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Hello people I am Randomjeanc (randomjunk) where I play and review video games with puns and my own random humor injected into each video. Please feel free to contact and message me for requests, opinions, or feedback. There is nothing more I love than feedback, thank you for reading this, most people wouldn't but you did. You are awesome :D

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Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 Metroid Returns!
►My thoughts on this years Nintendo E3 Presentation? They were blown out of the water and THEN SOME! ★SUBSCRIBE TODAY★ http://www.youtube.com/user/randomjea......
2017-06-19 4:08:39 AM ● 69 views ● 7:20 75.00% liked
Metroid (1986)
Don't Switch Just Yet?
►This video is all about my final thoughts on the Switch and my updated thoughts since my last Switch video. I wanted to talk about some of...
2017-03-19 9:17:28 AM ● 78 views ● 6:18 100.00% liked
Samurai Jack Returns! Final Season Trailer and Series Overview!
►I have to talk about the legendary samurai who goes by the name Jack! This is the final season after a 14 year hiatus, I guarantee you this...
2017-02-10 8:46:59 AM ● 4,344 views ● 12:32 96.74% liked
Musical Masters - Danny Baranowski
►An experimental new series where we talk about talented video game composers from very well known games and some that are not as well known....
2017-01-23 8:31:29 AM ● 85 views ● 10:11 100.00% liked
So The Nintendo Switch Presentation... WHAT HAPPENED NINTENDO?! - Rant Attack
►The presentation came and went and what do I think? Well... I have mixed feelings and it could have been way better! I blame the translator......
2017-01-15 12:01:29 PM ● 2,026 views ● 9:26 82.56% liked
6 Essential Nintendo Switch Features For Success!
►Nintendo Switch Needs to have these features to succeed! Probably... in no particular order! We shall find out in the Nintendo Direct on January...
2017-01-02 12:53:14 AM ● 165 views ● 9:49 90.91% liked
Nintendo Switch Console Reveal and Thoughts
►My return is official! My thoughts on Nintendo's NeXt console! I have so many questions and so much to process, hopefully some of you can...
2016-11-11 7:59:01 AM ● 145 views ● 13:37 87.50% liked
Pokemon Go! | Thoughts and Impressions
►Pokemon Go is taking over... IT HAS TAKEN over the world. Here are my thoughts on Nintendo's efforts, on the game, and the possible future...
2016-07-14 1:05:22 AM ● 151 views ● 5:31 91.67% liked
Dead Rising 4 - E3 2016 Presentation Review and Series Overview
►My thoughts/Impressions on the E3 2016 reveal and gameplay of Dead Rising 4 a series that I have followed and played since the 2006 Dead Rising...
2016-07-02 1:27:15 PM ● 606 views ● 8:52 84.62% liked
We Happy Few - E3 2016  Presentation Review
►My thoughts/Impressions on the E3 2016 reveal and gameplay of We Happy Few. This upcoming survival horror crafting rogue-like game is scheduled...
2016-06-21 3:47:55 AM ● 234 views ● 5:39 100.00% liked
We Happy Few