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Hey Stallions and Stallionettes! I am here to take headshots like a camera man, share some epic moments with my community, and tickle a couple funny bones with a clever turn of phrase. I am a pre middle aged, divorced, disgruntled Italian who gave 9 years of service to the armed forces only to find out I would rather be a full time Youtuber and streamer with rib sauce drizzling down my chest. I have social anxiety due to some past experiences, and I find the best way to deal with that is head on and with a reach around. I am a non-practicing alcoholic and the only way to get tipsy is by hitting consecutive 360 no scopes. Like many North Americans my hobbies include cars, bikes, guns, paintball, golf, soccer, the great outdoors, and probably above games. I have been gaming since about 5 years old, grew up with a Sega Genesis, PS1, and a family Dell PC that had more dust on it than viruses on the hard drive.

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