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Arx Strategy is a gaming channel focused on strategy gaming, tutorials, replays, tournaments and videos. We primarily focus on a few games at a time, in series such as: Total War, Europa Universalis and Stellaris. Videos are scheduled for weekly release. Additional videos may be added based on our available time.

If you have any requests or concerns send an email and we will make sure to review it.

The channel is managed by Arclinon and RomanRonin.

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Arx Strategy New Schedule Announcement!
Hear ye! Hear ye! Henceforth Arx Strategy Shall be releasing 4 vids instead of 2 per week! Tuesday: Magic The Gathering Arena Commentary Thursday:...
2019-01-11 10:00:09 AM ● 2 views ● 1:05 100.00% liked
Stellaris 2.2 Massive Multiplayer Campaign Episode 02
The largest stellaris campaign to date, hives of scum and villany, among all that is the head scum and villains, the Northern Alliance is born...
2019-01-11 10:00:00 AM ● 3 views ● 5:22
Stellaris (2016)
Magic the Gathering Arena Mono Red Aggro [Ranked Analysis]
Mono Red Aggro decks, the bane of a control deck archetype. Often times considered the simplest and easiest to play in Magic the Gathering Arena...
2019-01-08 10:00:14 AM ● 97 views ● 9:23 100.00% liked
Stellaris 26 Player Multiplayer Campaign Recap Week 1.
over 40 sign ups, 26 Players. All wars and all alliances must be made in paper. While this is RP, there is no doubt that there are some really...
2019-01-04 10:00:04 AM ● 29 views ● 12:21 100.00% liked
Stellaris (2016)
Stellaris PSA: Colossus Addiction
Dr. Dimitry Petrov will be talking to us about a new disease that plagues our leaders
2019-01-03 10:00:04 AM ● 40 views ● 3:29 100.00% liked
Stellaris (2016)
Magic The Gathering Arena Commentary: Why Do People Hate Blue?
No idea why, really. It is totally legit.
2018-12-25 10:00:00 AM ● 32 views ● 8:06 100.00% liked
Magic The Gathering Arena Commentary: Mono Red Aggro vs Grixis Control
A classic matchup and aggro vs control. Control attempts to stabilize while aggro prevents that while doing damage. Here we have a great demonstration...
2018-12-18 10:00:07 AM ● 54 views ● 4:19 50.00% liked
Magic The Gathering Arena Commentary: Golgari Midrange vs Grixis Control [Board Wipe Gone Wrong!]
Yikes! This is one of my favorite match ups. Two top meta decks face-off in this rotation. Golgari Midrange deck versus my variation of a Grixis...
2018-12-11 10:00:07 AM ● 487 views ● 25:42 77.78% liked
All You Need To Know To Enjoy Magic The Gathering
Since we are moving from Total War Arena. I would like to suggest an additional alternative to Arena. A complex game that often times does need...
2018-12-07 12:56:16 PM ● 252 views ● 12:39 77.78% liked
Magic The Gathering Arena Commentary: Grixis Mirror Match
Missed Battle of The Week? So did we! Now we will be covering Magic the Gathering Arena, since we are all Lizard Wizards, Harry. Next week we...
2018-12-04 10:00:04 AM ● 213 views ● 29:15 100.00% liked