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1.Japan 876TV4,177,802
2.United States FightinCowboy3,269,449
3.United States IGN3,215,993
4. Fextralife2,419,773
5. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe2,227,456
6.Japan よしなま2,040,568
7.United States Prod1,725,656
8.United States theRadBrad1,436,784
9.United Kingdom Shirrako1,433,255
10. PlayStation1,183,821

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1.United States Video Games Source215
2.United Kingdom Axiom207
3.United Kingdom DarkBlood Anime Demon178
4.United States Megatech Body165
5.Austria Tosmasta00140
6.United States naftaLi132
7.United States Your Anime Otaku111
8.Germany Sveneta107
9.Japan しふぁチャンネル98
10.Japan Brel Roller96

Latest Let's Plays For Code Vein

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days ago BlackoutZeroLPLet's Stream Code Vein Together [1080/60/Modded/Uncut] #021 Bosskampf: Ritter der Königin56:431
2020-09-08Germany SouleenexCODE VEIN Lord of Thunder DLC mit Marynex ❤ • Let's Play Together [ENDE]1:12:367
2020-09-07United States Megatech BodyCode Vein - Queen's Knight Reborn - Helping out fellow revenants1:2765
2020-08-29Spain Secondary MissionCode Vein Let's Play #1 PS441:537
2020-08-27United States ProjectstOrmStudioCode Vein PsS Playthrough Extra Part - Alternate Scenes/Ends30:211
2020-08-22United States Superbanana GamingCode vein coop playthrough final true ending49:0918
2020-08-19 Dez and Fox PlayDweller in the Dark - END - Dez Plays Code Vein1:09:556
2020-08-17United States RadConsoleGamingRadConsoleGaming Plays Code Vein (PS4)2:21:0030
2020-07-28United States ShadowLive GamingCode Vein 04 I NEED HELP51:538
2020-07-25United States PlayStation GamesCode Vein - DLC 1 Hellfire Knight | PS40:581
2020-07-23Saudi Arabia DEATHWISH1988REFCode Vein Ps4 - Lets Play - Tower of Trails 1 & 235:1813
2020-07-21United States Directionally ChallengedThe Lord of Evil Himself! CODE VEIN Let's Play Part 26 #codevein28:3513
2020-07-15United States ZenatonZenaton Plays - Code Vein Part 70 [Finale]37:2924
2020-07-09Germany GrimperiumLet's Play Code Vein - #15 Orientierungslos [German/Deutsch Gameplay]26:2312
2020-06-25 TotallyCluelessGamerRusty Hack Plays Code Vein1:33:4014
2020-06-23United States Wolfie NiviaI'm lost in the depths send help - Code Vein P.2937:228
2020-06-16Spain VidaoPantallaLos souls no son lo mío, pero Code Vein me ha gustado | Shergiock Opina13:3937
2020-06-10France AngelOtaku72Code Vein Live fr - Let's Play 8 p21:25:2612
2020-05-31United Kingdom DarkBlood Anime DemonCode Vein making Alphen (Tales of Arise)6:28107
2020-05-27 crazzycomradeCode Vein Let's Play Part 9 (Final)2:57:465
2020-05-26Canada Luka Playscool catsassin | 26 | CODE VEIN18:302
2020-05-26Australia Katsudon96 GamingCODE VEIN PS4 Playthrough (The First Hour of Death)1:00:3011
2020-05-16United Kingdom CaiAtTheHelmCODE VEIN - Playthrough | Part 2 ~ First Boss29:362

Latest Reviews For Code Vein

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-09-05 CypressNovaCode Vein Review16:3470
2020-08-29United States Intrigued GamingFun Fridays | Code Vein1:54:19196
2020-08-13 Infinite BacklogCode Vein Review17:03978
2020-06-25United Kingdom Tangociss - LETS GO! ROAD TO 2500 SUBSCRIBERS!CODE VEIN review13:1358
2020-05-22 dumlepumleCode Vein - Review [PC]11:074,849
2020-04-28 Nino's Play4FunCode Vein Critical Review 21:97:46252
2020-03-17 PenguinOverdriveA Code Vein Review Nobody Asked For29:40101
2020-03-03United Kingdom MozilloGamesCode Vein - Game Review16:27122
2020-02-18United States Used Car SalesmanCODE VEIN: This Ones Off The Rails - The Used Car Salesman Review7:25343
2020-02-04United States Brian SolowCode Vein Review (PS4 Version)11:4053
2020-02-03United States Gaming Goddess*Gaming Goddess* Code Vein Review7:20481
2020-01-25United States Wolfdog 107Code vein review. (older audiences only). +1759:4018
2020-01-10United States Playthrough ExperienceCode Vein (PC/PS4/Xbox one) Review and Gameplay Explanation10:41126
2020-01-09United States Darkmaster986CODE VEIN Review7:1432
2019-12-30 SteveburtoCode Vein | STEVEBURTO QUICK REVIEW: One Vampire Claw Up in your backside!12:1533
2019-12-22United States FourFaceButtonsCode Vein (2019) Review 6/1017:04592
2019-12-12Canada JaR DevAnime Dark Souls-Lite (Code Vein Review)10:2768
2019-12-11United States KruzadarBlunt Review - Code Vein | Kruzadar6:454,686
2019-12-03 wildfang e4code vein review17:225
2019-11-25 Saloz94In My Opinion-Code Vein Review16:0733
2019-11-20United States Sobata92TYING UP LOOSE ENDS: Code Vein [Ft. Knightlings: Setsuna and The Crooked Man]: Part 252:06:07114
2019-11-17Germany Zersus AfterworkCode Vein Spoilerfreie Schonungslose Review.39:4557
2019-11-15United States DrybearGamersExplain to Me: Code Vein - Game Review7:471,257
2019-11-15Canada Tarks GauntletCode Vein - Review PS4 - Tarks Gauntlet19:4810,298
2019-11-08Belgium N-GamzCode Vein PlayStation 4 Pro: Test Video Review Gameplay FR (N-Gamz)22:041,375