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United States

ExtraCheesy87 is an American YouTube content creator with more than 2.39 thousand subscribers, publishing more than 3.92 thousand videos which altogether total more than 1.31 million views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/@ExtraCheesy87

About ExtraCheesy87

Hello everyone! I'm Extracheesy87, and I play games while also trying to be funny. Its up to you to decide if I'm good at that 2nd part.

I make traditional Let's Play content mostly focused on story heavy games. My overall philosophy for content creation can be summed up as trying and find the balance between maintaining humor and entertainment while also letting the game breathe and tell its story. The most common type of game you'll find on my channel are JRPGs, but I have pretty broad tastes and you never know what game might show up next on the channel.

I also try to mostly do Blind Let's Plays of games since I feel the videos are lessened if I don't get the share that full experience of playing the game for the first time. Sometimes though, when I already have a great love for a game I like to do a series on it, so I can share my enthusiasm. Additionally, I tend to play games on their highest difficulty available since I love a challenge and being fully engaged in the game.

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