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Lord Plague


Lord Plague is a YouTube content creator with 47 subscribers. His content totals more than 8.88 thousand views views across roughly 1.78 thousand videos.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@lordplague3555

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PublishedVideo TitleDurationViewsCategoryGame
2023-09-30Lies of P part 13* Mad clown of hell59:5350
2023-09-29Lies of P part 12* White Lady48:2030
2023-09-28Lies of P part 11* Rabid Rabbits54:337
2023-09-27Lies of P part 10*53:311
2023-09-26Lies of P part 9* Fallen Bishop58:535
2023-09-25Lies of P part 8*53:340
2023-09-24Lies of P part 7* Cathedral49:005
2023-09-23Lies of P part 6* King's Flame59:181
2023-09-22Lies of P part 5*55:410
2023-09-21Lies of P part 4* Shield bot58:343
2023-09-20Lies of P part 3* Father and Son50:313
2023-09-19Lies of P part 2* Hotel Krat55:174
2023-09-19Lies of P Part 1*54:290
2023-08-19Remnant: From the Ashes part 21* Nightmare (Credits)58:061Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-18Remnant: From the Ashes part 20* Founder prison23:477Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-18Atlas fallen part 8*38:310Atlas Fallen
2023-08-17Atlas fallen part 7*59:482Atlas Fallen
2023-08-17Remnant: From the Ashes part 19* Totem father34:260Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-17Atlas fallen part 6* Sand Fist50:070Atlas Fallen
2023-08-16Remnant: From the Ashes part 18* The warden ,Scald, Sear46:380Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-16Atlas fallen part 5*54:340Atlas Fallen
2023-08-15Remnant: From the Ashes part 17*29:280Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-15Atlas fallen part 4*53:150Atlas Fallen
2023-08-14Remnant: From the Ashes part 16* Navun46:540Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-14Atlas fallen part 3*53:070Atlas Fallen
2023-08-13Atlas fallen part 2*50:440Atlas Fallen
2023-08-13Remnant: From the Ashes part 15* Butterfly effect43:300Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-13Atlas fallen part 1*52:340Atlas Fallen
2023-08-12Remnant: From the Ashes part 14* Canker47:590Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-12HADES part 65*59:560
2023-08-11Remnant: From the Ashes part 13* The fetid grove38:120Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-10Remnant: From the Ashes part 12* Claviger51:450Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-08Remnant: From the Ashes part 11* Raze53:090Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-07Remnant: From the Ashes part 10* The ardent temple34:544Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-06Remnant: From the Ashes part 9*48:191Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-05HADES part 64*58:540
2023-08-05Remnant: From the Ashes part 8* Keeper40:480Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-04Remnant: From the Ashes part 7* Singe45:021Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-04HADES part 63*55:301
2023-08-04HADES part 62*59:251
2023-08-03Remnant: From the Ashes part 6*59:061Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-02Remnant: From the Ashes part 5* Root mother41:511Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-08-01HADES part 61*46:370
2023-08-01Remnant: From te Ashes part 4*48:470Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-07-31Remnant: From the Ashes part 3*49:110Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-07-30Remnant: From the ashes part 2*43:181Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-07-30Remnant: From the ashes part 1*46:161Remnant: From the Ashes
2023-07-29The Surge part 33:12:051The Surge
2023-07-29HADES part 60*47:330
2023-07-29The Surge part 2,5*9:460The Surge
2023-07-28HADES part 59* Credits59:351
2023-07-28The Surge part 22:19:011The Surge
2023-07-27HADES part 58*42:291
2023-07-26HADES part 57*34:110
2023-07-26The Surge Part 12:35:162The Surge
2023-07-25HADES part 56* Chamber56:430
2023-07-25Code Vein* ENDING (Code vein 2 please?)57:062Code Vein
2023-07-23Code Vein part 33*38:270Code Vein
2023-07-23Code Vein part 32*41:442Code Vein
2023-07-23HADES part 55*37:420Hades
2023-07-21God of war part 33* Ending24:580God of War
2023-07-20God of war part 32* Twilight Beckons49:330God of War
2023-07-20Code Vein part 31* Zero district33:330Code Vein
2023-07-19Code Vein part 30* Reborn knight48:190Code Vein
2023-07-19God of war part 31* Nifleheim43:230God of War
2023-07-18HADES part 54*33:210Hades
2023-07-18God of war part 30* Hail to the king58:160God of War
2023-07-17God of war part 29* Past haunts50:310God of War
2023-07-17HADES part 53* Don't come back49:380
2023-07-17Code Vein part 29 * Yaksha55:430Code Vein
2023-07-16Code Vein part 28* Wait what??57:342Code Vein
2023-07-16God of war part 28*46:160God of War
2023-07-16HADES part 52* Eldest sigil50:243
2023-07-15God of war part 27* Geirdriful41:530God of War
2023-07-14Code Vein part 27*44:300Code Vein
2023-07-14God of war part 26* More trials33:300God of War
2023-07-13Code Vein part 26* Crown of sands56:571Code Vein
2023-07-13HADES part 51* Weapon of fate58:070
2023-07-12God of war part 25* Black rune52:370God of War
2023-07-12HADES part 50*59:210
2023-07-11HADES part 49* Champion of Elysium56:402Hades
2023-07-11Code Vein (2023) part 25* Nekomata40:411Code Vein
2023-07-10Code Vein part 24* City of falling flame57:221Code Vein
2023-07-10HADES part 48*53:280Hades
2023-07-10God of war part 24* Truth45:150God of War
2023-07-09Code Vein (2023) part 23*54:351Code Vein
2023-07-09God of war part 23* Ghost of the Past34:530God of War
2023-07-08Code Vein (2023) part 22* Gilded hunter50:311Code Vein
2023-07-08HADES part 47*48:350Hades
2023-07-07God of war part 22* Magni and Brodi37:100God of War
2023-07-06HADES part 46*31:340Hades
2023-07-06God of war part 21* Frozen corpse33:230God of War
2023-07-05HADES part 45*33:540Hades
2023-07-04Code Vein(2023) part 21* Winter and Rust depths55:322Code Vein
2023-07-04HADES part 44*36:210Hades
2023-07-03Code Vein (2023) part 20* The young knight46:492Code Vein
2023-07-02Code Vein (2023) part 19* Ridge of frozen souls59:492Code Vein
2023-07-02HADES part 43* Shield for the win!58:301Hades
2023-07-02HADES part 40* Well that did not work59:502
2023-07-02God of war part 20* Andvari's hammer39:540God of War