 96.73% liked
Star Citizen 3.0 PTU Exploration
Join friends and I as we begin a journey in the new 3.0 SC universe! Want to tip? Go here! Want to buy the...
2017-11-24 10:04:50 PM ● 5,812 views ● 17:16 92.78% liked
Star Citizen 3.0 RELEASED TO PTU!!!
Check your mailboxes and prepare to freak out, 3.0 just dropped to PTU!!
2017-11-23 1:02:34 AM ● 6,709 views ● 3:08 93.84% liked
Battlefront 2 Gambling and how EA could lose SW Franchise
In this video, I'll bring you up to speed on the controversy surrounding EA's release of their latest Star Wars game Battlefront 2, and how their...
2017-11-22 11:55:25 PM ● 47,107 views ● 12:22 95.29% liked
Escape Pod Tutorial
In this video, I'll show you my own take on escape pods in Space Engineers, and how you might be able to build your own. Want to download the...
2017-10-17 4:56:09 AM ● 37,307 views ● 8:44 99.03% liked
Discord Community 1 Year Anniversary Stream! Q&A!
A stream appears out of the depths of youtube, emerging purely by surprise because morph is entirely unprepared for anything! Want to join us...
2017-09-09 4:11:09 PM ● 3,205 views ● 2:13:40 99.37% liked
Need to Knows about GS and MORE!
Come find out what's going on with things over in Morphologis land, and why there hasn't been much content or group survival! Music by
2017-08-16 5:59:18 AM ● 4,975 views ● 2:47 99.68% liked
Battlefront II: What I hope to see in November
Battlefront II's closed alpha codes have been sent out, and I've been one of those lucky recipients! So In this video, I'll talk about the recent...
2017-07-01 4:27:28 PM ● 7,810 views ● 10:23 93.00% liked
Star Wars Galaxies - The return of a Legend
In this stream, I revisit Star Wars Galaxies as it existed post 16.4 update, post New Game Enhancement update. The emulator was created and currently...
2017-04-29 6:28:39 PM ● 16,246 views ● 2:15:46 93.73% liked