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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Star Citizen76,232,492
2.United States Morphologis14,738,050
3.Canada TheNOOBIFIER133711,241,605
4.United States STLYoungblood11,016,825
5.United States SSSniperWolf10,382,203
6.United Kingdom Cussan8,750,728
7.United Kingdom Tactical Advance8,365,723
8.United Kingdom SuperMacBrother8,092,208
9.Germany GameStar7,044,431
10.United States LevelCapGaming6,173,422

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Germany KnebelDE1,208
2.United Kingdom SuperMacBrother1,156
3.Canada TheNOOBIFIER13371,154
4.Taiwan, Republic of China TheEradicator1,135
5.Germany CrashAcademy Network969
6.Canada minionsoldier840
7.United States Star Citizen840
8.Russian Federation TurborTV816
9.United States STLYoungblood789
10.Germany Citko764

Latest Let's Plays For Star Citizen

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
5 hours agoGermany CitkoSTAR CITIZEN #181 | ABENTEUER | BERGUNGSAUFTRÄGE | Deutsch/German | Alpha 3.14.154:4190
3 days agoUnited Kingdom CMDR's Will and KateStar Citizen : Organized Crime - Elite CMDR plays Star Citizen - The Price of Freedom27:414,543
4 days agoGermany CrashAcademy NetworkShip Showdown und CitizenCon 2021 Spekulationen | SCB Newsroom 9/2021 [Deutsch/German]2:01:39113
4 days agoGermany KnebelDESTAR CITIZEN 3.15 [Let's Talk] 🎧 DAS GRÖßTE UPDATE SEIT ALPHA 3.0 | Star Citizen Deutsch/German29:4012,067
4 days agoGermany Astroneer_KnutStar Citizen - 3.14: Orison bei Nacht (German/Deutsch)36:0457
4 days agoSaudi Arabia ⭐ WE4K🔥145 star citizen asteroid minig Game Live Wallpaper wallpaper engine free #shorts0:139
5 days agoCzech Republic Lexon78Star Citizen (Alpha 3.14.1) #91 - Mix deliverek (LS21/09/10)4:08:00278
5 days agoUnited States Ungodly GamingzLet's Play Star Citizen Ep3333:2213
5 days ago IVATOPIAStar Citizen A Let's Play By IVATOPIA Episode 353 - Live 3.14 - Testing The Freelancer MIS!44:207
6 days agoUnited Kingdom SuperMacBrotherIT'S HAPPENING! - Healing & Inventory COMMITTED, Alpha 3.18 & Push Backs | Star Citizen Roadmap7:3210,156
2021-09-07Germany UlinatorSTAR CITIZEN 3.14 Alpha deutsch [074]: Geburtstagsfeier im Stream - Danke von ganzem Herzen!2:44:10158
2021-09-06Taiwan, Republic of China TheEradicatorSTAR CITIZEN The Ships of Alpha 3 1519:282,455
2021-09-06United States TheAstroPubStar Citizen | Captain's Table Q&A - BustertheDestroyer & LokenPlays58:172,224
2021-09-05Germany Let's play with UglamaciLet's Play Star Citizen #029 Orison Shopping in der Industriezone und weiter umschauen25:1919
2021-09-03Germany GametesterStar Citizen GT-SAR BarCitizen - Microtech Exploration| Gametester Lets Play [GER|Event|Ep.38]1:14:0617
2021-09-01United States IveGamed4DecadesStar Citizen ALPHA 3.14.1 Live | Can I At Least Visit Another Destination | E5718:14121
2021-08-31United States 💎 wallpaper engine 47 🔥Star Citizen Parallax Explosions 4K Game Live Wallpaper phone #Shorts0:157
2021-08-29United States MeriLizzieHow Much Have I Forgotten?!?! | Let's Play Star Citizen! | PC1:47:0833
2021-08-28United Kingdom FrisbySTAR CITIZEN - ALPHA 3.14 - Referral Bonus - Alpha 3.14 Free Flight! + Defend Stanton3:58:3853
2021-08-19United States The Gamers ShowLet's Play Star Citizen 3.14 (Grey Space Live Stream)1:47:36116
2021-08-18 shufadragonStar Citizen 3.14 Mustang Alpha Starter Ship vs Hammerhead ERT24:09583
2021-08-18United States Game DameMy reaction to the Star Citizen Alpha 3.14 Official Trailer | GAMEDAME REACTS3:49351
2021-08-17 BlackMazeStar Citizen Keybindings for Virpil Dual Stick Constellation Alpha13:273,931
2021-08-14India Games AddictionStar Citizen_ Alpha 3.14 - Official Trailer2:100
2021-08-13United States Game Trailers - Mustache GamerStar Citizen Trailer Welcome to Orison | PC2:319

Latest Reviews For Star Citizen

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited Kingdom FarristerOrigin 325A Review | Star Citizen 3.14 4K Gameplay8:003,160
1 day agoUnited States InforunnersIs Medical Gameplay Being Added Too Soon? | Star Citizen43:002,102
2 days agoCanada TheNOOBIFIER1337The Best Its Finally Quiet Arrowzoom Review9:074,345
2 days agoUnited States SaltEMikeStar Citizen Week in Review - Big Roadmap Changes Star Citizen 3.15 Delayed Medical Update Explained22:145,354
2021-09-03United States DG360Star Citizen MONTHLY Report REVIEW25:36696
2021-08-20Canada Phaseone Gaming RedefinedStar Citizen - ISC: Physician Admission Review22:0789
2021-08-15Taiwan, Republic of China TheEradicatorStar Citizen 3.14 Review + Connie Taurus Giveaway result16:091,627
2021-08-08United Kingdom the15minutegamerRSI Constellation Taurus REVIEW | A Star Citizen's Buyer's Guide | Ship Tour13:05708
2021-08-06United States Abbreviated ReviewsStar Citizen 3.14 Review - Cloudy with a Chance of Missiles4:14980
2021-08-03United States Leadnap GamingThrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Review for DCS, MSFS, Star Citizen15:482,944
2021-08-02United States STLYoungbloodStar Citizen: Constellation Taurus - First Look/Review8:5519,693
2021-07-20United States AstroMappersStar Citizen 3.14 High Settings | 3080 Ti Visual Review1:08:43873
2021-07-18Germany CrashAcademy NetworkStar Citizen: Alpha 3.14 PTU Review & Loremakers Questions | SCB Newsroom 7/2021 [Deutsch/German]1:20:14964
2021-06-25Germany Mark_HiggsWie gut ist das Azeron Keypad? - Review zum Produkt - Deutsch6:322,071
2021-06-22United States MorphologisFarewell Port Olisar - An Architect Reviews14:2562,264
2021-06-17South Africa The Core Gameplay3 Reasons Why I Bought Star Citizen8:021,475
2021-06-10Argentina Citizen TechT16000m vs x52Pro Mejor Hotas Calidad y Precio 😀17:55829
2021-06-05United States ZcriptureZStar Citizen Review (Alpha 3.13)17:185,289
2021-06-05United States DevGambitStar Citizen | Crusader Hercules Starlifter M2 | REVIEW13:1562
2021-05-30United States FailureToReportA Soldier Reviews the Starlifter - Star Citizen10:1511,244
2021-05-24United States Space TomatoStar Citizen Ships | Crusader Hercules Starlifter Review | Vehicle & Cargo Hauling15:1913,730
2021-05-22United Kingdom We Small BandStar Citizen - A Review of the Hercules Starlifter8:03685
2021-05-18Germany ReysnGrässliches Game, aber bildend? | Review zu Space Explore7:32132
2021-05-08Denmark Down to Earth AstronomyShip-To-Ship Docking | Constellation Phoenix Review | Star Citizen11:176,084
2021-04-26Sweden MaDRocKGamingStar Citizen | GREYCAT ROC-DS | BEFORE YOU BUY - REVIEW (3.13)12:19852