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Channels With The Most Views

1. Star Citizen50,705,353
2.United States STLYoungblood7,043,908
3.United Kingdom Tactical Advance6,010,427
4.United States Scott Manley4,836,412
5.Germany GameStar4,783,458
6.Germany CrashAcademy4,760,195
7.United States Dan Gheesling4,473,999
8. LevelCapGaming4,380,482
9.France AlphaCast3,555,961
10.United States TheXPGamers3,363,363

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Germany CrashAcademy740
2.United States Dan Gheesling629
3.Canada minionsoldier594
4.United States STLYoungblood563
5. Star Citizen554
6.United Kingdom SuperMacBrother526
7.Greece SquidofLove402
8.Russian Federation TURBO337
9.Canada TheNOOBIFIER1337325
10. Sitarow320

Latest Let's Plays For Star Citizen

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2 days agoUnited States Centerstrain01NEW PLAYABLE AREA | Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 PTU Tour34:291,23195.45%
2 days agoGermany CrashAcademyStar Citizen Alpha 3.4 im PTU | Verse Report Special [Deutsch/German]28:533,94495.79%
4 days ago GregMeet Miles Eckhart - Let's play Star Citizen Episode 242:423
5 days agoGermany WautscherStar Citizen Wautscher ☄️ Kurz zur Expo und ab in die Cutlass | Alpha 3.3.6 | german gameplay34:3853598.25%
5 days agoGermany KnebelDESTAR CITIZEN 3.3 [Let's Play] #261 ⭐ MINERALIEN SUCHE | Gameplay Deutsch/German25:2791993.48%
5 days agoKorea, Republic of PCBangSTAR CITIZEN Aterrizaje en Lorville Alpha 3.3.7 | Gameplay español35:2984598.65%
2018-12-06Romania EfahStar Citizen Alpha 3.3.7 - It's all about the details3:3934
2018-12-05United Kingdom CryingCowGamingAlpha 3.3 Review - Star Citizen23:43109100.00%
2018-12-01Germany KnusperStar Citizen #238 Anvil Arrow Q&A´s [Deutsch]10:352,14199.22%
2018-11-30 IVATOPIAIVATOPIA's let's play Star Citizen ep 208 - live 3.3.6 - A Little Tip & look at Hurston/Lorville57:221
2018-11-29United States Raiz SpaceStar Citizen Alpha 3.3.6 01 - Hurston, Exotically23:36127100.00%
2018-11-29Germany NoirStar Citizen 3.3.6 - Livestream Let's Play - Deutsch German2:34:42149100.00%
2018-11-29Germany Mr KrmelArrow vs. the swarm - Let's Play Star Citizen (AC v3.3.6) [part 29]26:4415
2018-11-27Germany AldemarHDStar Citizen 3.3.6 | Reise nach Loreville #1 ☢ [Lets Play - Deutsch]31:3997698.90%
2018-11-25Italy The Gaming SetupStar Citizen Alpha Ver 3.3.6 - 4K (Ultra HD) | RTX 2080 TI Zotac AMP | i7 8700K 4,9GHz7:451850.00%
2018-11-25United Kingdom Bang4BuckPC GamerStar Citizen Very High Settings 4K Alpha Ver 3.3.6 | RTX 2080 Ti | i7 8700K 5.3GHz13:151,72394.57%
2018-11-24United Kingdom L Plays GamingStar Citizen... First Impressions From a Complete Newcomer! [Star Citizen 3.3.6 Alpha Gameplay]18:131,50893.16%
2018-11-23Canada BCP LabsFriday Night Free Fly In The Verse - Star Citizen ALPHA 3.3.6 - Live @ BCP Labs1:15:3341100.00%
2018-11-23 SitarowStar Citizen Alpha PU 3.3.6 ANVIL AEROSPACE DAY ANNIVERSARY 20184:38:318,78292.39%
2018-11-21Ukraine Sicheslav RodStar Citizen: Alpha 3.3.5 Live | Что Увидят Новички на Free Fly?2:44:521,69499.30%
2018-11-18 Let´s Play Indie Games ChannelLets play - Star Citizen 3.3 (Eng Esp Deu)3:32:2998100.00%
2018-11-16Bangladesh Rock1m1Star citizen Alpha 3.3.50:114
2018-11-16Germany GameStarPlayStation sagt E3 2019 ab - Star Citizen Event kostenlos spielbar - News4:1112,40898.32%
2018-11-14United States Intrepid DawnNew Planet Hurston! Star Citizen 3.3.5 First Look!2:51:2550093.94%
2018-11-10United Kingdom NoctisBotStar Citizen - Alpha 3.3 is now LIVE! Quick Summary, and looking forward to things to come5:4646100.00%

Latest Reviews For Star Citizen

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
4 days agoUnited Kingdom CryingCowGamingDrake Cutlass Black Review - Star Citizen 3.36:09186100.00%
2018-12-07United States Gamer MaxStar Citizen: Review Of Missions & Mission Givers!10:1812286.67%
2018-11-10Greece SquidofLoveStar Citizen 3.3 Live Release Features - Review4:1920490.91%
2018-11-01 MorphologisAn Architect Reviews the RSI Phoenix - Star Citizen17:1816,65697.60%
2018-09-25Italy ShakeTV - OST GamesStar Citizen Demo OST - Review Unsuccessful1:440
2018-07-16United States FailureToReportStar Citizen - 3.2 - Mining Review (Serious Though)17:0114,17280.99%
2018-07-04United States MontoyaStar Citizen Drama! Fake Glassdoor review. Again.5:533,77987.76%
2018-06-20United Kingdom SuperMacBrotherStar Citizen 3.2 | Aegis Avenger Rework First Look & Review12:3113,42297.84%
2018-06-16Australia Mozsta69Vulture Review Star Citizen13:0162100.00%
2018-05-29United States Downward ThrustWhy Gamers Are Upset With Star Citizen Right Now14:38545,35275.81%
2018-05-25 SitarowStar Citizen PU 3.1.4 MAY PROMOTION - MISC CELEBRATES 50 YEARS - MISC Razor EX & LX Ship Review3:08:253,55394.95%
2018-05-17 Feral CrafterStar Citizen 2018 - Snarky Review14:301110.00%
2018-05-17 LAWoftheWEST GamingSTAR CITIZEN: 3.1.4 UPDATE REVIEW13:056,62495.67%
2018-04-21United States STLYoungbloodStar Citizen: 3.5 (Q1 2019) Roadmap Review4:536,53997.98%
2018-03-22United States Citizen GamerStar Citizen Ship Review: MISC Razor: The Jedi Ship3:281,04193.44%
2018-03-19Canada Nobledroid Gaming and Stream NeverdieStar Citizen gameplay 3.01 - Welcome to my review of the performance of Star Citizen NOW in SC 3.01.1:01:2767100.00%
2018-01-13United States SOL CitizenStar Citizen | Aegis Retaliator Overview/Review 201812:272,01091.67%
2017-12-29Canada minionsoldierStar Citizen : Ship Updates 2017 in review... yeah I stole the idea XD 12-29-201712:411,39098.98%
2017-12-02 Gaming With JimStar Citizen 3.0: "Flight Ready" Ground Vehicles Review15:045,50498.28%
2017-08-27 Checkers Prefect💡 Star Citizen Gamescom 2017 Presentation - Theatrical Review12:512,34197.18%
2017-07-15 SAM? Star Citizen Soundtrack Review Unsuccessful ?1:436
2017-06-28United States Zaric ZhakaronStar Citizen Alpha 2.6.2 | MASSIVE Potential for Success/Failure | ZEALOUS Fans | Project in Review33:4215,74787.59%
2017-06-26 Lorerunner Stream ArchivesLoreweek 6-25-2017: YouReviews, Paradox, Star Citizen, Han Solo Movie1:27:261,126100.00%
2017-03-25United States Dan GheeslingDrake Buccanneer - New Star Citizen Ship Review8:532,81095.31%
2017-02-12United States Centerstrain01Star Citizen - 2.6.1 PTU - Hanger Review: ARGO Transport/Drake Cutlas/Andromeda20:056,78896.13%