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I primarily focus on Space Engineers and other building related content and games. In real life, I am an architect, so this sort of game seems to translate well from my real life skills.

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Medieval Engineers Building - now with Water Mod!
Join me as we play some Medieval Engineers and build all the things we can in Creative mode (survival is slow and boring alone so... yeah). Middle...
2018-09-15 9:43:41 AM ● 3,457 views ● 5:41:47 100.00% liked
Wait, a WATER MOD!? [ Medieval Engineers ]
In this unusual video of a game genre I don't typically feature on my channel, I explore the exciting new mod recently released by peaceman for...
2018-09-10 10:22:17 AM ● 31,093 views ● 8:20 98.84% liked
The Great Citizencon Paywall - Star Citizen
In this video I discuss the controversy surrounding Star Citizen's Citizencon event which introduced a pay to view live for the developer panels...
2018-09-01 5:30:00 AM ● 3,840 views ● 5:59 81.30% liked
Taking Over the Verse - Star Citizen 3.2.2
Join me on an adventure through Star Citizen's latest 3.2.2 update as me and the crew take over the server. In this minimally edited video, you...
2018-08-27 1:07:32 PM ● 3,609 views ● 26:47 97.89% liked
Space Engineers - 16 Player Halo Battle Scenario
Captain Shack from the XPgamers invited me over to have a look at what SE has become, and I left the experience a changed youtuber. It has far...
2018-07-30 7:00:12 AM ● 3,673 views ● 5:43 99.01% liked
An Architect Reviews the RSI Constellation - Star Citizen
In this new installation of An Architect Reviews, I take a look at the RSI Constellation in Star Citizen. This will be an in-depth look at the...
2018-07-21 6:30:34 AM ● 5,395 views ● 12:38 98.11% liked
Star Citizen
An Architect Reviews the 600i - Star Citizen
In this unusual approach to doing a review, I employ my skills as a professional Architectural designer to critically examine and critique the...
2018-07-12 2:00:00 PM ● 30,906 views ● 15:33 96.61% liked
Star Citizen
Multicrew 3.2 real-world testing in Star Citizen
In this stream that may not in-fact go so well, I will be attempting to do some multi-crew tasks with members of the community. Who knows, maybe...
2018-07-06 12:37:05 PM ● 13,487 views ● 3:09:27 99.12% liked
The Return - Star Citizen 3.2 and Morphologis
Join me in a short excursion into Star Citizen 3.2 for my return to Youtube. Also find out how you can be in my next video! Want to get into...
2018-07-04 4:47:41 AM ● 7,926 views ● 7:42 98.53% liked
Star Citizen
EA Doesn't Deserve Star Wars
In this short opinion piece, I explain why I believe EA doesn't deserve to have exclusive rights to Star Wars or to even make Star Wars games...
2017-12-01 5:00:11 AM ● 43,367 views ● 7:37 94.93% liked