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I primarily focus on Space Engineers and other building related content and games. In real life, I am an architect, so this sort of game seems to translate well from my real life skills.

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Raiding a Lab full of "Medical" supplies [Star Citizen]
It's tree bark, I swear officer! In this video, I do a quick, cut down version of the new Twitch Pacheco unique mission giver mission. This is...
2019-04-05 10:45:02 PM ● 16,377 views ● 18:31 99.09% liked
Star Citizen's Aerodynamic Flight
In this video, I take a look at Star Citizen's new aerodynamic flight system in atmosphere in 3.5 by comparing it against 3.4. This should give...
2019-03-30 7:01:30 AM ● 65,954 views ● 8:09 98.32% liked
Star Citizen "Coruscant" Update is Here!
3.5 Has made its way to wave 1 PTU release, giving me access to take a look at the progress that CIG has made these past few months. It has left...
2019-03-26 9:50:16 AM ● 64,177 views ● 5:47 96.35% liked
Star Citizen
Arccorp - Then and Now - Star Citizen
In this video, we take a look at the upcoming version of 3.5 and the much anticipated city planet of Arccorp. It's very different from what we've...
2019-03-03 9:09:16 AM ● 19,306 views ● 7:29 95.99% liked
Releasing The Kraken - Space Engineers
In this exciting short, I release the Kraken on some Wid0w making fools! I designed the ship based off the model concept from Star Citizen called...
2019-02-25 4:38:20 AM ● 23,297 views ● 12:14 98.88% liked
Bug Report: Flying Around the No Fly Zone
In this short video, I document how it is possible to fly past the no fly zone in Hurston. Link to report bug:
2019-02-05 2:36:58 AM ● 6,917 views ● 6:25 97.12% liked
Derelict Ships - Star Citizen
Where did this idea go? Around a year ago this was discussed and appeared to have been mostly done in an ATV. A recent reddit poster brought...
2019-01-31 2:39:53 AM ● 14,213 views ● 5:16 97.99% liked
An Architect Reviews the Lorville Business District - Star Citizen
An Architect Reviews series returns with a review of the newest addition to Star Citizen: Lorville Business District. In this breakdown of the...
2019-01-17 5:03:35 PM ● 34,876 views ● 17:40 98.04% liked
Star Citizen
ATLAS - It's Not what I Expected
In this short but informative video, I share what I found and didn't expect in Atlas. If you ever wanted to be a pirate in the age of sailing...
2019-01-12 1:06:08 AM ● 7,625 views ● 6:51 92.27% liked
ATLAS (2018)
Has Star Citizen Criticism Gone Too Far?
In this video, I discuss the criticism of SC and even its enthusiastic community, going over the merits of various mediums of content on the...
2018-12-31 7:42:46 AM ● 22,652 views ● 12:28 75.60% liked