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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Star Citizen64,981,480
2.United States STLYoungblood9,159,967
3.United Kingdom Tactical Advance7,650,682
4.United States Morphologis6,875,830
5. LevelCapGaming6,402,008
6.Germany GameStar6,047,597
7.Germany CrashAcademy5,565,328
8.United States Scott Manley4,865,531
9.United States TheXPGamers4,782,712
10.United States Dan Gheesling4,764,255

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United Kingdom SuperMacBrother847
2.Germany CrashAcademy814
3.Canada minionsoldier813
4.United States Star Citizen730
5.Taiwan, Republic of China TheEradicator643
6.Russian Federation TurborTV641
7.United States Dan Gheesling631
8.United States STLYoungblood619
9.Germany KnebelDE605
10.Ukraine Sicheslav Rod528

Latest Let's Plays For Star Citizen

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States KeepCalmAndGameOnNoob Plays STAR CITIZEN! - Will My PC Run Star Citizen? Let's Find Out!2:00:0671
2 days agoGermany KnebelDESTAR CITIZEN [GUIDE] ⭐ DIE BESTEN GAME PACKAGES UNTER 100 EURO! | Star Citizen Guide Deutsch/German37:42255
4 days agoGermany Division of SpaceStar Citizen Random Stuff #49 [Alpha 3.9] [GER] [Stream]29:371
4 days agoUnited States TableTopNerdCastStar Citizen 3.9.1: Saturday Goof Off Session: Messing with the Mustang Alpha1:35:2017
4 days agoGermany CitkoSTAR CITIZEN #129 | ABENTEUER | SÄUBERUNG DER 890 JUMP | Deutsch/German | Alpha 3.9.125:34896
5 days agoGermany Astro Sam[Übersetzt] Inside Star Citizen: Alpha 3.10 Approaches | Calling all Devs | German, Deutsch 27.06.2025:392,671
6 days agoGreece VlodrilLearning how to Fight - Let's Play Star Citizen Part 22 - Co-op53:375
6 days ago IVATOPIAStar Citizen A let's play By IVATOPIA Episode 290 - Live 3.9 - End of Invivtus Plus Drake1:09:498
6 days agoLatvia TheYamiksMustang alpha "review" [Star Citizen]10:591,280
6 days agoTaiwan, Republic of China TheEradicatorSTAR CITIZEN alpha 3.10 - Upcoming Features12:001,176
6 days agoUnited States Star CitizenInside Star Citizen: Alpha 3.10 Approaches | Spring 202015:50104,395
2020-06-25United States ThranxesExploring New Locations & Seeing The Sights Up Close! Star Citizen Alpha 4k Gameplay Ep 1341:00347
2020-06-25Germany Zwerg TubeDauerkarte im Knast 🚀 [006] STAR CITIZEN ALPHA 3.9 deutsch22:1438
2020-06-23United Kingdom Blood ClawLets Play - Star Citizen (3.9 PTU) - Part 736:0128
2020-06-21Czech Republic Lexon78Star Citizen (Alpha 3.9.1) #48 - Zajímavější akční FPS mise s umíráním (LS20/06/21)3:11:43319
2020-06-21Germany CrashAcademyStar Citizen ALIEN WEEK Wrap-Up | SCB Verse Report [Deutsch/German]37:583,840
2020-06-17United Kingdom FrisbySTAR CITIZEN - Alpha 3.9.1 LIVE.52505361:24:2938
2020-06-16United Kingdom Beardedbob Gameplay ChannelFunny Moments - Star Citizen Alpha 3.9.1 Gameplay12:4166
2020-06-14Germany Rocket Beans Let’s Play & StreamsKlappt die Flucht aus dem Gefängnis? | Star Citizen Event 2 mit derShakes, Valentin & Dennis #22:51:2216,143
2020-06-08United States Centerstrain01Star Citizen Alpha 3.9.1 Space Combat | CenterStrain013:38:284,421
2020-06-08United States TRENDIStar Citizen Alpha 3.10 Will Help Make Landing Easier2:45207
2020-06-02France CitizenXStar Citizen FR 2020 | Invictus Launch Week | Jour 5 Drake Defensecon (Kraken, Corsair, Caterpillar)1:12:161,237
2020-06-01Germany Salty LeonEinsteiger Guide - Star Citizen - Alpha 3.9.1 (Deutsch)29:114,933
2020-05-31Germany Grundkurs GamingInvictus Launch Week 2950 - Tag 5: Drake DefenseCon (Deutsch/German) - Let's Play Star Citizen1:05:5037
2020-05-31United States BradM73STAR CITIZEN - ALPHA 3.9.1!!! FLEET WEEK!! DRAKE DAY - May 30, 20203:15:32949

Latest Reviews For Star Citizen

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-24United Kingdom PeterTaylorTXTrying out the Freelancer MAX | Courier Missions | Star Citizen | #21:04:0623
2020-06-23United States The PilotThe 890 Jump [Star Citizen]10:0110,315
2020-06-22United States SaltEMikeStar Citizen Week in Review - Flight Model Changes in 3.10, New Vanduul Ships, Sprint Report!22:245,952
2020-06-22United States InforunnersStar Citizen | UEE: 30th Century Roman Empire28:161,239
2020-06-21United States MorphologisAn Architect Reviews: The Starfarer [Star Citizen]18:3079,251
2020-06-20United States TRENDIStar Citizen Catapillar Spawns with no Doors 3.9.13:34138
2020-06-20 OearthStar Citizen 3.11 - Origin 100 Series Ship Review and Comparison - On the Roadmap10:442,713
2020-06-19United Kingdom FarristerTHERE ARE MANY LIKE IT | RSI AURORA ES Ship Review | Star Citizen8:00161
2020-06-15United States TableTopNerdCastStar Citizen 3.9.1: Monday's Road-Map Review, 3.10 Patch Notes, and some Trade Chat2:46:5970
2020-06-12Canada minionsoldierStar Citizen : SHIP UPD... The brutally honest Carrack review22:5110,913
2020-06-11United States DG360Inside Star Citizen: Creature Feature | Spring 2020 - ISC REVIEW24:441,121
2020-06-11United Kingdom ChlorophilAegis Vanguard Ship Review - Star Citizen11:06841
2020-06-03United Kingdom CryingCowGamingAnvil Carrack Review - Star Citizen 3.97:441,330
2020-05-31Canada Nobledroid GamingStar Citizen- Drake Cutlass Blue Gameplay with Nvidia RTX by Nobledroid Gaming30:10384
2020-05-24Australia TechKnowledgeManStar Citizen Invictus launch week fleet display and Javelin review (First Look)9:1951
2020-05-11United States Centerstrain01Star Citizen Ship Review | Anvil Carrack | Alpha 3.9 | CenterStrain0132:431,667
2020-05-11 la_parka GAMINGStar Citizen - Informe de NOTICIAS Semanales ✅ | Review 3.9. En Español2:49:20508
2020-05-04United States Cobra TV8 month review of my time in Star Citizen, and why you should buy it NOW!52:408,611
2020-04-30United States Abbreviated ReviewsStar Citizen Alpha 3.9 - Below the Law | Abbreviated Reviews4:134,337
2020-04-25United States STLYoungbloodStar Citizen: Prowler Combat Review10:459,982
2020-04-25Italy Lo Zio AriaRSTAR CITIZEN | LA 3.9 E' ARRIVATA! [3.9 PTU TOUR COMPLETO + ESPERIA PROWLER REVIEW] w/Asherkhaan1:15:448,038
2020-04-15United Kingdom CallMehTOMMEHSTAR CITIZEN ► 2020 Buyer's Guide and Review!15:33121,399
2020-03-01United States FailureToReportStar Citizen - The Anvil Carrack Review23:158,144
2020-01-19Greece SquidofLoveStar Citizen, 7 Years after Kickstarter10:183,772
2019-12-26 LAWoftheWEST GamingStar Citizen: Review of the Argo Mole & comparing solo to group mining16:2923,108