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What’s up y’all, Marcjack79 here, here’s what you can find on my channel!
My families’ major life events and random fun times
Toy hunts- world of Nintendo, marvel legends, sh figuarts, figma
Video game review, tips and tidbits! specifically Nintendo and PlayStation
Action figures reviews and overviews
Dragon Ball, Z, and Super news and toys
Disney parks videos and merchandise
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
University of Louisville football
Marvel - X-Men, the MCU,
Movies Reviews mostly the MCU, Disney and other blockbusters
And more! Check me out! Feel free to Comment on a video if you have a request! Hope you all enjoy!
Twitter @marcjack79
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What character deserves to be Sonic’s Echo Fighter in Smash Bros?
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SH Figuarts Goku: A Saiyan Raised on Earth vs SDCC Freiza Saga ver. Comparison & Reviews
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Family Fun at the Louisville Zoo 2018!
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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Direct Reaction 8-8
There running out of characters... #marcjack79 #supersmashbros
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Walt Disney World Archway Entrance Sign Monorail Accessories
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REAL...Light Saber Fun! and Star Wars Battlefront 2 Discussion
The one where I play with light sabers literarily and electronically.... #starwars
2018-08-02 12:59:49 PM ● 16 views ● 7:52 100.00% liked
Star Wars Battlefront II
My Dream List for Super Smash Bros Ultimate??
Time to hope and dream!!
2018-07-31 2:03:46 PM ● 20 views ● 18:08 0.00% liked
Marvel Legends Wasp & SH Figuarts Ant-Man Review & Comparison
How big is it?
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World of Nintendo Hammer Bros Hunt & Review
The mario shelf is getting crowded...who put this hammer here? World of Nintendo Iggy Review Toy Hunts- World Of...
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World of Nintendo Iggy Review
So is he bowser ‘s other kid or his step kid or what??
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