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Bienvenidos a esta nueva comunidad para todo tipo de Geeks, pero especialmente para los Latinos. Somos Joel y Joel, sí, tenemos el mismo nombre y esperamos compartir con ustedes: noticias, reseñas, videos y todo lo que necesita una comunidad como esta. Esperamos recibir sus comentarios, likes y suscripciones. Recuerda que aquí hablamos tu idioma, aquí se habla GEEK!

Welcome to this new community for all types of Geeks, but especially Latinos. We are Joel and Joel, yes, we have the same name and hope to share with you: news, reviews, videos and everything a community like this needs. We look forward to receiving your comments, likes & subscriptions. Remember here we speak your language, we speak GEEK!

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WORLD CUP HYPE MONTAGE Russia 2018 Trailer!
Hey guys so I decided to make this montage so we could have something to remind us what to look forward to this summer, the FIFA World Cup!!!...
2017-11-27 7:00:09 AM ● 444 views ● 3:56 100.00% liked
Netflix Gem: The Office, Why You Need To Watch It! (Best Series Ever?!?!?)
Hey guys today we are introducing our brand-new series Netflix Gems! In this series we pick one t.v show that is available to watch on Netflix...
2017-11-20 1:31:24 PM ● 192 views ● 12:32 100.00% liked
Progress Demands Sacrifice (Lost Legacy Montage)
Hey guys heres another montage for you guys, I had a lot of fun making this montage. We want to keep making more for you guys! We plan to make...
2017-11-13 6:52:31 AM ● 1,042 views ● 2:25 75.00% liked
DON'T BUY THIS GAME!!!!!! (The Technomancer Review and Opinion)
Hey guys so today we are bringing you a review of a game that had high promise but failed horribly! The Technomancer is a RPG hybrid which "was"...
2017-11-09 6:00:00 AM ● 698 views ● 6:46 40.00% liked
The Technomancer
GTX 1070Ti, Intel 900p, AMD APUs, WH-1000XM2 y Más!
Bienvenidos a el primer episodio de 10x10, 10 noticias 10 minutos o menos. En este segmento estaremos cubriendo las noticias más interesantes...
2017-11-06 12:02:50 PM ● 1,973 views ● 9:42 87.50% liked
"Never Alone" Last Guardian Mini-Montage (With Secret Ending)
Hey guys so we decided to go with a Mini-Montage to start the week, a lot of people are enjoying them! So the game we decided to go with is the...
2017-10-30 1:14:42 PM ● 456 views ● 6:10 85.71% liked
Disney, WHAT is your problem? EVIL Siri? Darkhorse Comics OUT OF BUSINESS???- (R&A Episode #2)
Welcome to another Rumors and Announcement Video! Episode #2. On this episode, we will be talking about Disney, Naughty Dog, Rockstar Games,...
2017-10-26 11:00:01 PM ● 667 views ● 28:44 88.89% liked
What We Think Will Happen In Star Wars the Last Jedi (Theory Vid)
Hey guys so today we decided to make on a video on what we think might happen in Star Wars Last Jedi Episode 8. In theaters December 15! We talk...
2017-10-22 7:00:00 AM ● 680 views ● 12:47 100.00% liked
Men May Die, Legends Live Forever (Batman Montage)
Hey guys we are back with another montage and in this one the focus is on the Dark Knight Himself! BATMAN! Enjoy this montage and we do plan...
2017-10-18 6:30:01 AM ● 2,050 views ● 3:41 88.89% liked
SNES Classic UNBOXING!!! (English)
Hey guys so today we got the SNES Classic unboxing in english! We hope to bring you guys gameplay of some SNES games so please lets us know which...
2017-10-11 6:48:04 AM ● 509 views ● 8:19 100.00% liked