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1.United States Star Citizen59,547,768
2.United States STLYoungblood8,296,477
3.United Kingdom Tactical Advance6,934,146
4. LevelCapGaming5,807,272
5.Germany GameStar5,619,058
6.Germany CrashAcademy5,395,605
7.United States Scott Manley4,846,763
8.United States Dan Gheesling4,657,362
9.Chile Play4Games4,221,579
10.United States TheXPGamers4,055,807

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Germany CrashAcademy798
2.Canada minionsoldier734
3.United Kingdom SuperMacBrother710
4.United States Star Citizen678
5.United States Dan Gheesling631
6.United States STLYoungblood597
7.Russian Federation TURBO540
8.Ukraine Sicheslav Rod429
9.Germany KnebelDE412
10.Greece SquidofLove400

Latest Let's Plays For Star Citizen

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
1 day agoGermany KnebelDESTAR CITIZEN 3.7 [Let's Show] #381 ⭐ CRUSADER ARES | Deutsch/German14:461,92695.95%
1 day agoUnited States BurkeBlackCrazy Day At The Expo! 💀 Alpha Patch 3.7 💀 Star Citizen Highlights #7 💀 Ft. ClassyPax16:26420100.00%
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Blood ClawLets Play Star Citizen (alpha 3.7) - part 1026:1335100.00%
2019-12-06 IVATOPIAStar Citizen A let's play By IVATOPIA Episode 261 - Live 3.7 - Deep Inside A Cave!41:4513100.00%
2019-12-06Germany Xes LexxStar Citizen. Missionen, Missionen und nochmal Missionen. Alpha 3.7.23:57:384100.00%
2019-12-05Germany Grundkurs GamingIntergalactic Aerospace Expo 2949 - Tag 8: Origin (Deutsch/German) - Let's Play Star Citizen1:18:5818100.00%
2019-12-03 GamesInsightStar Citizen - Alpha 3.7.2 - PU - Planet Cellin30:3614
2019-12-02United States Gaming MikeExpo Day 9: Best Of Show - CitizenCon 2949 | Alpha Universe Gameplay 17 | Star Citizen 3.73:18:3887100.00%
2019-12-02Italy Everyeye On DemandStar Citizen Alpha 3.7: due ore di gameplay2:11:0976484.62%
2019-12-02Germany CrashAcademyStar Citizen Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 08 - Origin Jumpworks | Verse Report [Deutsch/German]36:581,85095.88%
2019-12-01Italy Everyeye.itStar Citizen di Chris Roberts: le novità della demo Alpha 3.76:136,10392.72%
2019-11-30Italy Giuseppe's Gaming - TwinfiniteStar Citizen - Exploring the Top of ArcCorp's Majestic Skyscrapers (Alpha 3.7)25:071,43885.71%
2019-11-27United Kingdom SuperMacBrotherStar Citizen | Why Alpha 3.8 Is The Future7:1730,42796.71%
2019-11-23United States TymeroverExploring Star Citizen | 3.7 Gameplay | Levski Bounty Hunting Mission!32:176466.67%
2019-11-08United States TheXPGamersStar Citizen - What GAMEPLAY is like right now |#3|16:1218,30397.86%
2019-11-05Canada Jemmyt Reloaded★AVANT-GOÛT #03★ Star Citizen - Free Fly (Alpha 3.7.1.) [FR](Impressions)9:318190.91%
2019-11-05United Kingdom FrisbyStar Citizen Alpha 3.7.15:00:1444100.00%
2019-11-04Spain AlanWyldeEl Planeta CYBERPUNK - Star Citizen (Alpha 3.7)18:4640396.43%
2019-10-29United States SaltEMikeAll You Need is a Starter Package - Star Citizen Let's Play Pilot34:173,87898.56%
2019-10-28United States worthplayingvideosStar Citizen [PC] Alpha 3.7 Playable Now1:2210
2019-10-22Ukraine Sicheslav RodStar Citizen: Alpha 3.7.1 или Как Я Искал “Помидоры” | Челлендж - Купить CATERPILLAR3:34:132,17498.60%
2019-10-20United States Intrepid DawnStar Citizen - Dogfighting! - Alpha 3.73:38:3236192.31%
2019-10-18United States Star CitizenStar Citizen Live: Alpha 3.7 Roundup1:01:0420,76192.85%
2019-10-15France Gamersyde OfficialStar Citizen - Alpha 3.73:3740096.55%
2019-10-13Greece SquidofLoveStar Citizen Alpha 3.7 Caves Issues3:511,12589.13%

Latest Reviews For Star Citizen

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
1 day agoUnited States DG360Inside Star Citizen: Storm Warning | Fall 2019 - ISC REVIEW29:1837196.23%
4 days agoUnited States SaltEMikeStar Citizen Week in Review - Staggered Dev is Working?30:384,64797.20%
4 days agoUnited States TymeroverStar Citizen Ship Guide Series | Anvil Pisces C8X Review | My Day to Day Mission Runner!11:57149100.00%
2019-12-05United States Constantly CalibratingStar Citizen Thoughts, Final Luigi's Mansion 3 Review, More VR - The Catch-All #171:16:103
2019-12-04United Kingdom CryingCowGamingAlpha 3.7 Update Review - Star Citizen25:16447100.00%
2019-11-26 LAWoftheWEST GamingStar Citizen: Review of the Anvil Pisces5:186,43699.75%
2019-10-20Germany Salty LeonAlpha 3.7.0 Patch Talk - Star Citizen - Review/Diskussion (Deutsch / 1440p)20:3991396.36%
2019-10-15United States MorphologisAn Architect Reviews the Banu Defender [Star Citizen]10:1744,88898.72%
2019-10-14United States FailureToReportStar Citizen 3.7 LIVE Review - Caves, Interdictions And Warbond OH MY!45:0613,27582.62%
2019-10-13United States Abbreviated ReviewsStar Citizen 3.7 | Abbreviated Reviews3:301,41192.31%
2019-10-11United States Cobra TVStar Citizen! Should you buy it? Hands on review!! game play 201932:0018,36191.05%
2019-08-30United States Day Late Gamer with WillISC Mine is yours Review - Inside Star Citizen | Star Citizen14:4612094.44%
2019-08-26United States El Locon GamerEliminan vídeo de DS | Cena de 275$ en Star Citizen | Astral Chain arrasa en reviews13:262,54897.20%
2019-08-15Canada Nobledroid Gaming OfficialQuick Star Citizen P-52 Merlin and MISC Prospector | Giveaway News!4:086790.91%
2019-07-21United Kingdom SuperMacBrotherStar Citizen Ships | The Anvil Ballista AA First Look, Review & Test8:291,94295.60%
2019-07-20United States MontoyaStar Citizen Ballista Giveaway and Review11:362,87899.68%
2019-04-22 Feral CrafterStar Citizen - April 22, 2019 Review0:4120100.00%
2019-01-15 hugothesterSTAR CITIZEN 3.4 | REVIEW Esperia GLAIVE - La nave Alienígena de 350€14:2012,06898.04%
2019-01-08United Kingdom Captain JackMISC Freelancer Variants (Combat, Exploration, Freight!) - Star Citizen - Ship Review16:466,93297.33%
2018-11-10Greece SquidofLoveStar Citizen 3.3 Live Release Features - Review4:191,46993.94%
2018-09-25Italy ShakeTV - OST GamesStar Citizen Demo OST - Review Unsuccessful1:441
2018-05-29United States Downward ThrustWhy Gamers Are Upset With Star Citizen Right Now14:38600,09976.10%
2018-05-25Canada SitarowStar Citizen PU 3.1.4 MAY PROMOTION - MISC CELEBRATES 50 YEARS - MISC Razor EX & LX Ship Review3:08:253,74595.19%
2018-04-21United States STLYoungbloodStar Citizen: 3.5 (Q1 2019) Roadmap Review4:537,00197.99%