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What’s up y’all, Marcjack79 here, here’s what you can find on my channel!
My families’ major life events and random fun times
Toy hunts- world of Nintendo, marvel legends, sh figuarts, figma
Video game review, tips and tidbits! specifically Nintendo and PlayStation
Action figures reviews and overviews
Dragon Ball, Z, and Super news and toys
Disney parks vlogs and merchandise
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers info
University of Louisville football info
Marvel - X-Men, the MCU, info toys and movie reviews
Movies Reviews mostly the MCU, Disney and other blockbusters
And more! Check me out! Feel free to Comment on a video if you have a request! Hope you all enjoy!
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Smash Bros Amiibo Daisy-  Ken-  Young Link & World of Nintendo Piranha Plant Haul & Unboxing
Nothing like adding more #amiibo to my #Smash collection! #marcjack79
2019-04-14 11:42:25 AM ● 25 views ● 10:18 100.00% liked
A beautiful stroll through the Magic Kingdom
Nothing like wrapping a #waltdisneyworld trip with a peaceful stroll the #magickingdom #marcjack79
2019-04-13 4:11:40 PM ● 19 views ● 9:54 100.00% liked
2 year old rides a roller coaster!!!
OMG they put a two year old on a roller coaster!?!? #marcjack79 #waltdisneyworld #magickingdom
2019-04-11 11:29:22 AM ● 130 views ● 1:06 100.00% liked
Slinky Dog Dash - Cars Racing Academy - Frozen - Tower of Terror - Star Tours At Hollywood Studios
A magical day at #disneyhollywoodstudios #marcjack79 #waltdisneyworld
2019-04-10 7:21:15 AM ● 60 views ● 25:28 100.00% liked
How long does it ACTUALLY take to ride Pandora Flight of Passage??
Come with me as I give an accurate wait time to the most popular ride in Florida, flight of passage at Disney’s #animalkingdom #marcjack79...
2019-04-09 6:10:16 AM ● 80 views ● 16:25 100.00% liked
Faith & Tristan Explore Disney’s Animation Studios
The kiddos explore the resort! #marcjack79 #disneyparks #waltdisneyworld
2019-04-08 4:56:05 AM ● 51 views ● 11:02 100.00% liked
Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends  Mystique Unboxing Review
Why don’t you just hide all the time? We shouldn’t have to... #marcjack79 #marvel #xmen
2019-04-07 12:02:30 PM ● 27 views ● 9:19 100.00% liked
Shazam Rant Review Discussion (Spoilers)
The #Shazam rangers are here.... #marcjack79 #DC
2019-04-06 11:01:05 AM ● 67 views ● 14:41 100.00% liked
Target Exclusive Neca TMNT Michelangelo vs Foot Solder Unboxing Review
some serious turtle craziness in this one. #neca .... why? #marcjack79 #tmnt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2019-04-05 11:00:07 AM ● 353 views ● 9:37 100.00% liked
Target Exclusive Neca  TMNT Raphael Vs Foot Soldier Unboxing Review
He can be a little rude... #Marcjack79 #tmnt #neca Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2019-04-04 1:56:40 PM ● 58 views ● 13:06 100.00% liked