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What’s up y’all, Marcjack79 here, here’s what you can find on my channel!
My families’ major life events and random fun times
Toy hunts- world of Nintendo, marvel legends, sh figuarts, figma
Video game review, tips and tidbits! specifically Nintendo and PlayStation
Action figures reviews and overviews
Dragon Ball, Z, and Super news and toys
Disney parks videos and merchandise
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
University of Louisville football
Marvel - X-Men, the MCU,
Movies Reviews mostly the MCU, Disney and other blockbusters
And more! Check me out! Feel free to Comment on a video if you have a request! Hope you all enjoy!
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Red Dead Redemption 2 Bloopers! Hilarious!!
This might be the funniest game of all time! #marcjack79 #reddead2 #funny
2018-11-13 6:52:21 PM ● 45 views ● 7:42 75.00% liked
Tribute to Stan Lee R.I.P
#Excelsior!!! thank you for your characters, they have impacted my life forever! #marcjack79 #stanlee
2018-11-12 1:25:40 PM ● 489 views ● 7:38 96.15% liked
Hanson String Theory Louisville Ky The Palace
Disclaimer: I do not own any song played in this video. #marcjack79 #hanson
2018-11-03 9:38:24 AM ● 46 views ● 23:52 100.00% liked
Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Final Nintendo Direct Reaction & Discussion 11-1-18
Hyped beyond imagination... #marcjack79 #smashbros All my other Smash Bros videos here! Super Smash Bros.
2018-11-01 6:27:05 PM ● 29 views ● 16:45 100.00% liked
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Awesome Nintendo Gifts and My Final Smash Bros Predictions for Direct 11-1-18
I look at some awesome Nintendo merch and give my predictions for the final smash Direct! #marcjack79 #smashbros #nintendo All my other Smash...
2018-10-31 4:39:18 PM ● 42 views ● 11:51 100.00% liked
Rant-Time Stop Complaining about Spider-Man The Heist DLC. Here’s Why
Enough is enough... #marcjack79 #spiderman
2018-10-29 4:28:51 PM ● 34 views ● 6:34
Spider-Man Screwball Challenge Tips & Tricks
Your friendly neighbor hood YouTuber trying to help out! #spiderman #marcjack79
2018-10-26 4:20:18 PM ● 13 views ● 8:03
Spider-Man The Heist DLC PlayThrough Solving Street Crimes
I beat up bad guys... #spiderman #marcjack79
2018-10-25 6:26:21 PM ● 16 views ● 9:41 100.00% liked
Massive Leak Super Smash Bros Ultimate Banjo Shadow Geno Ken Issac possibly confirmed!
Holy moly... leaks galore #smashbros #marcjack79
2018-10-24 3:31:30 PM ● 66 views ● 6:43 100.00% liked
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review & Discussion
Tea Ms. Croft? #marcjack79 #tombraider #laracroft
2018-10-23 3:21:36 PM ● 11 views ● 11:42 100.00% liked
Shadow of the Tomb Raider