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I primarily focus on Space Engineers and other building related content and games. In real life, I am an architect, so this sort of game seems to translate well from my real life skills.

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Bug Report: Flying Around the No Fly Zone
In this short video, I document how it is possible to fly past the no fly zone in Hurston. Link to report bug:
2019-02-05 2:36:58 AM ● 5,101 views ● 6:25 97.34% liked
Derelict Ships - Star Citizen
Where did this idea go? Around a year ago this was discussed and appeared to have been mostly done in an ATV. A recent reddit poster brought...
2019-01-31 2:39:53 AM ● 11,481 views ● 5:16 97.70% liked
An Architect Reviews the Lorville Business District - Star Citizen
An Architect Reviews series returns with a review of the newest addition to Star Citizen: Lorville Business District. In this breakdown of the...
2019-01-17 5:03:35 PM ● 28,978 views ● 17:40 97.81% liked
Star Citizen
ATLAS - It's Not what I Expected
In this short but informative video, I share what I found and didn't expect in Atlas. If you ever wanted to be a pirate in the age of sailing...
2019-01-12 1:06:08 AM ● 6,691 views ● 6:51 92.06% liked
ATLAS (2018)
Has Star Citizen Criticism Gone Too Far?
In this video, I discuss the criticism of SC and even its enthusiastic community, going over the merits of various mediums of content on the...
2018-12-31 7:42:46 AM ● 21,245 views ● 12:28 76.02% liked
Escape from Tarkov: Gameplay loops and Star Citizen
There is a strange bit of community cross over form Escape from Tarkov to Star Citizen, but why might this be? I suspect there are a few reasons,...
2018-12-29 12:35:55 AM ● 3,647 views ● 10:15 91.14% liked
In this video, I attempt to directly address a lot of the basic questions prospective backers have about Star Citizen. Questions like what is...
2018-12-03 10:28:33 PM ● 144,201 views ● 20:00 92.34% liked
Star Citizen - Why We Play
A short cut of just some of my experiences these past few days. Screenshots don't quite seem to do it justice. Want to get into Star Citizen?...
2018-11-26 1:00:03 PM ● 14,997 views ● 2:07 96.76% liked
Star Citizen FREE TO FLY Event! Live Stream Opening
Join the ARMCO community and me as we enjoy this year's anniversary FREE FLY event. If you were ever wondering about star citizen but didn't...
2018-11-23 2:25:11 PM ● 8,652 views ● 4:14:18 90.70% liked
1080ti vs 2080ti Side by Side in STAR CITIZEN, Is it Worth It?
In this more in depth look at hardware than I usually do on my channel, I take my old and new videocards and compare them side by side to see...
2018-11-18 1:42:38 AM ● 210,729 views ● 6:18 77.99% liked