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1.United Kingdom Zanar Aesthetics202,469,461
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5.Ireland jacksepticeye60,727,578
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10.Brazil Ω VictorKratos Ω40,049,609

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1.United States Video Games Source494
2.Spain El Dios de los Mancos410
3.New Zealand TheGamesEntertainer397
4. Abaddon637331
5.Brazil Ω VictorKratos Ω313
6.Brazil Razor Zone241
7.United States Dizz2K7 Gaming217
8. Joshiball213
9.Australia CJ Carter211
10.France Fredericma45 Gaming208

Latest Let's Plays For God of War

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2 days agoGermany GanonKirby89Valküre Kara | Valküre 1 von 9 👉 God of War Let's Play ★ #61 ★ PS4 German👈33:408
2 days agoCanada Theory's Arcade GamesFinishing God Of War on PS5 Playthrough - Playstation 5 Part 114:50:069,408
3 days agoSwitzerland Marc RuefGod of War (PS5) - Let's Play32:5510
4 days agoUnited States Twitch VODsShroud Plays God Of War On PS5 Part 3 w/ Chat Reaction1:19:581,458
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Zanar AestheticsGod of War PS5 - Kratos Meets Jormungandr Son of LOKI Scene (GoW4 Playstation 5) 4K Ultra HD 60fps5:1950,121
5 days agoUnited Kingdom GameCinGOD OF WAR PS5 - 4K-60FPS All Cutscenes Full Movie (Enhanced Edition) 2020 PlayStation 55:14:2716,630
5 days agoBrazil Lud aquiGOD OF WAR #12 - Boss fight, o Rei dos Gados!30:123
5 days agoUnited Kingdom GBGGod of War 2018 PS5 60FPS Playthrough21:5313,561
5 days agoBrazil Lucky SalamanderGod of War no Playstation 5 !!!!33:5475,762
6 days agoNew Zealand VG TechGod of War PS5 Frame Rate Test (Backwards Compatibility | Unpatched)11:2047,180
6 days agoBrazil Vibri GameplaysO MELHOR JOGO DO PLAYSTATION 2 - GOD OF WAR25:555,713
2020-11-18Brazil GameplayrjGod of War Ragnarok NÃO VAI ser EXCLUSIVO do Playstation 5?10:54265,251
2020-11-17Indonesia The Lazy MondaySeri Baru The Worlds End With You? God of War Ragnarok di PlayStation 4! -TLM Flash News Ep. 687:3816,424
2020-11-17Germany VexanGod of War PS 2 [German] Let's Play #21 - Licht am Ende des Ganges23:036
2020-11-13United States Games2DayGod Of War PS5 VS PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison/ Troll Boss Fight/ 60 FPS VS 30 FPS4:052,232
2020-11-12Brazil Sidão do GameJOGANDO GOD OF WAR PS4 NO PLAYSTATION 5!12:54326,220
2020-11-12United States PlayFrameGod of War - #19 - Welp, Off to Hel52:204,607
2020-11-09United States IgneousparkTalking Head Mimir | God of War 4 Gameplay Walkthrough [Blind Playthrough] | Part 1245:3728
2020-11-09Netherlands PrometheusGOD OF WAR 4 - Full Game Playthrough - Let's Start Our Journey! [Episode 1]6:12:0569
2020-11-08Russian Federation FEZOTGOD OF WAR / KAL BILAN HAZILLASHMA #1 / UZBEKCHA LETSPLAY55:3817,840
2020-11-04United Kingdom IngloriousxXxGamerLet's play GOD OF WAR final part - EPILOGUE13:514
2020-11-02United Kingdom The 1ntegerFREE AIR MILES in GOD OF WAR [Grab & Throw YouTubeStrats] #shorts0:331,380
2020-10-30Algeria FUNNY SKELETON PLAYSGod of War | Jotunheim &Secret Ending | Funny Skeleton Plays (GOW4)56:0711
2020-10-30 OriginalHuman GeekI am AWFUL at this game - God of War - Part 457:00244

Latest Reviews For God of War

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-08-28India GamerTVGOD OF WAR Gameplay Part 19 - Magni and Modi Boss Fight24:3615
2020-08-14United States RawGamingNationScatter of mother's ashes | God of War | The Journey 15 | PS4 Gameplay | Bangla Review26:4824
2020-07-26Ireland AllCast Irish GamersXBox Fanboy Reviews PS4 Exclusives #2 GOD OF WAR12:57182
2020-06-22United States CreamyClawsGod of War Retrospective | A Game-Changer20:01104
2020-06-07Brazil Sidão do GameJOGANDO GOD OF WAR PS4 NO MOUSE E TECLADO! - GameSir VX2 AimSwitch Review11:2589,220
2020-05-23United Kingdom Major BenGod Of War Review - Phenomenal36:0568
2020-04-29United States TheGamingArchaeologistGod of War Retro Review3:0911
2020-04-28Netherlands Gamekings VaultJJ's God of War Review: Is dit een blauwdruk voor de perfecte game?18:2491
2020-04-11United Arab Emirates Real Gamer ReviewGOD OF WAR Review 2 years later - Is it still worth it?!7:051,968
2020-04-10United States Nude Clan Gaming Podcast#128 - God of War (2018) Review2:05:192
2020-04-06Brazil Rodrigo BaltarGOD OF WAR PS4 - Minha Review e Opinião Sincera sobre o GOTY 201845:2328,008
2020-03-31 The Collection DimensionFake Vs Real NECA God of War Kratos Action Figure Review13:188,172
2020-03-29 Mr H ReviewsKratos Is A Misogynist APPARENTLY - God Of War17:548,698
2020-03-27Spain yakal83Dreams Vs Nintendo 👎 Animal Corssing New Horizons y el Review Bombing 💀 God Of War Cómic15:26206
2020-03-13United Kingdom BillyJayGamingGOD OF WAR (PS4) Ending Gameplay Playthrough Part 23 - LOKI1:00:018
2020-02-13United States ZTV Goofing Off!God of War 05 Vs. God of War 18 | Goofing Off!8:249
2020-01-30United States LostTriggerOld God Of War Fan Reviews New One | Does It Suck?8:18234
2020-01-19United States Dread Dads PodcastIs God of War Really Game of Anything? | DREAD DADS PODCAST | Rants, Reviews, Reactions9:4793
2020-01-13United States Mic FuryWhich Scene Hits The Feels ? God of War vs Last of Us3:1719
2020-01-09Canada Adam Duff LUCIDPIXULThe Art Of GOD OF WAR | 4K17:5941,110
2019-12-23 N16 KAMIKAZEGod of war o Deus da guerra review 720P 60FPS2:19:5528
2019-12-18United Kingdom Photography GamerGod of War - Review7:09421
2019-12-13 TheBurgz12 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS - GAME GIVEAWAY! (DAY #12 GOD OF WAR)3:483,785
2019-12-11United States The CompletionistGod of War - Kill a God by Becoming a God | The Completionist | New Game Plus13:41200,750