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G'DAY MATES welcome to my channel =) i hope u like it. it is full of games and other stuff =) hop on and take a look if u enjoy what u see Like :) and if u want to see more subscriber :D hope to cya hear ^^

I wanted to start youtube because i saw so much love and happy other channels and i wanted to be on of them :) to send more happiness all over the world and i want to do this for life ^^

I upload videos when i can ^^ and i stream from Mondays to Thursday

I play a lot of random games but i do like to finish them and i do what I love to do i am always open to feedback on my channel because i want to get much better and in a way to spend joy to everyone and the games i been playing so far are horror RPG Hake and slash and RPGmakers but i want to play point and click and other games i never played before so i hope to see u on my channel so we can grow as a community u can chat me up on twitter or comments below and i hope u enjoy my videos cya, for now, mates and take care

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