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About Nerdy, Inc.

We're a bunch of nerds who play games, watch movies, and drink beer. Come join the chaos!

Mondays: Our Favorite Frontier - A Star Trek podcast hosted by Alex and Nick
Wednesdays: The YouTube port of our most recent Twitch stream (usually done on Mon. at 8 PM EST)
Fridays: Goons Play Games - Alex and a friend have some beers and play some games.
Saturdays: Rotation between Smashed Cinema, Ball Pit, Back Track, Unboxing Videos, or some other wildcard.

We also do movie reviews and gaming reviews whenever something comes out we want to review.

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Greatest. Prank. Ever. - Ball Pit Ep. 10
Leave a comment telling Rob that he got DUNKED ON lmao Like what you saw? Subscribe for more:
2018-10-27 8:00:01 AM ● 1 views ● 5:51
Top Five 80s Trends - Ball Pit Ep. 9
WE WERE BORN IN THE WRONG GENERATION! Like what you saw? Subscribe for more:
2018-09-08 7:00:02 AM ● 27 views ● 7:25 100.00% liked
The Boy Who Cried Wolf - ENDING EXPLAINED - Ball Pit Ep. 8
Did you see "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" Are you so simple minded that you can't follow the plot of a simple blockbuster and need a simple...
2018-08-11 7:32:39 AM ● 2,776 views ● 8:58 87.50% liked
The Spare Gun Ruse - Goons Play GMod Murder
Nick never knows. Like what you saw? Subscribe for more: REALLY like what you...
2018-08-03 1:00:00 PM ● 8 views ● 5:39
Papa John is Just Mark Ruffalo - Ball Pit Ep. 7
We unearth the truth this episode! Also we play some fun trivia! Like what you saw? Subscribe for more:
2018-07-21 7:24:59 AM ● 2,912 views ● 14:04 90.91% liked
YouTubers Try Vietnamese Food for the Twelfth Time - Ball Pit Season 2 Teaser
Ball Pit Season 2 is on the way! Here's a little taste... Like what you saw? Subscribe for more: REALLY...
2018-07-15 8:00:00 AM ● 85 views ● 2:50 66.67% liked
Nick Gets Bum-Rushed - Goons Play GMod Murder
Don't mess with us again, Nick. Like what you saw? Subscribe for more: REALLY...
2018-07-13 1:00:00 PM ● 9 views ● 6:54 100.00% liked
Time Squared - Our Favorite Frontier S2E13
Alex and Nick meet up with their future selves in a new Our Favorite Frontier! Kind of. Like what you saw? Subscribe for more:
2018-07-09 1:00:05 PM ● 7 views ● 18:24
Casey Salengo & Courtney Maginnis Re-enact "Dirty Dancing"
We visited Casey and Courtney a few weeks ago and they shared their love of Dirty Dancing...or rather, their love of Patrick Swayze! Like what...
2018-07-07 7:58:53 AM ● 47 views ● 19:22 100.00% liked
The Royale - Our Favorite Frontier S2E12
Yes, we make the joke, don't worry. Like what you saw? Subscribe for more: REALLY...
2018-06-25 1:00:01 PM ● 6 views ● 21:12